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Differentiation And Brand Positioning: National Australia Bank (NAB)

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Differentiation and Brand positioning National Bank Australia (NAB)

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In marketing management and customer service, it is considered that basic techniques are similar, but in practical implementation, it has been witnessed that organizations that are using strategies that are already in use by all do not differentiate them from the rest. In the given case study, it has been seen that National Bank, despite being the member of the top four banks, soon realizes the fact that customers are not happy with them and are using the services of these biggest four banks because they are left with no other option (Klettner,et,al,2019). All these Big 4 banks (Commonwealth Bank, ANZ, Westpac and NAB) were ruling the banking market and were not letting the customers to go to any other bank for services. After all, one of the parts of the top 4 banks of Australia, wanted to separate from other 3 banks. Critical analysis of this scenario shows that for improving the personal experience of the customers, NAB took this step of standing out (OBrien,et,al,2019, pp.141-156). In the field of business (banking in the given study case), differentiation and brand positioning are widely used.


Managements of NAB make a plan, how they are going to stand out, what are the areas they have to focus on and what services they could offer to their customers. Critical evaluation of this study shows that there is marketing growth in the banking sector, which was considered to be highly saturated. Examination also showed that customers were considering that all the 4 banks coordinate and formulate policies that synchronized with each other (Islam,et,al,2019). It was somewhere in the minds of customers that these Big 4 banks used to utilize the strategy of offering similar rates so that they could block competition between them. it wont be wrong to say that NAB understand what was going on in the minds of the customer and wanted to offer services that would satisfy them more than the services that NAB used to provide in the past.

Instead of loyalty, the hustle and extra charges restrain them for not switching their banks. The analysis shows NAB used positioning and differentiation strategy for informing the rest of the three banks (Commonwealth Bank, ANZ and Westpac) that they are separating their ways and would meet them in the baking market as competitors. NAB considered positioning strategy for giving a distinction place to the customer services that it offers. NAB has designed its positioning strategy by keeping all the facts and figures in mind (Iyer,et,al,2019, pp.16-29). NAB is the bank that was viewed as the challenger brand among the other ruling banks. Though Big 4 banks were using different aspects, only NAB took in the consideration that customers must be given the freedom to choose the bank that would give them better customer services and affordable charges.

It wanted to reposition for depicting that it is quite different from the rest of the 3 banks. Though it faced several challenges, changing customers perception about NAB was the central challenge. NAB was trying to be fairer as in marketing what matters the most is the satisfaction of the customers, NAB tried to do its best by taking the boldest decision in the Australian banking industry. In marketing, brand positioning means changing the status of the brand or the service offered i.e. changing rates, place products etc (Herbohn,et,al,2019, pp.155-175). NAB focused on positioning and also paid attention to repositioning so that it could come up to the customers expectations. Repositioning was done by NAB only for meeting the needs and wants of customers. NAB tried hard for positioning its services in such a way that it would match with the perception of its customers. For NAB, the central concern was to focus what customers want and how it can provide services that would be more satisfying for the customers.

NAB tried to reposition itself by using a campaign in which it focusses on customers needs and demands. It repositioned itself by challenging other 3 Big banks as a competitor, giving more attention to the customer and by introducing a system that works for making banking fairer than ever before. Initiative taken by NAB was a part of the repositioning strategy that aimed at changing the landscape of the banking sector (Fernndez,et,al,2019, pp.1-22). It heated the banking industry by introducing it as a strong competitor for the other banks. It also undertook multiple consumer-focused initiatives that shake the banking sector and pressurized the key competitors for changing the ways they were offering their services to the customers. It repositioned itself by assuring that it would be having the lowest mortgage rate than the other three banks. NAB for repositioning doubled the NAB ATMs nationally and abolished the monthly account service fees (Bell,et,al,2019, p.279). It also controlled and reduced other charges i.e. account keeping fees and dishonour fees. It used identity differentiation strategy as it has the advantage of the first mover as being the top competitor.

For winning the trust of the customers and becoming the best bank in the Australian banking industry, it becomes important for NAB to track record of cutting its rates low before launching its campaign. Demonstration of record tracing, that NAB is offering competitive rates is of central importance for giving the customer encouragement for switching their bank (Bandara,et,al,2019). They gave their customers confidence that there is a bank that makes its strategies and action plans by keeping the interests of customers at the top.

NAB used positioning strategy for informing customers that it is no more a part of Big 4 banks now as bringing fairer banking is the basic thing that the customers want. It repositioned itself for becoming the only bank that wanted to make strategies that would function as per the needs of the customers. This fact cannot be denied that during positioning process, many steps were taken into consideration when it applied its repositioning strategy (Bakir,et,al,2019, pp.1-15). Steps of positioning process that NAB could use are knowing the target, identifying the product feature, modifying offers as per the customers, promotion of the benefits and communicating the banks positioning action. NAB could use all these steps in its repositioning strategy by preferring the interest of its customers (Bakadlag,et,al,2019, pp.365-367). In-depth analysis of the NABs repositioning strategy shows that NAB applied all the basic steps that are being used in the positioning process. It identified its target and features of its products. Giving top priority to the customer needs and demands confirms implementation. This fact cannot be denied that NAB applied all the steps of positioning in its repositioning strategy.


Keeping in consideration the above discussion, it could be said that though NAB was initially a part of the Big 4 banks of Australia, by using the repositioning strategy, it separated itself from the rest of the banks. All the actions and policies of Big 4 banks used to be similar and even the rates were quite similar so customers were helpless as they could not switch their banks (because all were having similar operations). NAB took the boldest decision in the Australian banking industry of becoming a competitor of all other banks so that a competitive environment could be created. Competition would make all the banks aware of the fact that they have to provide services as per customers needs. NAB proved that customers and fairer banking are of central importance by lowering their rates. It also maintained lower rates throughout 2012, 2013 and 2014. By implementing steps of repositioning strategy NAB proved that it took most successful step that had ever been witnessed in the Australian banking industry.


Bakadlag, R., Jandaghi, P., Hoheisel, J.D. and Riazalhosseini, Y., 2019. The potential of dopamine receptor D2 (DRD2) as a therapeutic target for tackling pancreatic cancer.Expert opinion on therapeutic targets,23(5), pp.365-367.

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Digital Marketing Homework Assignment

Title page

Digital marketing

Two most important factors for SEO include optimized content and social signals.

Using effective search terms uses optimized content for generating more traffic. Words and phrases are used making information interesting and capturing audience’s attention. This strategy is focused on using the best keywords that will improve the visibility of the website. The kind of word association used that will target online users. Social signals are used for improving ranking of the page. This strategy is focused on getting more social stares and targeting relevant audience. I would use these both strategies for enhancing the visibility of the website and improve Google search results. These are important tactics for retaining potential customers and increasing traffic.

Three factors that improve the email campaign include delivery rate, open rate and lifetime value per email. Delivery date is used for scheduling email output that allow sending them at predictable times. This is helpful for saving time and effort as the marketer don’t have to schedule new timeline. By increasing open rate the company will manage to earn more revenue based on the promotion. Lifetime value per email is also an important factor for improving email campaigning because it offer potential value to the customers. This value allows prediction of the lifetime value that reveals the practical implications of email marketing. This is also an important factor that help in increasing opportunities of acquiring solid customers that can be retained for longer. This strategy also allow marketers to differentiate between one-time customer and loyal ones. This help them in knowing that they need to do more for retaining customers.

If I have to develop email campaigning I will spend $500 in total. I would deploy email by purchasing services of a reliable online company such as research marketing. Emails will be sent every week to the subscribers and monthly to new customers.




John Leman


We are delighted to have you as our valued customer. I would like…



Subject line

The subject line that I chose is “Would you like new products?”

The reason for choosing this subject line is that it is catchy. A short and attractive subject line will add an element of surprise for the customers. By using this subject line the customers will be interested in reading the email. It is important to add some curiosity that persuade customers.

Name of John Leman is used from the address because he is a valued customer and regular purchaser. This is an effective strategy for testing the impact of new email marketing on old customers.

Different tools will be used for measuring effectiveness of email marketing because it is not appropriate to rely on a single measure. Choosing multiple measures is a practical way for minimizing the risks of wrong estimations. The first tool used is calculation of the delivery rates. This will monitor the strength of the email and helps in understanding how well company is reaching audience. Open rates will be used for estimating how many recipients of the email have actually read it. This is an effective method of knowing the potential customers. Click through rates is used for estimating how many customers are brought to the website. Number of subscribers clicking the mail is part of this strategy. It is crucial to use different metrics for measuring the traffic generated by company’s website.

Subject: Marketing and PR

Pages: 2 Words: 600

Direct Marketing

[Name of the Writer]

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Direct Marketing

Every business in this world aims to grow and progress and capture the maximum share of the market. This can only be done by attracting the attention of a large number of customers and selling more number of products and services as compared to the competitors. Businesses have been adopting a practice for this purpose a long time ago, known as marketing. Marketing refers to the practice of promoting or selling products by highlighting the prominent features of the products and services.

The practice of marketing can be broadly divided into two categories: direct marketing and indirect marketing. Direct marketing refers to the act of promoting and selling goods directly to customers. It could be through mail or via telephone, but no retailer is involved in this whole process (Chiang).

Relationship marketing is a form of marketing developed from direct response marketing campaigns which emphasize customer retention and satisfaction, rather than a dominant focus on sales transactions (Samaha). It is based on the responses and reactions received as a result of direct marketing. It also involves making friends with your potential customers, often buying lunch or dinner, and then breaking their defense by being their friends, and sell through influence instead of showing them what a seller has to provide directly. China is a country which relationship marketing is widely practiced. You may want to look into that more.

On the other hand, there is a concept of Integrated marketing. Integrated marketing is a cross-pollination of various marketing efforts. Various companies and organizations need to create and adopt a mixture of various marketing strategies in order to stay ahead in today’s dynamic marketing world of digital technology. Integrated marketing guides a business owner or organizer where to put his or her money in order to approach the right kind of audience and earn maximum number of revenues.

Works Cited

Chiang, Wei-yu Kevin, Dilip Chhajed, and James D. Hess. "Direct marketing, indirect profits: A strategic analysis of dual-channel supply-chain design." Management science 49.1 (2003): 1-20.

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Discussion 2

Discussion 2

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Discussion 2

Coca Cola

Coca Cola Advertisement in America

This particular Coca Cola advertisement is from America and the culture of the country is being reflected very well through this magazine advertisement (Arli, 2017). Christmas is a very significant part of the American culture and the way the image of Santa Claus is being used reflects that even he needs a pause to refresh himself amid distributing gifts. The advertisement is also ethically correct as it is not offensive, in fact, it is showcasing the joy and hustle of the holiday season. One can also see that the main essence of the advertisement is to celebrate the richness of the American culture by showcasing the most iconic holiday of the United States.

Coca Cola Advertisement in Pakistan

This Coca cola advertisement is gracing many billboards in Pakistan and it showcases the Pakistani culture quite well. In Pakistan the people are very fond of authentic traditional cuisine, which is usually very spicy and people like to pair it with a beverage. Coca Cola has taken that opportunity and projected itself as a drink that is a perfect pair for the Pakistani cuisine. Further, the ad is ethically correct and is doing justice to the Pakistani culture and cuisine while keeping intact the essence of Coca Cola’s mission statement. On the other hand, if Coca Cola will showcase pork meat in the food items that would be ethically offensive. Pakistan is a Muslim country that is why Pakistanis do not consume pork due to religious restrictions (Kadić-Maglajlić et al., 2017).

Coca Cola Advertisement in China

This Coca cola advertisement from a television ad showcases the Chinese culture beautifully. The brand is staying true to its mission while also incorporating the diversity needed to make a mark in a different country with diverse beliefs. In China, family values carry great importance and that is what this ad is capturing; a beautiful Chinese family having a great time with one another while enjoying a refreshing glass of Coca Cola.


It is evident that Coca Cola is a seasoned brand when it comes to marketing and they know how to keep things inclusive in light of the culture and the beliefs of the country they have expanded to. It can be seen in the diversity that is being portrayed by the three advertisements mentioned above (Kadić-Maglajlić et al., 2017). The brand shows that ethics and culture play a great role in advertisement, Americans will less likely consume spicy Pakistani cuisine and Pakistani’s do not eat ham.


Arli, D. (2017). Does ethics need religion? Evaluating the importance of religiosity in consumer ethics. Marketing Intelligence & Planning, 35(2), 205-221.

Kadić-Maglajlić, S., Arslanagić-Kalajdžić, M., Micevski, M., Michaelidou, N., & Nemkova, E. (2017). Controversial advert perceptions in SNS advertising: The role of ethical judgement and religious commitment. Journal of Business Ethics, 141(2), 249-265.

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Discussion 3

 Buying decision behavior

Author name


Consumer behavior refers to the process of deciding about what, when, where, how and from whom to purchase goods and services ADDIN ZOTERO_ITEM CSL_CITATION {"citationID":"DGO7ib35","properties":{"formattedCitation":"(Kotler & Armstrong, 2010)","plainCitation":"(Kotler & Armstrong, 2010)","noteIndex":0},"citationItems":[{"id":2765,"uris":["http://zotero.org/users/local/KZl8ZL3A/items/L65CNSMZ"],"uri":["http://zotero.org/users/local/KZl8ZL3A/items/L65CNSMZ"],"itemData":{"id":2765,"type":"book","title":"Principles of marketing","publisher":"Pearson education","ISBN":"0-13-700669-1","author":[{"family":"Kotler","given":"Philip"},{"family":"Armstrong","given":"Gary"}],"issued":{"date-parts":[["2010"]]}}}],"schema":"https://github.com/citation-style-language/schema/raw/master/csl-citation.json"} (Kotler & Armstrong, 2010). Marketers are especially interested in knowing this process and the possible factors behind this process. This enables businesses to determine the requirements of consumers and markets and produce products accordingly. McDonald's is among the famous fast-food restaurants that can be approached from anywhere in the world. Its consumers also show specific behavior while making purchases.

Furthermore, the number of factors affect this consumer behavior such as psychological, social, cultural, personal and economic ADDIN ZOTERO_ITEM CSL_CITATION {"citationID":"k5LTKLY0","properties":{"formattedCitation":"(Kotler & Armstrong, 2010)","plainCitation":"(Kotler & Armstrong, 2010)","noteIndex":0},"citationItems":[{"id":2765,"uris":["http://zotero.org/users/local/KZl8ZL3A/items/L65CNSMZ"],"uri":["http://zotero.org/users/local/KZl8ZL3A/items/L65CNSMZ"],"itemData":{"id":2765,"type":"book","title":"Principles of marketing","publisher":"Pearson education","ISBN":"0-13-700669-1","author":[{"family":"Kotler","given":"Philip"},{"family":"Armstrong","given":"Gary"}],"issued":{"date-parts":[["2010"]]}}}],"schema":"https://github.com/citation-style-language/schema/raw/master/csl-citation.json"} (Kotler & Armstrong, 2010). For example, consumer behavior is socially affected by consumer's family, reference group and his roles and status. A family can force the consumer to purchase a specific product from McDonald. Moreover, in today word peer pressure also matters a lot. Consumers like to have those items or products that their peer also like. This trend is also gone higher due to the increased use of social media by today generation. This factor is also responsible for increasing sales and giving the company a competitive advantage.

Moreover, in the context of psychological factors, his beliefs and attitudes towards specific product also make the purchase. Psychological factors specifically affect the buying decision behavior of consumer ADDIN ZOTERO_ITEM CSL_CITATION {"citationID":"l1vJXF6L","properties":{"formattedCitation":"(Kotler & Armstrong, 2010)","plainCitation":"(Kotler & Armstrong, 2010)","noteIndex":0},"citationItems":[{"id":2765,"uris":["http://zotero.org/users/local/KZl8ZL3A/items/L65CNSMZ"],"uri":["http://zotero.org/users/local/KZl8ZL3A/items/L65CNSMZ"],"itemData":{"id":2765,"type":"book","title":"Principles of marketing","publisher":"Pearson education","ISBN":"0-13-700669-1","author":[{"family":"Kotler","given":"Philip"},{"family":"Armstrong","given":"Gary"}],"issued":{"date-parts":[["2010"]]}}}],"schema":"https://github.com/citation-style-language/schema/raw/master/csl-citation.json"} (Kotler & Armstrong, 2010). "The amount of time dedicated to this step usually depends on the consumer's experience with buying the product, the risk involved and the level of interest" ADDIN ZOTERO_ITEM CSL_CITATION {"citationID":"AcWranuN","properties":{"formattedCitation":"(Stankevich, 2017)","plainCitation":"(Stankevich, 2017)","noteIndex":0},"citationItems":[{"id":2764,"uris":["http://zotero.org/users/local/KZl8ZL3A/items/2HJMASPE"],"uri":["http://zotero.org/users/local/KZl8ZL3A/items/2HJMASPE"],"itemData":{"id":2764,"type":"article-journal","title":"Explaining the consumer decision-making process: Critical Literature review","container-title":"Journal of international business research and marketing","page":"7-14","volume":"2","issue":"6","author":[{"family":"Stankevich","given":"Alina"}],"issued":{"date-parts":[["2017"]]}}}],"schema":"https://github.com/citation-style-language/schema/raw/master/csl-citation.json"} (Stankevich, 2017). McDonald's has an established brand worth that entices consumers to produce more and more different kinds of food items with delicious taste.

Thus, marketers should keep in mind these factors while devising different marketing strategies. If any advertisement clicks consumer emotion, then there are greater chances of sales. Analysis of all the factors concerning products is a source of the increase in sales and long term profits for the company.


ADDIN ZOTERO_BIBL {"uncited":[],"omitted":[],"custom":[]} CSL_BIBLIOGRAPHY Kotler, P., & Armstrong, G. (2010). Principles of marketing. Pearson education.

Stankevich, A. (2017). Explaining the consumer decision-making process: Critical Literature review. Journal of International Business Research and Marketing, 2(6), 7–14.

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Discussion 5

Discussion 5

Author Name

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Author Note

Business ethics refers to adoption of practices that protect the society and the environment. It suggests making an organization socially responsible such as by forming its corporate social responsibility strategy. Accenture is an Ireland based company that has strong ethical values. The company is meeting its goals of being socially responsible by defining the code of ethics. The company is refraining from engaging in any business practices that could threaten the society or the environment CITATION Jef171 \l 1033 (Kauflin, 2017). Information security and intellectual property rights are two areas which receive great attention. The company exhibits its responsibility towards society by assuring that no confidential information of clients is disclosed.

Accenture has adopted solid ethical practices such as by designing the code of ethics. Every employee is told to follow the code of ethics such as complying with the laws. They are restricted from accepting any kind of gifts or favors. These practices are used for removing corruption from the company. Strict anti-money laundering laws and policy also depicts solid ethical practices. The employees at the organization are encouraged to share suspicious activities. The company is acting ethically by maintaining a fair competition that suggests price fixing and market allocation CITATION Jef171 \l 1033 (Kauflin, 2017).

Accenture is socially responsible because the company’s policy is focused on three main areas of corporate social responsibility. The company has a strong commitment for human rights which means treating all employees equally and without any discrimination CITATION Jef171 \l 1033 (Kauflin, 2017). The company is also environmentally responsible for which it has adopted sustainable growth practices. It is focused on minimizing negative environmental impacts and promoting an awareness for environment conservation. The corporate citizenship initiative is also identified as social responsible behavior because the company is involved in the global giving program. It is focused on volunteering time and skills such as by offering learning opportunities to employees.


Kauflin, J. (2017). The World's Most Ethical Companies 2017 . Retrieved 01 22, 2020, from https://www.forbes.com/sites/jeffkauflin/2017/03/14/the-worlds-most-ethical-companies-2017/#18424e757bc3

Subject: Marketing and PR

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Discussion Board

Discussion Board

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Specialty Product/Services

There are various names that became brands in a very short span of time due to their effective marketing strategy and way of executing a business. Among the most successful ones Adidas has continued to meet the expectation of its customers by offering the best quality of product. However the company also faced a huge financial loss in the 80,s and 90’s but due to an effective set of strategies the company was able to give a strong comeback. (Ramsenthaler, P. (2019). It has become the most purchased brand by its consumers due to their Specialty Product/Services and customers do not prefer to buy another brand. Their comeback has not improved the quality of their product but also largely increased the number of their loyal customers. Their target market keeps their preference only towards their product and don’t even bother to purchase or compare their product with any other brand. Their 70 years of reliability has made their customers to make efforts and get their Specialty Product/Services instead of relying on something else.

Associated Services

There was a time when the term being rich and famous was only limited to business owners and people who belonged to the television industry. However the big bens of social media are no less then celebrities, specifically highlighting the man of the year 2010 Mark Zuckerberg carry equal fame and acknowledgement. According to him the main purpose of creating Facebook was to provide people a platform for multiple benefits. Initially it serves the purpose of connecting people as being a social networking site. Apart from that this website provides associated services to help people in the establishment of their businesses. Facebook support team is constantly available to provide any type of help and assistance that is required by its customers. Furthermore the associated services by this app also help the political leaders and other celebrities in reaching out their followers and fans on one platform without any discrimination. (Hoffmann, et.al 2018).


Hoffmann, A. L., Proferes, N., & Zimmer, M. (2018). “Making the world more open and connected”: Mark Zuckerberg and the discursive construction of Facebook and its users. new media & society, 20(1), 199-218.

Ramsenthaler, P. (2019). On the Ball: 4 Reasons for Adidas’ Long-term Success - MARMIND. Retrieved from https://www.marmind.com/en/on-the-ball-4-reasons-for-adidas-long-term-success/

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Diffusion of Innovation, p. 375

This is a theory seeking to explain the spread of new ideas and technology within the market. According to Everett Rodgers, diffusion refers to the process of communicating an innovation over time among people within a social system (Santacreu, 2015). Diffusion of innovation is therefore one of the most important steps that a product must be taken through before it is finally released into the market. Diffusion of innovation generally entails the communication of ideas that are perceived to be new among the people within a particular social system. Apple I-phone is one of the companies that have always desired to concur the world of communication through differentiation. The Apple I-Phone has thus managed to partner with major mobile phone service providers, as well as partnering with enterprise software firms.

Product Development, p. 388

The main target of Apple I-Phone has always been the upper-middle professionals. Consequently, Apple I-phone has managed align the product with certain factors so as to ensure success in marketing the product (Choundrie et al., 2018). To begin with in terms of relative advantage, Apple I-Phone is perceived to be very effective and operates quite smoothly compared to the other versions. Compatibility – the current digital society is in need of convenient ways of sharing and receiving information, and this is what Apple I-phone seeks to offer in the best way possible. Complexibility – This cell phone seems to be somehow sophisticated. However, the company issues a guide to help the buyer understand how to operate the product. Trialability- the customers are always in a position to try the product using the devices that are within the Apple store. Observability – the company has many channels of receiving feedback from the buyers regarding the product.


Choudrie, J., Pheeraphuttranghkoon, S., & Davari, S. (2018). The Digital Divide and Older Adult Population Adoption, Use and Diffusion of Mobile Phones: a Quantitative Study. Information Systems Frontiers, 1-23.

Santacreu, A. M. (2015). Innovation, diffusion, and trade: Theory and measurement. Journal of Monetary Economics, 75, 1-20.

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Electronic data interchange (EDI), p. 503

Distribution is one of the major concepts in business. Without a good distribution channel, even the best product will fail. A marketer basically has the duty to ensure distribution and communication takes place effectively. Having innovations in the distribution sector establishes a different kind of competition. The mobile supermarket makes the channel shorter by replacing all the staff in a physical traditional store. The channel would be from the manufacturer to the distribution centre, then to the supermarket and finally to the customer. Reducing the channel means that the price of goods reduces making the store more attractive to customers since distribution determines the final price of the goods or services. However, the fact that there are no staff at the base makes creates some strategic uncertainties since customer feedback and interests are not well expressed. To increase efficiency, the store would have to apply Electronic Data Interchange. EDI would be helpful in determining what needs to be restocked, what brand the customers prefer and how fast each product moves. With EDI everyone wins, the customer gets the preferred products, the manufacturer’s gets to know which products are most preferred and the store manager have a fully stocked supermarket to increase customer satisfaction (Kiboro, and Karanja, 2015).

Intensive distribution, p. 524

In the current want, time is considered very precious which necessitates time management. People tend to maximize the time spent running errands to ensure they have enough time to work and earn a better income. The mobile supermarket is the most time efficient because they literally bring the goods to your preferred location. This, in other words, describes intensive distribution whereby the distribution channel is made more efficient. The customers are able to access the goods within a given location. The mobile supermarket is said to detect nearby mobile supermarkets which makes it more efficient since it ensures one supermarket serves a certain location without causing congestion and inefficiency in delivery (Roberts and Zahay, 2012). Through intensive distribution, the customers get their products as preferred increasing the efficiency in the supermarket.


Kiboro, G. W., & Karanja, E. M. (2015). Consumer Behavior Influence on Adoption of Electronic Commerce in Retail Stores. International Journal of Management, Accounting and Economics, 2(8), 872-881.

Roberts, M. L., & Zahay, D. (2012). Internet marketing: Integrating online and offline strategies. Cengage Learning.

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Lifestyle, p. 192

In choosing a car based on functional needs such as buying a Toyota Prius because of its functional abilities such as eco-friendly, cost efficient, good mileage, etc., the factor that affects the decisions making process will be lifestyle. The reason for stating so is that the lifestyle determines the functions and specifications of the car that are appropriate to fit in the life of that person. A person who does not care about environmental degradation and cost efficiency in other processes of his life, will hardly opt for Toyota Prius. Grabbing the car with specific functions appropriate for ones lifestyle will also ensure long term satisfaction, value-for-money and brand loyalty (Liu & Mattila, 2017). However, deviating away from lifestyle and making a choice that is different from one’s habits will not last longer. Therefore, it is highly recommended to go in accordance with the lifestyle choices through the decision-making process before the final product is chose.

Attitude, p. 190

Another marketing tactic used by the companies is focusing on the psychological needs of the consumers such as need for luxury, need for premium products, etc. Usually, these products will provoke the consumer to opt for them to satisfy their psychological inclinations. For instant, Audi advertises their cars to be premium, luxury, stylish, and an elite product with a specific psychological appeal. Attitude of the person determines his behavioral characteristics which are also a refection of his psychological state (Teeny et al. 2017). A rich, young, and energetic person will opt for an Audi Model specifically focusing on its body shape, color, etc. The person may not focus on specifications such eco-friendly, fuel consumption, etc. Therefore, the attitude effects the decision-making process significantly.


Liu, S. Q., & Mattila, A. S. (2017). Airbnb: Online targeted advertising, sense of power, and consumer decisions. International Journal of Hospitality Management, 60, 33-41.

Teeny, J., Briñol, P., & Petty, R. E. (2017). The elaboration likelihood model: Understanding consumer attitude change.

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Business-to-Business (B2B) Marketing (p. 210)

E-business is the most profitable business that requires the most minimum financial support if planned and executed properly. Amazon in a short span of time made its name in the market as a successful online business. It used the format of Business-to-Business (B2B) Marketing which helps it in earning profit from the customer and the other party. Amazon acts as a middle man between the client and customer, and works in two simple ways. Initially it buys the product from the third party and sells it to the customer or it links the client with the customer and earns commission for this. Another example of a Business-to-Business (B2B) Marketing is the most common platform for recruitments i.e. LinkedIn. It connects millions of business parties with the type of required in their company as a work force and earns profit through it. (Brennan, R., & Croft, R. 2012).

Wholesaler (p. 213)

The purpose of a wholesale business is to buy a product in a bulk quantity from the retailers and then sell it with a suitable profit margin. A wholesale business is also a sort of b2b marketing in which the client is indirectly purchasing a product from a feasible place or website with an extra amount of enjoying the feasibility. Wholesaler is the most risk taking personality in the field of business as it requires a person to purchase a product in a bulk quantity and it the customers do not like it then he suffers the loss. ("What is a Wholesaler?", 2019) A wholesaler in any situation cannot return the product unless there is an issue with the quality of that product. Due to this reason many sellers prefer not to work as wholesalers, however the manufacturers are the ones who profit the most in this situation. Their task is only to sell the product to the wholesaler and earn their profit and after that it’s the hectic of the wholesaler to sell it further to the customer.


Brennan, R., & Croft, R. (2012). The use of social media in B2B marketing and branding: An exploratory study. Journal of Customer Behaviour, 11(2), 101-115.

What is a Wholesaler?. (2019). Retrieved from https://ecommerce-platforms.com/glossary/wholesaler

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Discussion Question

In April 2018, the US Department of Justice shifted its policy by announcing that no-poach and wage-fixing agreements would be treated as criminal misconduct (Hittinger and Herrold, 2018). The antitrust laws enacted by Antitrust Division apply to both competitions to sell and competition to hire new employees equally. Over the years, the Antitrust Division investigated numerous cases and prosecuted many companies found indulged in no-poaching and wage-fixing agreements. However, these cases were treated as civil antitrust violations, rather than criminal antitrust violations. In 2010, many leading Silicon Valley companies were prosecuted for agreeing to no-poach agreements with their competitors. However, these cases resulted in settlement urging other companies to do the same if found convicted. This resulted in Antitrust Division issuing newer rules for HR professionals suggesting that no-poach and wage-fixing agreements would be treated as criminal misconduct.

HR professionals are at increased risk ever since the Antitrust Division issued newer guidelines for HR professionals. HR professionals that are found guilty would have to pay hefty fines and serve substantial jail time. The employer that is convicted will have to pay fine upto $ 100 million, while HR professionals could end up paying $ 1 million in fines and spending up to 10 years in prison (Levitas and Morris, 2018). Furthermore, according to many analysts, the Antitrust Division is likely to announce extra no-poach enforcement actions in the coming future. Moreover, any two companies seriously contemplating a merger would have to carry out a comprehensive antitrust risk analysis before the merger. Should the merging companies found any evidence of their employees’ participation in unlawful no-poach agreements, they must take appropriate steps to rectify the situation (Stutz, 2018). The Department of Justice’s Antitrust Division has made it clear as a day for the employers that stringent laws and vigorous enforcements in the employment domain will remain its paramount priority.

Works Cited

Hittinger, C. W. and Herrold, T. Y. "DOJ Now Targeting HR Professionals For Criminal Antitrust Violations | The Legal Intelligencer." The Legal Intelligencer. N. p., 2019. Web. 20 Aug. 2019.

Levitas, P. J. and Morris K. J. "Wage-Fixing And No-Poach Agreements | Publications And Presentations | Arnold & Porter." Arnold & Porter. N. p., 2019. Web. 20 Aug. 2019.

Stutz, Randy. "The Evolving Antitrust Treatment of Labor-Market Restraints: From Theory to Practice." Available at SSRN 3332642 (2018).

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For this discussion, I have chosen Perfume as a product. This product has been chosen because it is easier to apply all types of advertising on it. Firstly, the affective advertising will be used to initiate the fear among people so that they keep the perfume away from the fire or do not heat up the packing above a certain temperature. Similar messages should be communicated if there are people who are prone to allergy from use. Brand imaging creates an overall image of the product and perfume is a product that is seen as a brand CITATION Mic77 \l 1033 (J.Baker & Jr., 1977). This type of advertising will be used by portraying a celebrity in the advertisement. A company has to make sure that image of celebrity matches well with product image as depicted by company. The second important aspect will be the major product features that the company wants to be highlighted. Generally, long lasting fragrance has been one of the most important aspect in perfume advertising. This will be shown as a person who has applied perfume in the morning and the fragrance is still fresh in the evening. If the product is shown as a fashion product, then there will be a different way to depict the brand image. The unique selling proposition will be the long lasting fragrance of the perfume without giving any stains on the clothes. In this advertisement, two people will be shown using different brands, one will have stains on clothes and other one will not experience this problem CITATION Mar06 \l 1033 (Velasco-Sacristan & Fuertes-Olivera, 2006). This feature along with long lasting fragrance as discussed earlier, will become the unique selling proposition. Resonance will be used by showing interviews of people who have already used the product. The brand positioning will be used by showing the office workers in the advertisement who work long hours in their offices. The generic strategy will make the use of a generic feature of fragrance to occupy a new market.


BIBLIOGRAPHY J.Baker, M., & Jr., G. A. (1977). The Impact of Physically Attractive Models on advertising evaluations. Journal of Marketing Research, 538-550.

Velasco-Sacristan, M., & Fuertes-Olivera, P. A. (2006). Olfactory and olfactory-mixed metaphors in print ads of perfume. Annual Review of Cognitive Linguistics, 217-252.

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Do A Sales Presentation

Title page

Sales presentation

Negotiations worksheet

Customers concern

Type of concerns

Possible response

You are not able to get the instance that you wants and the availability zone.

Computing is too slow and is fast only with the slowest link of information. Pulling images take even more time.

It really involve high cost and you have to pay separately for services.

I am not satisfied with the service provider.





Direct denial/ superior benefit

You will not have to face this issue with Microsoft Azure. Azure offers a complete solution to clients for building applications.

Third party testimony

I agree that there had been some issues in the past. However I assure that you will be able to pull images at fast speed.

Superior benefit

We will offer you discount and many services that will allow you to manage cost.

Trial order

The service will be improved in the future. What can I do for taking a trial order?

Closing worksheet

Closing clue prospect

Closing method

Closing statement

I like this offer.

How could I make payment.

I would like to place order few days later.

I have viewed the proposal that seems to be satisfactory.

Direct appeal close

Multiple options close

Assumptive close

Summary of benefits/ direct appeal close

Could I place an order for you?

You can pay via credit card online and Paypal.

I would recommend you to book the order and you can make payment in few days.

The solutions are focusing on offering you best quality services, helping you meet deadlines and cost-effective computing.

Servicing sales worksheet

Method of adding value

What will you say or do


Setting up a secure website and sharing the link with the customers so they can track the delivery of the computing service.


Sending a tank you letter to the customers who made a purchase and taking their feedback.

Expansion selling

Suggesting purchase of other relevant products and also instruct them to use GPS technology.

Setting a secure website in a timely manner and contacting customers on the decided date. Explaining the process of acquiring information from the website.

Expressing sincere appreciation to the customer about purchasing thee product and explaining steps in which long-term relationship can be maintained.

Encouraging customers to ask questions about the products.

This will allow to track the customers and convince them for buying products in the future. This will be used for finding how often the customers are using the website.

Face-to-face calls

First call

With the first customer I had to discuss the follow-up on a delivery.

Progress/position in the sales cycle: I explained to the client the reasons for the delay in service. “It was due to some technical error. Don’t worry you will get the service in 24 hours”.

Objections raised and addressed: The client raised some objections such as the delay in the delivery of the Microsoft Azure service. The client mentioned computing is too slow and is fast only with the slowest link of information.

Closing techniques used: summary of the benefits is used CITATION Ber11 \l 1033 (Jansen, 2011). “The solutions are focusing on offering you best quality services, helping you meet deadlines and cost-effective computing”.

Specific after-sales service priorities identified: I will update the customers about the nature of the service. This will be used for increasing their satisfaction related to the service.

Action promised/assistance needed suggests to deliver this report to the compliance department who can follow up with this actual prospect on delay issue.

The important information that I believe should be documented is about explaining the benefits of the related products such as building applications and offering discounted packages.

Second call

The second call is with the client who wanted to save costs by using Microsoft Azure.

Progress/position in the sales cycle: The client complained about the price so I mentioned “We will offer you discount and many services that will allow you to manage cost”.

Objections raised and addressed: the product is very costly and I am looking for alternatives to save money.

Closing techniques used: Multiple options method is used. I will suggest the customers to save money by using the discounts and paying in installments.

Specific after-sales service priorities identified: Pre-installation services are explained to the customer.

The action promised/assistance needed—have a plan to deliver this report to the sales manager who can follow up with this actual prospect of complaints made by the customer.

Additional important information that I believe should be documented include explaining the trial versions and customized options for saving costs.

Third call

My third call will be to the People who conduct research about cloud computing or visit such products are targeted.

Progress/position in the sales cycle: Product approach is used in which free trial version is offered to the clients. This will allow the customers to evaluate the product and increase their possibilities of buying it CITATION Mol19 \l 1033 (Clarke, 2019).

Objections raised and addressed: No such objections raised but the client lacked information about the usability of the Azure services.

Closing techniques used: Direct appeal is used. “You must try the trial version. So could I place an order for you?”

Specific after-sales service priorities identified: Online support is offered that allow customers to gain adequate awareness about the product and its benefits.

Action promised/assistance needed suggests to deliver this report to the salesperson who can follow up with this actual prospect of addressing client’s concerns.

Additional important information that I believe should be documented include briefing about the features of Azure and cost-effectiveness that will persuade the clients for buying the product.


After completing the three worksheets I was well prepared because I had collected information about the possible questions that customers could ask. I think I must also add details about how to deal with angry clients because the worksheets contain general information. The additional preparation include methods for handling the regular and new customers. This is because the level of awareness and perceptions of both will be different.

After making the calls I convinced two customers to place the order and purchase the service. One customer only agreed to try the trial version that I believe is a good indication of his future consumption. I think in the case of the third call I could have used more convincing words such as “Don’t you worry about the price or quality. I assure you that the price will be justified”. This could have emotional impacts on the customer and he could have made a purchase.

I learned different strategies about the sales abilities such as a salesperson must be prepared for catering the needs of the customers. He must be able to use his communication skills for convincing the client about the benefits or usability of the products/ services. The most important aspects of selling is to maintain a positive relationship that requires patience and tactics. I also learned that a salesperson must provide solutions to the customer that increases their likelihood of purchasing a product.


BIBLIOGRAPHY Clarke, M. (2019). How to Build the Ultimate Sales Prospect List . Retrieved 07 27, 2019, from https://blog.zoominfo.com/build-sales-prospect-list/

Fewel, B. (2015). Selling Microsoft Azure . Retrieved 07 27, 2019, from https://blogs.partner.microsoft.com/mpn/selling-microsoft-azure/

Jansen, B. J. (2011). BIDDING ON THE BUYING FUNNEL FOR SPONSORED SEARCH AND KEYWORD ADVERTISING. Journal of Electronic Commerce Research , 12 (1).

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Course Name:

BSB42415 Certificate IV in Marketing and Communication

Unit Name:

BSBMgt407 Apply digital solutions to work processes.

Student Number

Student Name

Current Address


Assessor Name:

Sid Bastola


Individual Assessments result

Assessment 1


Final Result


Assessment 2


Assessment 3



Assessor Signature


Feedback to Student

I have received the Assessment Feedback on _________________________(Date)

Students Signature

Assessor Signature


Result to STARS by:


Identify digital applications and trends

Submission details

Candidate’s name

Phone no.

Assessor’s name

Assessment site

Assessment date/s


The assessment task is due on the date specified by your assessor. Any variations to this arrangement must be approved in writing by your assessor.

Submit this document with any required evidence attached. See specifications below for details.

Performance objective

You will demonstrate knowledge and skills required to identify digital applications and utilise digital workplace information.

Assessment description

In response to a workplace scenario, you will conduct research into digital applications and trends for use in the workplace. You will prepare a short presentation to a management audience to explain recommendations. Finally, you will write a reflection explaining: the process of research you undertook, and how you keep up-to-date with relevant digital trends.


Read the following scenario.

You are a team leader (within an organisation as agreed with your assessor). You have been asked by your manager to review the digital information needs of your team, including for communications and collaboration (e.g. from management to team, within the team, team-to-team, team to clients and external stakeholders), use of workplace technology, and networking.

You will need to prepare a presentation to explain at least one recommendation for improvement, with reference to internal needs (e.g. operational goals and policies and procedures) and external needs (e.g. legislative requirements).

Meet with your assessor to agree on a suitable workplace or organisation to use as the basis of this task and to agree on timeframes for completion of this assessment task.

Note: A suitable workplace is a real or simulated workplace in which you have access to operational plans, policies and procedures (including for procurement and intellectual property) that will allow you to sufficiently determine information needs.

Conduct research for the presentation, using a range of online and print sources. You will need to conduct online research using valid and reliable sources (at least three sources). Keep records of sources for submission to your assessor.

Prepare your presentation. The presentation that you prepare will need to:

identify and discuss at least one proposed digital application for communications, technologies and networks for use by your team, for example, new software, social media platform, etc.

sell your solution: What is the issue or need? Why is your proposed solution the answer to the team’s needs? Refer to relevant operational plans and objectives, budgets, policies and procedures and legislation, as relevant

discuss the proposed creation, storage and retrieval of digital information under your proposed application.

Note: You will not be expected to deliver the presentation, but you will need to prepare as evidence for submission, for example scripts, notes, charts and graphs, PowerPoint slides and/or other multimedia required to adequately propose your digital solution.

Write a short (one page) reflection on the process you undertook to determine team digital information needs, including reference to:

operational plans and policies

determining validity and reliability of sources (include reference to at least three valid and reliable sources)

relevant processes for storage of the research and presentation for future business use, and

a description of strategies you use to ensure you keep up to data with digital trends for application in the workplace.

Submit your reflection in accordance within the agreed timeframe and in accordance with the specifications outlined below.


You must submit:

a presentation on a digital application to a management audience, including notes, slides, etc.

a written reflection on the process of research and strategies for keeping up-to-date on trends.

Your assessor will be looking for evidence of the following foundation skills:

reading skills to source, analyse and interpret information, including technical data, in the context of meeting organisational strategy and compliance requirements

workplace navigation skills to monitor adherence to organisational policies and legal requirements

digital workplace skills to conduct online research and investigate new digital technologies and applications to support organisational plans.


The changing perspective of business operation demands to adopt an effective form of digital application to ensure effective distribution of information to all the departments in the organization. It is one of the core responsibilities of the team leader to ensure proper delivery of crucial information to each team member. This particular idea of information sharing is only possible with the consideration of the proper digital application program for the organization. Social entrant is one viable option when it comes to effective distribution of critical and important information to all shareholders effectively and efficiently. Different steps involved in the application of the entire process of digital information sharing system in the workplace system. It is also crucial to prepare team members to adopt different practical aspects involves in the entire scenario. There is a need for offering different coaching programs for the team members to ensure their proper understanding of all the related domains. Proper identification of the whole process of digital application helps every shareholder to understand their role and perform their tasks according to the actual requirements by the help of useful information. Creation of a social environment in the workplace setting is the demand of time for the organization to make it easy for all the team members to understand each other’s roles and responsibilities. Offering social media platforms is comprehensive practical measures to give essential space to team members. It is important to encourage innovation and creativity in the workplace setting. Application of new information sharing systems and processes in the workplace domain helps workers to align their work performance with the actual goals of the communication organization. Interaction is the key to success in recent times and it reflects the growing ideas of utilization of information technology in the business. Technological advances make the entire pathway easy for the management to build strong interpersonal communication domain between all shareholders.

Lead digital work processes

Submission details

Candidate’s name

Phone no.

Assessor’s name

Phone no.

Assessment site

Assessment date/s


The assessment task is due on the date specified by your assessor. Any variations to this arrangement must be approved in writing by your assessor.

Submit this document with any required evidence attached. See specifications below for details.

Performance objective

You will demonstrate knowledge and skills required to lead work processes in a digital environment.

Assessment description

In response to a scenario, and as a follow-up to Assessment Task 1, you will plan the implementation of your digital solution. You will plan and conduct a role-played training or coaching session to support implementation.


Read the following scenario.

You are a team leader (within an organisation as agreed with your assessor). You have been asked by your manager to review the digital information needs of your team. You have completed this review and presented your recommended digital solutions to the management team.

Your broad recommendations have been accepted. You now need to follow relevant processes (operational, budgetary and procurement) to select services or providers and integrate the new solutions into existing operations. You will also need to plan and implement training or coaching to lead and support your team.

Meet with your assessor to:

agree on a suitable workplace or organisation to use as the basis of this task (if this has not already been agreed in Assessment Task 1)

agree on a group of simulated potential trainees or coachees with which to:

conduct a skills assessment

demonstrate training or coaching skills to support implementation

arrange a time and place to role-play a training or coaching session

agree on timeframes for completion of this assessment task.

Using workplace documentation, including operational plans, budgets, and relevant policies and procedures (such as procurement policies), plan the selection and implementation of your proposed digital solution. You will need to:

plan for the process of identifying features of systems that will be fit for purpose given existing organisational needs and for securing approval

identify strategies for integrating the solution into workplace operations

identify and explain the application of relevant policies and procedures including for the use of digital media by employees and intellectual property protection

plan the needs analysis and training or coaching of team members to ensure the successful implementation of the solution.

Complete the template in Appendix 1.

Conduct a training or coaching skills assessment on your agreed group of trainees/coachees and plan a short training or coaching session in alignment with your implementation planning. You may use the template in Appendix 2 to conduct a skills assessment.

Conduct the training or coaching. Ensure you:

use oral communication skills to listen and explain processes using appropriate vocabulary for your trainee or coachee

use interaction skills to encourage, support and develop understanding

explain the purpose of the training or coaching in terms of operational success and refer to relevant procedures and legislation.

Submit your implementation planning within the agreed timeframe and in accordance with the specifications outlined below.


You must:

submit planning for the selection and implementation of the chosen digital solution for your team (Appendix 1)

simulate the implementation of planning through a coaching/training role-play.

Your assessor will be looking for evidence of the following foundation skills:

writing skills to develop planning in accordance with legal and organisational requirements

oral communication to present information using language and features appropriate to the training or coaching audience

workplace navigation skills to monitor adherence to organisational policies and legal requirements

interaction skills to use a collaborative instructional approach to encourage, support and develop understanding and skills in others

digital workplace skills to:

evaluate new digital technologies and applications to support organisational plans

support the implementation and review of digital technologies through training or coaching.

Appendix 1: Selection and implementation


Strategies for integrating with business and operational objectives

Develop intranet or social intranet as the possible solution to the communication needs in the organization.

Development of suitable and aligned policies and plans to ensure effective utilization of different requirements of the communication plan.

Consideration of procurement plan and the strategies of information sharing in a workplace setting.


Activity, including description, rationale, and relevant policy




Conduct an assessment plan to observe potential needs and capabilities of team members.

1-3 months

Human resources

Assessor of digital information plan

Check functionality of current communication system

1 month

Consideration of communication tools and techniques


Crafting content inventory

6 months

Human resources and technological tools

Organizer concerning to new digital system for the organization.

Monitoring success


How measured

When measured/by whom

Access collaboration level of team members in the entire process

Check the overall success of the digital information plan.

During the process of achieving goals.

This particular assessment will be completed by the manager of the entire plan.

Evaluate the main idea of digital communication

Overview opinions of all team members

At the start of the plan by the team leader.

Identify its overall impact on financial and human resources

To compare financial positioning before and after the application of a new communication plan.

It needs to be measured by management after the completion of the plan.

Appendix 2: Training/coaching skills assessment template

Review Date:



Cannot perform the task

Familiar with elements of the job

Can perform with help

Can perform solo

Can teach/coach others to perform



Conduct a workshop

Exploration of individual skills

Offer practical measures

Platform for action

Feedback about the skills

Knowledge test

Submission details

Candidate’s name

Phone no.

Assessor’s name

Phone no.

Assessment site

Assessment date/s


The assessment task is due on the date specified by your assessor. Any variations to this arrangement must be approved in writing by your assessor.

Submit this document with any required evidence attached. See specifications below for details.

Performance objective

You will demonstrate the knowledge and skills required to recognise and apply internal and external requirements related to digital applications, including those related to intellectual property.

Assessment description

You will answer a set of short-answer and scenario-based questions based on internal and external requirements for digital applications, including intellectual property requirements.


Meet with your assessor to:

if not already agreed in Assessment Task 1 or Assessment Task 2, agree on a suitable workplace or organisation to use as the basis of this task

Note: A suitable workplace is a real or simulated workplace in which you have access to operational plans, policies and procedures (including for procurement and IP) that will allow you to sufficiently determine internal and external requirements for use of digital applications.

agree on timeframes for completion of this task.

Review the scenario-based questions in Appendix 1.

Answer the questions in Appendix 2, making sure to complete the risk register.

Submit all documentation within the agreed timeframe.


You must submit:

written answers to scenario-based questions, including a completed risk register.

Your assessor will be looking for evidence of the following foundation skills:

reading skills to source, analyse and interpret textual information, including online legal information, information on registering IP and relevant organisational policies and procedures

writing skills to complete a risk register using specialised and detailed language to convey explicit information, requirements and recommendations in accordance with legal and organisational requirements

workplace navigation skills to monitor and describe adherence to organisational policies and legal requirements

digital workplace skills to evaluate new digital technologies and applications to support organisational plans.

Adjustment for distance-based learners

No adjustment to the procedure is required.

Documentation may be submitted electronically.

Appendix 1: Scenario-based questions

Explain at least two key elements to consider when evaluating whether digital technology and information options are fit for purpose. Give a real workplace or scenario example in each case.

Give one example each of how the following affect how you or your team works with digital technology and information:

legislation or regulations

organisational policies and procedures.

Considering your chosen organisation, identify legislation, regulations and the organisation’s policy relevant to intellectual property.

Review the following scenario and complete tasks A and B that follow:

Consider your chosen organisation. You are the manager or team leader of a team using a digital process with potential impact on the organisation in terms of valuable IP protection and/or compliance with legislation.

For example:

Your organisation produces IP in the form of copyrighted material or wishes to protect trade secrets.

Your team develops IP but needs to avoid infringing on the copyrighted material of others.

Task A: Select one example of a digital process and describe how you would either:

protect IP from infringement by others


guard against using other’s IP inappropriately or inadvertently.

As the team leader, it is essential to consider some practical measures when it comes to the proper protection of IP which is infringement by others. There is a need for offering practical measures in the form of different steps to ensure effective consideration of the entire process. Protection of intellectual property is one critical step which is associated with different critical aspects. At the first stage, it is crucial to register the appropriate IP protection. The next phase reflects as trademark registration to ensure protective communication. Proper registration is also mandatory to attain a better form of IP protection.

Task B: Using the risk register in Appendix 2, document two risks to the organisation and describe controls to be implemented.

Appendix 2: Risk register

Intellectual property risk and description


Impact on organisation

Controls to be implemented (including summary descriptions of processes, such as registration, use of data bases, etc.)

Legal cost: There is active involvement of legal costs in the form of protection and enforcement of intellectual property rights.


It can immensely influence the financial perspective of the business

There is a need for adoption of a proper process to ensure all forms of data protection for the organization. Alignment of all the available resources and the essential objective is crucial to maintaining better corporate domain.

Risks involve in trademarks: when it comes to particular branding and marketing of the business than there is a huge risk of theft of particular symbols and advertisement campaigns.


This particular risk can be immensely harmful for the organization as it can influence public opinion about the product.

Protection of intellectual property is essential by offering different practical measures and legal policies at different working levels. IP risk management is an effective option to ensure the protection of all the hazards involves in the whole scenario.

Subject: Marketing and PR

Pages: 60 Words: 18000


Section I- Use Digital Technology in the work Place

Internet of things will make a major impact on businesses. Following are the three key ways in which businesses will major transformation

Greater Access to Data

There have been some controversies regarding smart applications tracking customer behaviors. In this regard, Internet of data will collect more data as compared to these days. Also, the Artificial Intelligence can give recommendations to consumers about products (Marr, 2015). Therefore, in the future, businesses will be able to access more data in sophisticated form. In addition, the internet of things will bring a change in the ways of advertising, and it will lead to the future products development.

Better Customer Engagement

The technology that enables consumers to use smart devices in their homes will enable businesses to track these devices as well. In this way, the system will work in a way when cars give alerts to drivers when a system is not working or requires a service. In this respect, customer services will notify owners when appliances such as refrigerators, Washing machines and others need to be repaired or replaced. Therefore, customers will have better opportunities and there will a new era of marketing services.

Working from Remote Locations

When Internet of things will emerge, more people will be able to work from remote home. There will be more devices in offices and different floors of factories. Thus, multiple tasks can be accomplished from remote locations (Marr, 2015). Workers working remotely are more efficient and prove to cost-effective for organisations.

How organisations will gain efficiency

Organisations will increase their productivity in all kinds of businesses. The improved and efficient data will upgrade numerous tasks. Eventually, it may reduce the headcount in many businesses. Furthermore, as consumers will be more aware of the Internet of Things technology, they will be able to ask for more things in advanced way. For example, smart refrigerators generate grocery lists, which would have deemed unlikely ten years before. However, in the future, it will become one of the standard features of all types of refrigerators. Businessmen and marketers like to have information and data about customers. In this way, different organisations will be able to update their products according to customers preferences and needs. With the help of data based insights, companies can come up with effective advertisement, and they will be able to reach their target audience. Organisations will have details regarding the demographics of customers (Marr, 2015). Besides, companies will have more information at buying cycle, i.e. from research to buying and implementation. Overall, things will happen in faster way with the emergence of internet of marketing.

How is tracking and data useful

Entrepreneurs and large business owners would not have to worry about their offices and factories as they will be able to track operations from remote locations. Updated devices and the overall mechanism will allow them to monitor their organisation. Also, companies need data and proper information regarding consumers and competition. With Internet of things, they will be able to gather more detailed information regarding consumers buying behavior and pattern. Therefore, through efficient services, companies will be able to update their products. Tracking is useful as it enables owners to track business activities held in their office while staying remote.

How will the coming Internet of things affect management and your role

Internet of things will revolutionise management roles. The businesses that rely on warehousing, production and storage will be able to utilise scanners and advanced equipment. In this respect, managers will be able to see monitor operations and staff at different locations. They do not need to be physically present at the locations where work is in progress. In future, through smart devices there will be the concept of smart workplaces, smart warehouses, and ultimately smart management. The workers will be able to perform more demanding devices, and they will be supervised more efficiently with the help of smart devices. As a leader, I would guide my workers according to the latest technology, and will empower them in a way that they could take the ownership of what they do. As a result, workers will be able to put their more effort in the work which will eventually increase the productivity, and it will benefit them and the whole organisation. Businesses will rely more on Internet of Things. Overall, internet of things will be a paradigm shift in the ways of businesses, and it will have a great impact from higher management to the workers. In other words, the lifestyle of people will see a significant change due to the emergence of internet of things.

As a manager of the organisation what systems do you consider useful for your organisation

For my organisation, Intranets, workplace social media, accounting system, and Human Resource Information System (HRIS) are the most useful ones. Through intranet, my networks are secured to share information comprehensively within the organisation. The use of intranet within my organisation eases the communication. The information is centralised with the use of intranet. Also, all the workers are connected to each other and managers through Skype. In this way, they all can communicate with each other and send messages instantly if required. In addition, I am using Sage50 cloud to run my business. It provides me with effective and complete solution to manage accounting, invoices, cash flows, and taxes. Human Resource Information System facilitates us to manage the database of candidates. Recruitment of candidates has also become easier as a result of this system.

As a leader how and what technology could you use to improve communication

As a leader, I can develop a healthy environment in which everyone feels comfortable to communicate with each other and high authorities effectively. All the employees should use right channels and the ways of communication to help organisation to achieve its goals. I would invite everyone to take part in the conversation. Employees from different cultures are working in my organisation, so, it is imperative that there is no communication gap among employees. I would also conduct regular meetings to share strategic goals with employees, and would ask them to share their concerns, suggestions, and feedback. Through this particular way of interaction, employees would be more involved in the organisation and they will have a sense of ownership, they would get a feeling that they are being valued. The conversation will not be only for the sake of conversation rather it will be meaningful. The overall friendly environment of communication would facilitate employees to give their best to the organisation. Also, Yammer is an effective tool to connect all employees. With the help of Yammer, I can easily communicate with employees and can pass them any private message. Social networking in an organisation is essential, and for this purpose, Yammer proves to be highly effective. The internal communication will be strengthened through Yammer.

Efficiency and Productivity

In order to enhance efficiency and productivity of workers in an organisation, G-Suite is a useful technology as it provides a single environment in which a team can share their plans and execute the overall workflow. The programs in G-suit have all the essential tools in one place, the concerned and relevant parties can access them. These tools improve performance in numerous ways. Firstly, it facilitates employees to communicate regarding project. In my organisation, some people hesitate to talk in person about the project, so, in the environment created by G-suite, they feel much more relaxed and comfortable to share their thoughts. As a result of this software, the employees do not to meet frequently. In organisation, often meetings take a lot of time. By introducing G-suites, the unnecessary meetings can be avoided because the connectivity provided by this software serves the purpose of project. In this way, this is one of the most effective technologies that improves the overall performance, efficiency of employees and give them the luxury to share their thoughts online. Employees and managers can save their time. Integrated online calendars can be designed for the teams so that meetings can be scheduled considering the availability of all the concerned staff. As a leader, I can edit the schedule of the meeting and notify other employees so that they can make adjustments as per the new schedule.

Another way of improving employees efficiency and productivity is the motivation and appreciation. I would always encourage and motivate my employees when they will do any good work. This appreciation would serve as a morale booster for them, and in the future they would be able to put more efforts in the task. To enhance efficiency and productivity of employees, their satisfaction is necessary they must feel comfortable in office environment and enjoy their duties. Being a leader, I will ensure my full cooperation so that maximum productivity could be achieved.

Networking and Community Building

Yammer and Skype are effective tools to develop networking within my organisation. As a leader, I understand the significance of online communication In this regard employees within organisation need to develop good working relationship with each other. All the employees will be added on Skype in a mutual group, where they will be able to participate in a group discussion. Also, they will be going out with each other for official lunch, parties and dinner. Trips will also be arranged so that employees could develop a better understanding with each other.

Application relevant to Max Lionel Realty

Effective communication is critical for MLR and senior management needs to be in touch with all the staff members. Also, they very well understand the need of collaboration. The employees need to access all the information. In this respect, there should be shared platform through which employees can access necessary data and information for jobs and effective operations. First of all, G-suite is a useful technology which facilitates all the staff members to share required information with each other. As a result of this software, employees efficiency improves as they can share their plans and execute work flows.

In addition, FantasticStay is strong cloud based software which gives centralised platform to oversee the operations of property business. In this context, owners can manage their lists and advertisements from their accounts, and they would not need to log in to booking channel to develop their businesses. Communication with customers is simpler, and it will also ensure the availability of staff to handle the queries of the clients. Payment processing will be easier in this case through Stripe integration and Quickbook. Moreover, FantasticStay is helpful in many ways as provides owners with essential tools and characteristics to manage property affairs. They can handle reservations and connect to the clients to organize listings. The admin access, one can modify they like to automate, thus providing owners with more control regarding business operations. FantasticStay has its own website builder, thus, facilitating business to gather data easily.

AppFolio is created to be simple, it is easy to set up, and mange. The software is highly time-efficient in terms of achieving business objectives. It has all the advantages of a cloud-based platform. The businesses do not have to buy any software or hardware. All they need to do is to install, use and upgrade. It ensures users are on latest version. This is cloud-based software which allows the whole team to work from any location, at any time, and system. AppFolio is a comprehensive business solution for all property managers. A public company that has made investment in developing a bright future with clients throughout the world, supervised by most talented and innovative leaders in the industry.

Building Engines- a top cloud-based platform for property management software for operation-focused groups at commercial businesses especially estate property. In this respect, the mobile and web set-up enable property teams to integrate with the activities, all the information and insights they need to require to improve performance, minimise risks, develop clients satisfaction and involvement, and move towards better decisions. The customers of Building Engines have several public REITs, private owners, and third party organisations. Building Engines have integrated platform, which implies that it does not charge you for every feature or add-on, Building Engines is available in all primary modules along with license fee so that owners could understand the full value of the system to manage all processes such as work, ordering, inspection, and project management. Building Engines was among the pioneers to develop a mobile app. It is supported on more platforms and equipment in comparison with its competitors in the market. In this regard, it easily enables owners to work while they are offline during the times owners and their teams work at the places of low or no connectivity. Another exciting feature is the total service delivery as it a property management system that enables owners to decide their own targets for delivering services, convey them to the clients and teams, and monitor the overall performance according to a set criteria or a benchmark, thus, facilitating clients to step beyond just order management. Therefore, all these software and apps will prove to be beneficial for MLR.

Technology that could assist MLR in achieving their operational goals

GoalsTechnology/dataExplanationEngage with customers/Build an Ethical profile AppfolioThrough Appfolio MLR would get increased connectivity with customers and in this way, they will be able to develop an ethical profile of the customers, and the company can further involve the customers by organising different events for customers information and to facilitate them so that they can have a better idea about different locations. Increase revenue by 20 within the third quarter Appfolio is an appropriate platform for MLR to increase revenue by 20 in the third quarterIt will give get listings to more numerous websites, creating a blog, making a YouTube channel, upgrading MLRs company signs on buildings, drafting articles for the press, sponsoring local events, giving tenant referral programs. These things will increase visibility and get the company in view of various building owners along with the future tenants. Reduce indirect costs by 10Through Appfolio, MLR can minimise its indirect costs by 10The online collection of rent would minimise the overhead for MLRs management team. Also, it would reduce the operating costs suggesting that owner can keep property management charges low, a certain benefit for the owner. In addition, electronic option which includes paying rent through a credit card, PayPal or e-check could reduce delays in payments significantly. Mobile alerts can be used to give reminders to resident about the due payment or that due date is coming. Engage customers with strategic goals of business and support professional development in line with strategic goals Appfolio is an effective technology to engage customers with their strategic business and support development. Through online presence of MLR, customers will be able to get in touch with all the policies that MLR offers. In this way, they will have more involvement in policy making. Also, customers can give their feedbacks and suggestions that could be helpful for the company in long-run. Improve health of employees (in range of specific areas)Appfolio is an effective technology. Employees health is imperative for any organisation, therefore, MLR needs to focus on their employees health. With the help of Appfolio, the employees of the company would under less stress as they will be able to perform operations effectively with the help of software and its application. When employees are under stress, it becomes difficult for them to concentrate on their jobs and as a result they fall sick.

Review Digital Information Sources

SourceRating ExplanationThe information was obtained from .org website 5Information about the author was given, which was one of the signs that website was authentic. Secondly, the date was important. The date was checked thoroughly because the date of any information or research is essential. The user should know all the details that when the particular research was conducted. It facilitates the company to know if the information was up to date or not. Also, .org is a domain which is used by non-profit organisations that may have the plan to facilitate people or the users .com 5The information was obtained from .com website. All the necessary elements were checked such as name of author was mentioned. Also, the date of the research was written on the website, which indicated that it was recent research and updated. The writing style of the website was effective and it displayed all the required information without any irrelevant details which suggested that the information was reliable and was from authentic source. Therefore, all the necessary elements were checked to make sure that available information was correct and reliable for the organisation.

How Information is created, acquired by relevant people

Digital information is created or captured. The frequently used tool to create or capture the data is data mining. The data is utilised by decision support system and the knowledge information systems to transfer it into useful information with the help of databases, and different computerized systems. The relevant people in an organisation have the access to that information and they utilise that information for decision making process. Also, various business issues and the problems are identified with the help of the information captured and created. In addition, it is significant that only concerned people have the access to information because some information is confidential, which should not be accessed by everyone in the organisation.

Apart from database, information is created through excel, MS access, power point presentation, and other tools. The information is presented to management, and they give their remarks and recommendations on the basis of the information presented in different tools. Different types of information such as sales record, employees performance, monthly target, manufacturing and production details, clients list, and others are recorded using various tools.

Capture and CreationEmployees data, and the suitable tool is database Acquisition and application Customer related information, and the suitable tool is bpm CRMSharingCompanys dress code policy, and the suitable tool is official outlook email sent to all employeesStorage and RetrievalCustomers payment record, and suitable tool for this purpose is appfolio

What is the purpose of the Digital Media Policy

The purpose of the digital media policy is to ensure transparency from the organisations that display certain information on their website. Also, it provides companies with personally recognisable data that is gathered from respondent with the help of information collection activities or from different means which is maintained through DOC in its system. In this way, the information becomes identifiable. Also, these underline the procedure of classifications and distribution of critical businesses, clients or customers information.

What is the relevant legislation

The organisation should have a purpose statement and the guidelines regarding measures to be adopted to achieve the objective. The statement of the purpose should hardly exceed one-page as far as the length is concerned, and the language should be simple without jargon. However, the overall length of the policy may differ considering the problems it addresses. Privacy policy and code of conduct should be properly mentioned in the companies policies. The organisation should not display any offensive images or inappropriate content in any from.

All the corporate policies should be strictly adhered by company and its officials. In addition, the company should abide by all the privacy rules, disclosures and freedom of information. The organisation should comply with all the communication protocols set by Commonwealth and state governments. The breach of policies, rules and regulation may result in the government takin disciplinary action. The businesses must treat all the recognisable information with respect and impartiality, and need to make sure that that all the information is credible. The privacy policies are also important and companies need to strictly all the privacy policies.

What do you think of the policies

The guidelines are essential for organisation as they give companies a proper direction. The guidelines are basically a framework for the companies to operate. The companies must follow all the guidelines for better results and abidance of law. The guidelines cover administration, customer services, human resources, and other departments of an organisation to follow policies and procedures related to how the data is collected, stored, and used at the workplaces. The guidelines set the overall behavior and code of conduct for employees and higher officials. A digital policy could state the organisations method to communication and utilisation of social media and the rules for employees to use social media. The organisation must run by a set of policies, rules and regulations. In this regard, it is imperative that all the guidelines are strictly followed.

Are there any guidelines you would add, for example, to cover usage not anticipated by the policy

Unnecessary use of social media would not be allowed, for example, employees cannot use social media for messaging their friends, and relative. The access of social media will be given for official purpose only. However, employees would be able to communicate with each other, and discuss office related issues and any unofficial discussion. The use of appropriate language is compulsory. The two employees who are friends to each other even then they cannot crack inappropriate jokes. In this regard, the use of proper language will be ensured. The employees who will breach this conduct, the strict action will be taken against them. For the overall office environment, discipline is the foremost element. Therefore, there will be no compromise on discipline. At maximum, two late logins will be allowed, if an employee logs in late for third time in a month, their salary for that particular day will be deducted. In this respect, timely log in is necessary as it would maintain proper discipline in the office.

How would you apply the guidelines at your workplace

A proper statement of purpose will be made in which companys goals and overall objectives will be mentioned. Regular meetings will be conducted with all the employees to remind them of the all the policies and procedures. Everything will be done according to the stated policies, rules and regulations.

Also, the online activities of all the employees will be monitored, and if anyone is found posting any inappropriate content, they will be issued a warning. Employees overall performance will be evaluated on the basis of the set policies, rules and regulations. In addition, strict discipline will be maintained through effective policies. HR will be giving reports about the behavior and conduct of the employees at workplace. In this way, all the guidelines will be effectively applied at the workplace.

Consider you organisation and role

What policies and procedures exist in your organisation to govern the use of digital communication and social media

The official communication with any employee will be confidential and only relevant people can access that communication. Inappropriate use of social media will be strictly prohibited, i.e. no employee will be allowed to post strong and offensive images on social media. Information of one client will not be shared with other one. The office related matters that are not related to clients will not be shared with them. The proper templates of sending quotations must be followed by employees. While communicating with clients, proper language will be used, and no informal words will be written. All the relevant information will be displayed on companys website to ensure transparency.

What policies and procedures you need to develop

The role of every individual will be defined. The newly hired employees will be given two weeks trainings so that they can familiarize themselves with companys rules, regulations and all the policies. The online communication of the employees will be monitored to ensure that proper policies are followed. Employees will be provided with all the relevant materials, the safety requirements will also be briefed. The procedure of digital communication will be communicated to everyone such as using appropriate language in communication, not sharing any official information with client which is not related to them, and not posting any offensive content or images from workplace in any communication.

Reflect on how you keep up to date

As a leader of the organisation, going through current business policies, legislations, and procedures is an effective way to stay up to date. Also, through networking, different business ideas can be generated. Networking refers to keeping healthy relationship with business community of the same field. Attending conferences, tradeshows, and exhibitions also give a clear picture of the latest market trends. Furthermore, particular industries have business journals that keep people up-to-date regarding current developments in industry. The blogs are also useful. There are different online communities where people make posts about the current business trends, latest technologies and how to expand business. In this context, becoming member of these online communities will be worthwhile. For this purpose, sources must be checked carefully to make sure that available information is credible. Keeping an eye on competitors strategy is also essential. For this purpose, proactive approach is required. When current and up to date information is available then it would be easier to make correct decisions. Therefore, up to date information and smart decision making goes hand in hand. Finally, reading experts views always helps as it gives a roadmap about the business.

Schedule three professional development or information-gathering activitie

Activity Purpose DateReading the Journal Emerald InsightThe purpose of reading this journal is to know the current the news about busine3ss and what will be the future trends that will drive property business 26th Feb, 2019 Getting and insight about appfolio and Zoho Real Estate CRM software The objective of investigating more about these technologies is to make business much more efficient and up to date. 27th Feb, 2019Obtaining reports about competitors strategy to engage customersThe purpose of this activity is to keep an eye on competitors activities and to make a SWOT analysis by keeping in mind the tactics employed by competitors. For a successful business, it is important to keep an eye on all the current trends in the market. 1st March, 2019

Section-2- Lead Work Processes in Digital Environment

What major technologies or digital services you require to implement operations, especially those supplied by external providers

Software The property management business requires Buildium software. Buildium is a comprehensive system and it has included all the features to help property managers to organise day to day tasks related to rents, vacancies, and maintenance cycle. It provides great solution. IT Management ServicesFor effective IT management services, a qualified staff who will have a bachelor degree in Information technology will be hired so that all software can be handled effectively alongside managing other operations according to customers needs.Website implementation or maintenance or e-commerce solutionsServices of a PHP developer will be hired for website implementation or e-commerce solutions. It is important that up to date information is available on the website to facilitate clients and the visitors. SEO expert will be there as well to make sure that website appears on top in different search engines and enough traffic is generated on website. The overall layout of the website will be attractive and customers will be able to forward their query through website.

What are the operational goals

Operational goal for our property management business is to increase profit by 10 by the end of the third quarter of this year. Also, expanding customers base is one of the major objectives this year. Ensuring customers satisfaction will be the priority. All this can be achieved through effective planning and managing all the resources. Manager will supervise all the activities and will report the progress of other staff towards achievement of goal (Wind and Mahajan, 2002).

Customers queries should be answered promptly. The bill entry should be accurate by the data entry operator. Also, the bill payment should be correct and on-time. The invoices must be delivered on-time. Receiving payments from clients without any delay. If customer is paying by credit card, the accountant should ensure that transaction has been processed. Reconciliation of accounts. Effective use of Buildium to manage all the important documents, processing requests and payments. Viewing financial reporting through web or mobile, expense reports review, expenditure report entry, generating and maintaining Purchase orders, and handling banking deposits.

What policies apply to procurement or tendering for digital services such as IT systems or website development

The procurement document should include the value and type of products and services being procured. Also, a statement describing the terms and conditions which justified the use of tender. A record that how the process of procurement demonstrates the value for money.

Request documentation

The documentation must have a detailed description of the procurement, including the type of IT good to be procured alongside all the requirements to be met, such as technical provisions, instructional material, compliance certificated, plans, and any drawing. Any conditions for participation, along with financial assurances data and documents that suppliers need to submit assessment criteria to be taken into account in evaluating submissions and, if it applies to the assessment the relative significance of those criteria. Also, the dates of the delivery of product or services considering the complicated process of the procurement terms and conditions related to the assessment of submission. The relevant entities must not disclose the confidential data, information that hinders competition. Transparency and fair dealing of tenderers and potential suppliers must be ensured. In this regard, there should be discrimination. Relevant entities must respond immediately to any fair request from potential suppliers for relevant information regarding procurement, and when replying to these enquiries should not take into account potential suppliers (Wind and Mahajan). The overall process must be fair without taking advantage from unfair means.


For specifications of products and services a relevant entity must not sue specifications or mention any conformity evaluation process to create an undesired hassle in the trade if possible, prescribe the specifications in the functional requirements and performance context. A specification must not refer to a specific trademark or trade name, copyright or a particular origin, suppliers or producers. However, in special circumstances when this kind of specification is used, the terms, for example or equivalent must be mentioned in the specification area.

A market research may be conducted by a relevant entity and other activities in building specifications for specific procurements. The relevant entities need to make sure that a supplier does not take an undue and unfair advantage over a potential supplier.

Late Submissions

Late submissions must not be entertained unless the submission is delayed due to mismanagement or mishandling by the relevant entity. In this case, a relevant entity must not impose penalty on any potential supplier whose submission is made after the given deadline if the delay is the result of the mishandling by the relevant entity. Mishandling by relevant entity does not refer to mishandling by a courier service or mail service provider that a potential supplier may engage to make a submission. In this respect, it is the obligation of the potential supplier to check that submission is delivered well within time so that it can be received by the relevant entity until the deadline.

Decision making flow chart for the development of the new commercial property website

Flow Chart

(Kohlhepp, and Kohlhepp, 2018)

Imagine you are implementing a new website at MLR. Create an action plan.

ObjectiveStrategies for integrating with business and operational strategiesObjective is to become the leading property management company and provide the clients with best services based on effective teamwork. MLR sets high standard for honor and qualityManaging tenants this is an aspect of rental property management. A successful property management service is more than collecting the rent. They also need to be proactive. The next main strategy for rental property management is property itself, i.e. proper maintenance of property. The third main strategy of MLR is managing finances. The owners need to know that how much money is coming to them every month. Once, all the key areas are identified, software will facilitate owner of MLR to know about the payment schedules and all the relevant details regarding client. Also, the objective is to mention MLRs excellent customer service and their past experience in the market which is giving them edge and they want to further expand in property market. The information about the company and its experience would definitely give a better picture to the potential customers and they would consider becoming the client of MLR.

Activity Time Frame Resources Person Responsible Creating the list of potential customers 2 days Bpm CRM. Its an effective tool that is used to update all type of customers information and data tAn IT specialist will be performing this task, and he is supposed to complete this in next two days.

Consider your organisation and role

What digital media are you, as a leader or manager, would you consider using in order to advance team or organisational goal

As a leader, I facilitate my team category in real time for information on the project about projects. The objective is to develop business according to a set plan so that target could be achieved. A leader should give special attention to the business activities and for that reason if someone has to step back from other activities, its still worthwhile. The decision should be taken in the larger interest of the company so that business grows and flourishes. Also, the time should be spent to recognise where the business stands and where it should head from now on. A comprehensive analysis and evaluation will help owners to establish their business. All the elements need to be taken into account while making a business decision or devising any policy. The process of strategic planning refers to a particular direction in which a leader wants to take their business. However, the objective of business plan is to give the detailed roadmap that will take business to its destination. To achieve long-term goals, short-term goals are necessary because short-terms objectives pave way for the fulfillment of long-term objective. In order to develop a comprehensive strategy for the overall growth of business, a deep understanding of different ways of business is required. For this purpose, a target must be set. If an owner wants to multiply its profit in next 5-7 years, they need to set monthly target, and should direct all the staff members to work hard to achieve that particular goal. The owner needs to give their employees a sense of ownership so that they feel more involved in their work. The relation between leader and employees is not boss and subordinate, instead, they should be prepared every time to help their employees. For effective strategic planning all the resources and funds should be allocated correctly, and it is imperative to have right person on the right job. The performance of individuals must be evaluated time to time, and if anyone lacks in any particular area, the issue should be addressed so that everyone is aligned with the target. A leader, owner or director cannot do all the tasks by themselves, therefore, they need support, and for this purpose, they need to equip and train their employees rightly in a way that they give their best to whatever they do. There should be clarity in every step of the business. Whatever businesses do they should exactly know that what they are doing Strong analytical skills are required to manage and foresee things and operations of the business. All the team members in the group should do the required tasks, and should live up to the expectation of their leader or manager. The suggestions of all the staff members should be welcome, because in this way they will have a sense of involvement and they would work whole heartedly with the company. Although, the planning is carried out at the top level, the execution is done by employees at all level, which indicates that everyone in the company should be on board. The team should be a mix of creative thinkers and those who can execute all the plans perfectly. The whole process should be in right. All the important points about planning must be documented or drafted in a sheet, and it should be reviewed time to time to ensure that things are going in right direction. Meetings should be held on a regular basis to evaluate individuals as well as teams performance. In addition, employees should be motivated in case they have given good performance. The motivation from top management brings a new energy in employees and do their work more effectively and efficiently.

Media Matrix

Media Channel Social Media PlatformMedium Organisational goal Strategic Purpose Real-time information on projects that what is the current state of the project Yammer, All the messages and conversation is made via Yammer as sometimes all the team members are not in the office and urgent message needs to be communicated. For this purpose, Yammer is an effective tool. To enhance collaboration and information sharing pattern.

To develop employees engagement through participation. Audience Team members of the group Officials Higher management.

Virtual Coaching

How do you think that you could use digital communication tools to facilitate coaching

Staff members need coaching at all levels. In this regard, social media has made life easier, now coaching can be performed online. As a leader, I stay connected with all the team members, and guide them about their daily tasks. I also conduct a meeting with them through conference calls. In the call, the overall performance of the all the group members are discussed and they are appreciated for their good work. The agenda of meeting is already communicated to all the group members via email. The staff members discuss the issues they are facing in their work, therefore, they are provided with adequate guidance. I always welcome questions. As a result of guidance, employees improve their performances, and after getting appreciation, they feel motivated and do their work with new energy. I have explicitly told them that whenever they need any guidance or help from senior management or form me, do not hesitate and straightaway ask because things should be done in a right direction. The professional and personal relationship always improve as a result of staying connected with all the group members. I always guide them to enjoy their work, and take the ownership of what they do. Just think that you are working yourself. The more you work, the more reward youll get, my motivation always leaves a very good impact on the overall morale of the team members. I especially focus on the new members because they need guidance as they are learning things in the system. I also ask senior members of my team to focus on the new comers and engage them in work so that they can adapt to the new environment. The coaching and training session is held once a week, and on employees request additional session may also be held because at the end of the day its about grooming staff members not just overburden them with a lot of work. The digital communication system always facilitates communication greatly. During coaching sessions I always emphasise on achieving short-term targets and then evaluate yourself because every man is the best judge of himself. I urge them to set small targets for themselves because it is the right way to achieve the ultimate goal. When team members realise that their leader is available for them even out of business hours then they naturally value my coaching and overall advice that I give them during coaching sessions. The meeting always takes place at scheduled date and time even if I am out of town or any other member is not available in the office and is in the field.

How could you use a learning management system to coach team members

A learning management system is essential to coach employees effectively as compared to before. The software enables content to be written direct on the platform. The entire teams are built using learning management services to train team members. The overall learning experience has changed due to the emergence of learning management system. Also, it does not utilise too many resources. The learning management software have been complicated some time ago. However, with time the technology is improving, and new ways of learning are coming which are proving to be beneficial for all corporate sectors, and employees and group of workers are benefitting from them. With the help of learning management system, all the workers stay connected with each other and they attend a combined learning session. As a result of the training through learning management system, the overall performance of employees are improving. The manager or leader has authority over a team of learners. In this respect, various courses and lessons can be assigned to them, which is already being done. This is proving to be helpful as our company wanted to train a few staff members adequately. The overall job has become has easier for all the departments because previously HR officials used to train someone from sales, whereas now with the effective use of learning system software, the lessons can be easily assigned to them with examples which can be utilised for improving the overall skills of the employees, and now they are actively participating in coaching programs as they understand the significance of coaching. They forward a request to assign training programs to them. Learning system technology at corporate level is a cutting edge which is transforming the overall learning pattern of employees in different departments and sectors.

What System could you put in place to encourage team members to set their goals for the use of technology and their own progress

Three types of learning management system is in place, i.e. web-based open-source learning management system, and SCORM-complaint.

Web-based Learning management System

The software can be easily accessed from the computer, it means that there is no need to connect cables with the system. The software is in the form of a platform. The information of Learning management systems is saved on a platform for the user so that they can log in using their credentials. The software is quite friendly and it provides customers with ease. In addition, the hosted learning management systems mean that the organisation that is selected through Learning Management system would host the Learning Management System on their server. In the modern times, most of the Learning Management Systems are web-based. However, outstanding ones are licensed. In this context, users will not have to make payment to house your own serve domain or a group to maintain and organise that, the software is always enhanced and upgraded for its clients, and interestingly, a customer service is always available to answer clients queries.

SCORM Leaning Management System

SCORM is an abbreviation of Sharable Content Reference Mode. When Learning Management Systems were developed, the content required a proper format to comply with Learning Management System. In this perspective, SCORM was created. Over time, Learning Management Systems have been upgraded and they are always on the way of improving to facilitate all the customers. This management system was in use previously, and now we tend to use upgraded quality software so that employees can comprehensively learn and apply their knowledge to complete their targets. SCORM is considered a technical benchmark which facilitates developers to mention the code so that overall content and Learning Management System become unified.

Open Source Leaning Management System

The open source Learning Management may be a web-based system and SCORM. The open source refers to the framework of the software which is provided to the user, a number of times free of cost, and then they have to get and maintain the assets the support that. In this way, users are required to host it themselves, and get a team of experts to modify, manage and develop the overall Learning Management System, and it all can be expensive. In the case of Open Learning Management System, many functions are limited, also some of the features are not available in comparison with supported web-based software. The user is creating an online software for coaching. Open Source Learning Management systems are excellent to modify and apply whenever its convenient for the users. Through learning different lessons and applying the knowledge and skill to their work, the company will benefit and with the help of collective effort, individuals as well as team would be able to achieve their targets. Besides, e-learning should be quick, and for this reason, it is better to opt use licensed learning software as the service provider, and thats what the company is doing, i.e. they are only relying on open source learning management system, other means have been employed as well such as training through licensed learning management systems. The learning management system analyses display features, several functions, more and even some demos for individuals searching for software. As the user further explores the software they get to know about more features in it, and with time they become fluent as far as the overall usage of the software is concerned. Overall, learning management system is really helpful for employees of all departments, they feel motivated and interested in the learning process, and through effective guidance, and they manage to set their goals both for short and long-term. Coaching is an essential part in corporate sector, the learning management systems have transformed the ways of learning and coaching, and that is the reason why a number of employees are getting trained with useful lessons of this system. Furthermore, skilled workers are improving their skills which are fruitful for them and for company as well.

Mentoring and Coaching

Do you have a mentor What is about that makes a persona a good mentor

I had a mentor, and he trained me very well. I have learned so many things from the gestures, styles, and overall guidance of my mentor. His overall attitude style, temperament, ability of patient listening made him a good mentor, and he tried his best to transfer those skills in me, and I was fortunate enough to get guidance from him because that guidance proved to be highly effective for me in the long run. I had the feeling that by birth some people have leadership qualities, and they consider it their honor to provide someone with mentorship. My mentor considered it a noble task, and his overall attitude towards me and other mentees was extremely, and his speech was always influential, which carried a message in it. The mentors play a significant role in grooming an individual.

Characteristics of a Coach/Mentor

Sometimes, mentors transform the overall career of an individual in a way that mentee excels in his/her life. However, coaching and mentorship is a skill that everyone does not possess. A good mentor is the one who believes in healthy relationship with mentees. Also, they are ones who are always willing to transfer their knowledge to those who are seeking guidance from them. Also, a good mentor is the one who is always available to answer the queries of mentees. Having seen the overall engagement, involvement, passion and enthusiasm of mentor, the employees get motivated, and they start taking interest in whatever they do because at the end of the day, its the personal effort that matters the most. A good mentor shows the light and the path of improvement. Only new comers do not require mentorship rather experienced individuals also need some guidance and advice. A good mentor always shares skills, and expertise. An effective mentor is always patient, they accept all the shortcomings of the newcomers, interns or anyone who they are providing with guidance. A good mentor always takes mentorship very seriously, and that is the reason why mentors develop a strong relationship with mentees. A person cannot be a good mentor unless he/she has a positive attitude. Also, mentorship requires mentors to take be passionate about the grooming and improvement of mentees. For mentors, the mentorship is not only a job rather its a passion, therefore, money does not drive an effective mentor. A mentor is a dynamic person, they can be very lenient and strict depending upon the tactic they want to use. They guide mentees to the path of success and productivity. Mentors and coaches empower mentees to utilise their own skills to be successful in life. In addition, a good mentor always develops the temperament of their student. In order to be successful and achieve something in life, attitude of an individual is essential. In this context, a good mentor is the one who works on the attitude of mentee. Many people in the world, succumb to pressure, here the role of mentor is critical a good mentor always guides and teaches to absorb pressure, and perform well in pressure situations. Its all about keeping the nerves calm. Those who manage to organise themselves well in pressure situation, they rise to the occasion. The good mentor makes a person mentally strong. The mental strength is necessary to cope up with the challenges of this world. Sometime, people have potential but somehow they are unable to do well in particular situations because psychological barrier comes in their way, and they are unable to help themselves. A good mentor always shows commitment to reform mentee, and the relationship between mentor and mentee is always valuable. In a way, mentors transfer their energy to their students so that they can learn the required skill and can manage themselves well. One of the major responsibilities of the mentor is that they appreciate and motivate their mentees. Appreciation and motivation always prove to be instrumental in terms of personal and professional growth of an individual. Good mentor always gives constructive feed back to their mentees. In the light of guidance and feedback given by mentors, students, employees, assess themselves and work on their shortcomings to come out better in the future. Appreciation of effort is also very crucial because people do well when they are valued and appreciated by their seniors or someone in authoritative position. Its all about leadership skills. The mentor has leadership skills, and he transmits his skills in mentees. A good mentor is always a good listener as he fully listens to mentees concerns and problems and then suggests a suitable solution according to the requirement. A good mentor believes in gradual change because sudden change sometimes proves to be counter-productive while slow change that occurs with time is durable and a person sticks to it. Therefore, the role of mentor is vital, and many people who are struggling at different stages of their life do need a mentor because its worth it.

If you were to choose a mentor to support you for this course who it would be and why

If I were to choose a mentor to support me for this course, I would request you to be my mentor, because throughout the course, you have guided us extremely well. Through your effective teaching style, we learned so many important things about Marketing and PR. Therefore, it will be my honor to be your mentee. You have created the interest of whole class in this subject, and many of my class fellows are taking keen interest in the course, and if you would become my mentor, I would be well versed in other courses, and hopefully things will become easier for me. You mentorship will develop my personality in the long-run as you are one of my favorite teachers.

What are the benefits of coaching as a performance improvement tool, especially in the digital work environment tool

In organisational set up, there are many people who need some training and coaching to improve their performance as some employees are new while some want to learn more and enhance their skills to get promotion. In this context, coaching as a performance improvement tool proves to be highly beneficial particularly in digital working environment because everyone should be aware of the technology and software usage. However, not everyone is from IT background, and sometimes they face difficulties to operate systems effectively. Under these circumstances, they need some guidance and proper coaching or mentorship put them on the right track. Additionally, it has been observed that some employees do not feel very confident due to lack of experience in particular field which results in low productivity, and when such employees get a mentor, their performance improves significantly. A good mentor not only guides staff members to be more skilled about their jobs, but also makes them mentally strong, which means that he/she prepares them to cope up with any type of pressure. Finally, the mentorship is highly effective for the individuals who newly join organisation or need some extra training to get promotion in their field.

Training needs Analysis

The answer to Q. 1

Both Sandra and Marcle need training. Sandra is a new team member, ans she is not feeling comfortable in accounting system, and that is the reason why she needs training. Although Marcle is a highly experienced individual, she needs to develop her leadership skills, and for this reason she needs training.

The answer to Q2.

Marcle is an experienced individual who has spent quite a lot of time with company. Also, she is well-versed in accounting systems. Therefore, she can be used as resource to guide new comers like Sandra. After training, she would develop leadership skills which would prove to be instrumental for her future, and she can utilise her experience and expertise to guide newcomers of the office.

Section-3 Recognise and Apply Intellectual Property Requirement

IP Protection Application PatentsSpecifically written for some invention, therefore, it can be a complex and engaged document. Also, the application must have the descriptions of the invention and the utility of the particular invention. The description almost always has explanation of the invention and it illustrates in the best way to inventor for practicing the invention Trade MarksIf businesses have not used their mark while trading yet, but they plan to do so in the future, they can submit an application to get registered their trademark or service under an ITU filings system. Trade SecretesIt consists of application of formula, method, composition, plan, device, or procedure. In order to understand the common concept of a trade secret, it must be utilised in business, and provide an opportunity to get an economic benefit over various competitors who are unaware of it or cannot use it. Licenses There are a number of ways to conduct business and to ensure stable stream of extra income as licensor or licensee. The licensee can sell, distribute, import and export numerous products or service, which would not have been the case otherwise. Copyrights Copy rights registration Service can be utilised by and group, person, or a company involved in developing original work and that holds value for them. In an online world, so many people are copying others work therefore, original work should be protected from getting copied, misused, sold, or any other unauthorized access by another party. This category includes musicians, writers, authors, artists, software engineers, photographers, and others. Any piece of word saved in an authorised electronic data form can be registered the website, in any form such as text, visual or audio.

What are my responsibilities

Answer to Q1 a). the material which has copyrights cannot be used without the permission of the concerned party. In case anyone violates the copyrights act then there will be legal repercussions for that breach. Therefore, it is mandatory for everyone to abide by rules and regulations and do not violate copyrights act.

Answer to Q 1. b) The issue regarding copy right does not arise unless major essential or substantial part is used. Also, the distinct part of the material should not be used because it comes under breach of the copy right Act. However, one needs to be careful even while using the small portion of the Act.

Answer to Q1 c). There is no need for the work to bear a copyright symbol or any notification to get protected (they are used as visual preventions). The work is already the intellectual property or ownership to the individual who made it for the first time originally- the author, the photographer, and the painter.

Answer) The fair dealing means the usage of materials in different ways and it depends that that how the reproduction of the material impacts the market. The examples fair dealing are research or study. According to the ruling of Federal court exceptions can be made on the usage of reviews or analysis of the material, and a student can conduct an academic research for their studies. In this case, or the implicit idea can be borrowed.

Answer to Qno. 2). Permission should be granted by the owner of the intellectual property. In order to earn some profit, its the discretion of the owner to sell his work to another party, and it is done through a process and a proper channel. However, the work will still be known by the original creator, and whenever the work will be discussed the reference of the first owner will be quoted.

Answer to Q3) Apart from affording the charges, it is not legal to use someone elses property in our name without any permission or buying that property from the person. Also, it is morally wrong to use someone elses intellectual property in my name. Therefore, it is better for me to create my own content instead of copying someone elses work.

Identify Internal and External IP requirements

What is the purpose of IP policies

The IP policies are of significance. These give organisation a framework that what measures need to be taken to make sure that employees and contractors do not falsely claim other partys intellectual properties. In todays internet world, it is very easy to reproduce someone elses material without his permission. Therefore, IP policies were set out to protect the intellectual properties of people who worked hard and established something. In other words, the IP policies give a legal cover to the people making some artistic work, write some book or compose a song.

How does the policy ensure employees and management are aware of how they must act to protect the organisations rights while ensuring they do not breach IP while employed by the organisation.

IP policies are the most important online policies, and that is why they are in written form as well as on employees manual. When an employee is hired by the company, they have to go through the policy that they must perform their duties to protect organisations rights while making sure that they comply with IP during their employment with the organisation. The make this disclosure and sign on the document. In this way, the policy ensures that employees and management are fully aware of the act. In addition, in the meetings we ensure that all the procedures are followed through proper channel, and everyone is aware of this important policy.

Who does the policy apply to

The policy applies to employees and contractors, and it depends upon the type of intellectual property. In this respect, infringements happen when someone uses other individuals official work without getting permission. Also, the correct payment of license fee is must if someone has not paid that and starting using other persons intellectual property then they will be held liable. Therefore, it is compulsory to adhere to all these policies.

What guidelines are included or relevant procedures in place for putting the policy into practice

All the policies and procedures are included in the employees handbook, and these are part of companies policies which are communicated to all employees when they join the organisation. Also, during the interview, employees are asked the questions regarding IP to check if they are aware of the policies. In this way, company is doing its best ensure best practices at the corporate level.

Identify External requirements of IP

Requirements Application /explanation of relevance to workplace Patent As the company is the property management services, so, the landscaping done for the company is patent, and is companys intellectual propertyTrade MarkOur company has a trademark, which is solely meant for the company, i.e., no other company has the right to put use that trademark for their businesses and any other use. Design Our company is the property Management services and the design of our website is unique, and an intellectual property of the company. Therefore, anyone who would use this design will breach the law, and legal action will be taken against that party.

Review Digital Application with IP compliance.

What processes do you have to protect the organisations IP against infringement and ensure compliance

As a leader of the organisation, I would conduct periodic reviews to make sure that all procedures are effective, and policies are followed. This compliance with IP policy will be the stated policy of the company, and everyone in the company will be bound to follow the policy, and in case of any violation, strong action will be taken against that individual. Therefore, by making strict policies, rules, and regulation, the IP compliance will be ensured.

How could you use such tools to make ensure compliance

The instructions will be passed on to all the employees that the designs that have been used in the country are available on the website. Therefore, no such design will be used for the company else it would be a breach of law. Similarly, for other matters to ensure strict compliance, all the staff will be asked to check the website in case to ensure that nothing is copied before. All the rules and regulations set by the government of Australia will be followed as a responsible citizen, and the business. The activities of all the employees will be monitored to check that nobody has breached the policy, and all operations are going smooth according to law.

How could you build their use into processes used by your team to systematise rights compliance

It will be communicated to all the staff members that none of the designs will be approved unless it is checked for uniqueness on the website. Therefore, in this way, it will become the policy of the company to closely check the website before going for any design, trademark, and others. All the process will be transparent. All the employees will be instructed to do their best to comply by rules and regulations.

Policies or Procedures in place for documenting IP

A written agreement must be created which explicitly shows the owner of the IP rights to any materials made by a contractor or an employee. In this regard, the agreement should include the place, time, and venue of the transfer of the ownership. Secondly, who has the right to exploit that, who would pay for it, whether any adjustments and improvements are allowed

Registering IP

Registration of intellectual property is subject to commercial exploitation of IP which is evaluated by the intellectual property officer as compensating revenues of commercial exploitation while calculating net revenues. The net revenues are included but not restricted to costs related to registering intellectual property such as patent protection, legal counseling, expert technical services, consultancies, traveling and accommodation, creation of prototype, taxes, and other charges.

Reporting on IP matters such as Infringements

Before going for a legal action, as per the law the company will have to enforce its right, and it necessary as far as retaining its value is concerned. In this regard, infringement strategy needs to be created to facilitate us regarding dealing with overall infringing conduct. The next step will be to prove that the conduct of infringing was illegal. Thirdly, as the owner of an Intellectual Property, I would have different legal options to counter infringement, which can be exercised without even going to court. If the dispute is not resolved through different methods, then I will have the option to involve court and go for legal proceedings. In this regard, Alternative Dispute Resolution is a term for procedures such as expert determination, negotiation, and mediation. The process allows parties to resolve their issues without involving court and legal system. In this regard, there are many advantages of Alternative dispute resolution system as it gives flexibility, while the Intellectual property disputes are mostly complicated. Furthermore, with the help of this system, both the parties can come up with their terms and conditions that best suit their needs and overall circumstances. In this respect, ADR is a useful platform that may enable parties to avoid legal proceedings.

As a leader or manager, how would you go about registering IP created by your team

First of all, I would ensure that the particular IP is not in use by any of the organisations. For this purpose, I would check the government websites. Once, I will get clarity that this is our IP then I will follow the due process to register IP created by my team. First of all, I will file that IP, for example, if it is a design, I would file the design, and then Ill forward a formal request via ipaustralia.gov.uk. Therefore, all the legal requirements will be fulfilled.

Section 1 Identify the convergent environment

Key technologies that are impacting convergent solutions are SEO marketing, mobile marketing, e-mail marketing, social media marketing using Facebook, and twitter. Through SEO marketing, companies are making their presence prominent and on top of the search results. SEOs manage to bring relevant traffic on the website, who may become the customers of the company. Similarly, social media marketing is an effective tool as companies advertise their products through Facebook pages, and ask their contacts to like the page, and in this way the webpage becomes popular, people start taking interest in the product that is being advertised. This is an effective way of advertisement because billions of people across the world use Facebook, and if product is powerful, and there are many Facebook fans on the page then there is likelihood for the product to be successful (Scott, 2015). Similarly, email marketing is another popular tool to advertise product, in which customers receive emails and are briefed about the product. These are the modern ways of advertisement which are being followed by companies and businesses in large numbers.

How might you customise the experience

As a corporate marketing and communication manager, I plan to take Australian hardware to the new heights. For this purpose, I would employ all the latest technologies to attract customers. All the social media tools will be utilised. First of all, I would conduct a market research to know the preference of the customer because for successful marketing, it is imperative to know what customers want to have. Although we have been doing quite well in the business over the years, we need to penetrate more into digital communication because this is the age of digital world.

For this purpose, I would ask all my contacts to like the official Facebook page of Australian Hardware and in this way circle will increase. SEO marketing will already be in place. I will try to be more interactive with the customer by using all the means so that customers feel involved. Every day colorful photos of products will be updated on social media using different angles (Scott, 2015). Similarly, customers will be asked to leave feedback, and the feedback of satisfied customers will be used to attract more customers. The process will continue, and I am hoping that by the end of this year, company will be able to increase its profit by 10 at least.

How might you build community around Australian Hardware

Through different blogs, I would stay connected with the customers different blogs will be written in detail about the product. The experience of satisfied customers will be utilised to attract more customers. As a result of effective blog writing, and the customer surveys, a community will develop, and I would be able to interact with them more closely. They will share their needs, and through online community it will be communicated to them that all their needs will be satisfied, and company is taking care of all of them. The customer relationship is extremely important in our field. Thus, the online community will facilitate us to build a strong community and relationship with customers so that their concerns can be addressed.

What channel or combination of channels you might use

Online digital channels will be used as well as customer surveys will be conducted to know customer services. Technology is making difference in this world. So, it is necessary to utilise all the major channels to attract customers.

How would you offer competitive value

SWOT analysis will be conducted, and then the data regarding competitors will be collected, and the basis of that information, I would particularly focus on the points that our products possess while it is not the case with competitors product. By keeping all this in mind, I will offer customers a competitive value.

What choice tools would you offer

Depending on the preference and need of the customer, the choice tool will be offered to them. The main purpose of offering choice tools is to value customers preference and their demand. In this context, based on the overall results of the survey, a comprehensive plan will be made and choice tools would be offered to customers (Scott, 2015).

The role of customer

What are the customer service objectives If no objectives are available write your own

The main objective of customer services is to know customers concerns about any particular product or service. After using the product, the customer may have some complaints or issues, and for that purpose, customer services department help customers. The ultimate objective of customer services is to achieve customer satisfaction.

Ans.) On the bases of customers feedback, their concerns, and their complaints, companies evaluate their performance and realise that where do they stand. Also, companies make their products better with the help of better customer services.

Individual Performance measures to customer service objective

Answering customers calls promptly and giving them timely feedback would prove to be effective from customers viewpoint, and solving their queries on priority basis will help companies to achieve customers satisfaction.

Section -2 Preparing Cross Sector Marketing Tools

There are several benefits of integrated convergent market is that more people can access the advertisement of the product. Similarly, more customers are attracted to the product. Unlike conventional way, when people used to watch same ad again and again. Whereas, in integrated online approach, a variety of images can be uploaded in a way that customers can get attracted.

Analysing tools and techniques in an integrated market.

Traditional tools and techniques Non-traditional tools and techniques Television



Word of mouthEmail Marketing

SEO Marketing

SEM Marketing

Social Media Marketing (Facebook, Youtube, Twitter)

Mobile Marketing

The reason behind using the mix of both traditional and non-traditional techniques is to reach all types of customers, i.e. those who use social media, and also those who do not.

A new kind of consumer

What type of consumers does your organisation serve

Our organisation serves all types of households as we offer wide range of home-improvement products which are required by all the households from medium to high income range. Therefore, our companys target audience is medium to high-income adult households.

How has the digital landscape changed your customers expectations

As a result of digital landscape, now customer demand more variety as they are aware of the current trends and the overall competition in the market. Overall, customers have become more demanding, which was not the case when digital media was not in place.

Expectation Customer TypeWhat will this customer require from your organisation OptionHigh-income This type of customer always looks for more options as they have money to spendFlexibility Old-age customerSlightly aged customers ask for flexibility considering their age and the level of comfort they expect from usImmediacy Young CustomerThis customer require immediate delivery of the product because they are young and want quick delivery because of their impulsive nature mostlyChoiceLadiesMostly ladies ask for choice and they take time to choose the productEngagement Middle agedMostly they expect our representatives to engage them more because they want to listen to more about the product Privacy/SecurityYoung couple/newly wedded The young couples look for more privacy and security Content/Information Highly educated customerHighly qualified customers always look for more variety Point of Difference Market aware customers There are some customers who take information from different channels and then make their decisions. Other Expectations Customers who believe in bargainingSuch customers ask for discounts and in the end their expectations are always high

How could a health insurer use the map to reach to determine the appropriate mix of it is target market

The target market of health insurer is young families. In this context, health insurer can use social media as so many young people use that to get to know the young families, and also the appropriate site is the health insurer website.

At what touch points could media use be most improved.

At social media sites, the media use can be most improved because these are the tools that are used by many people across the world.

Put yourself in customers shoes

I would start my journey with internet, first I look for the appropriate outlet or store and once I would select the shop, I would go look for the reviews of the business which would facilitate me to make decision. If the reviews of the shop are positive, I would go for the product. In this regard, word of mouth may play an important role as I value the opinion of my relatives, and family members.

How could you use this map to determine media strategies for the campaign

Through this map, social media can be used for media strategies for a campaign as social media is an effective tool which is used by most of the people across the world, and they value the trends on social media. In other words, one can say that social media plays an important role to drive the preference of customers.

Where do you spend your money

Where does the organisation spend its marketing budget

The organisation spends it marketing budget on a different channels for advertisement such as electronic media, print media, and social media advertisement. Among all these means, social media is the most effective one.

How has this changed over the years

Over the years, modes of advertisements have changed as people have now switched to social media and internet more as compared to before. Previously, people have limited way of seeing things but now people have more variety as they connect to the social media, and that is the reason why they get all the news regarding current events, latest fashions and trends.

How Cost-effective is the media and how do you know about it

Social media is highly cost-effective in comparison with conventional tools such as Television, Radio, and newspaper because everyone time when companies will approach television, radio or newspaper, they will have to pay money while in the case of social media, companies do not have to bear costs every now and again. Companies and professionals can update any information available on social media, for example, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest and others.

Section-1 Develop Knowledge of the Marketing Communications

Definition of Marketing

Marketing is an activity of promoting a particular product or service, and it includes market research, advertising and circulation of the product. Therefore, marketing is a comprehensive product. The success of company largely depends upon the modes of marketing company has used. The effective marketing always leads to better results. Marketing is not just simple buying and selling of a product or service rather it is a comprehensive process from planning of a product to its execution, and the channels involved during the process play an instrumental role for the product to reach end customer.

Compare you definitions with others in group or workplace.

In my group there were people who thought that marketing only means promotion of a product or service. However, the planning process is involved in the market. The thinking process of decision maker to approach target audience is also the part of marketing. As a leader of the group, I explained the difference between the concepts and ask them that my definition is close to the reality.

Marketing v. Sales

In the activity we have to identify that who has the responsibility for the task below.

Task Sales or MarketingDevelop the marketing strategy and plan MarketingManage the marketing mixSales Establish the organisations competitive marketing position SalesAnalyse customer relationship Marketing Locate and profile potential market MarketingGenerate quality sales leads SalesDevelop effective selling tools MarketingAnalyse and track customers strategy and tactics MarketingPromote the organisations product and imageSalesFacilitate information transfer from customers to rest of the organisation Marketing Simplify the customers buying processSalesDetermine annual unit and gross profits plans and resultsMarketing Implement marketing strategies and analyse trendsMarketing Establish sales objective SalesForecast and develop annual sales data for sales target Sales Install a marketing led ethos throughout the business MarketingResearch and marketing opportunities MarketingPhone key customers to know how they are goingMarketingUnderstand current and potential customers Sales Help staff with actual sales situation SalesManage the customer journey (Customer relationship jobMarketingConduct product training Marketing Implement national sales programs and field sales action planSales

Access any job website and locate the three job responsibilities for sales assistant and marketing assistant

Job Profile for Marketing assistant Conduct thorough marketing research to know the current trends and patterns in the industry,

Report customers activities to Marketing Manager so that effective policies can be implemented regarding customers

Assist Marketing manager to conduct product training to the newly inducted staff .

Job Description for sales assistant

Provide sales manager with all the records and customer related information.

Ensure the achievement of monthly sales target.

Incumbent should be well-versed in spoken and written English.

Update clients about the companys current policies and procedures.

Marketing Strategy

Marketing strategy is the business plan that that is used to implement different policies and procedures to achieve targets and gain profitability. Marketing strategy is made at the top of hierarchy and then it is communicated to all the staff. It is important for all the staff to be in line with the marketing strategy of the company so that everyone is on the same page. The purpose of marketing strategy is to benefit the company in long-run. Also, it is essential for the company to operate with proper strategy. Proper strategy will yield effective results.

Learning Activity Principles


Physical Evidence







The new rules

The online marketing of watches, phones, and even garments are going very well. Also, other products are planning to launch themselves online considering the overall success of online marketing and the product.


According to David Mermeet Scott the rule that applies to marketing is the marketing research. Through effective marketing research companies can flourish and they can achieve success in long-run.


Previously, they might have been sold using the conventional channels as there was no online facility and the availability of internet.


It is important for an organisation to have compelling information because so many customers visit the website, and they want to read and watch something interesting. In this context, the overall information should be relevant.


As a marketer, I will have to be more inclined towards internet marketing techniques because in the present times, it is the most effective way of advertisement by all means.

Learning activity Structure of the industry

My company lies in the mid-level holding groups

Learning Activity Customer Satisfaction


The customer satisfaction for any company means that company has fulfilled the requirement of customers, and customer is happy with the company. The customer satisfaction can be considered as the success of the company because a satisfied customer would recommend the company to other people, in this way, company would make progress.


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ThisDocumentThisDocument F Microsoft Word 97-2003 Document MSWordDocWord.Document.89qPROJECTwm)CompObjr

Subject: Marketing and PR

Pages: 45 Words: 13500

Dodge Trucks

Jack Dolan

Media Advertising 3675 - 01

Market campaign

Dodge Trucks

Table of Contents

Page 1 ------------ Cover Page

Page 2 ------------- Table of contents

Page 3 -------------- Mission and Vision Statement

Page 4 -------------- Product Profile

Page 5 -------------- Question 1+2 Graphs (demographics)

Page 6 -------------- Question 3+4 Graphs (Opinion/Reasons)

Page 7 -------------- Question 6+7 Graphs (Quality Assessment/ Innovation)

Page 8 -------------- Question 8+9 Graphs (Resale Value/ Preference)

Page 9 -------------- Survey questions 1-6

Page 10 -------------- Survey questions 7-12

Page 11 -------------- Survey questions 13-19

Page 12 -------------Survey questions 20-25

Page 13 ------------- Dodge S.W.O.T Analysis

Page 14 ------------- Target Audience

Page 15 -------------Principle Benefits, Objectives, Strategies

Page 16 -------------references

Mission and Vision Statement

The mission of company is to be a premier quality vehicle retailer in the world, providing our team members, customers and community with best opportunities to develop themselves(Autoguide.com, 2019)

We are dedicated to provide convenient, friendly and rewarding experience to our customers and employees by listening to their changing needs (Comparably.com, 2019)

Mission of the company is to help and reach at some point in the short run and improve its operations. The mission of company is to be a premier quality car retailer which will be done with the help of all relevant stakeholder. Vision is a much broader term as compared to mission, vision of company also revolves around the stakeholders but it is wider as compared to mission statement.

Product Profile

During the recession, company had to cut on its product range but now it continues to offer a considerable number of vehicles. Most of these vehicles come with powerful V6 engines. Dodge began manufacturing own vehicles in 1915(Dodge.com, 2019).

After its 2009 reorganization, Dodge’s truck brand, including the 1500 pickup truck, Heavy Duty models and the Dakota mid-size pickup, was spun-off into the Ram truck brand. Initially a parts supplier, Dodge began manufacturing its own vehicles in 1915. In 1928 Chrysler took over control of the company and it has remained under the Chrysler umbrella since.

Questions 1 & 2

There were 13 males and 12 females who participated in the survey. Majority of people were between 41 and 45 years of age whereas below 35 were the least represented. There were equal number of people in 25-40 and 46-50 years age groups.

Questions 3 and 4

Majority of people have used some brand of dodge cars and those who have not done either cannot afford it or they are already using some other car brand.

Questions 6 & 7

Majority of people did not like the quality of cars made by dodge whereas minority of people marked them as being high quality. In line with this, a majority of people think that company is not providing innovation in its products.

Questions 8 and 9

In line with the responses to the last questions, majority of people will not prefer dodge cars or trucks over other brands available in the market. Resale value of the brand is thought to be very good by majority of respondents.




Q1. What is your Gender?

Male2. Female3. Other

Q2. What is Your Age?

Below 35

35 – 40

41 – 45

46 – 50

Above 50

Q3. Have you ever used or using a dodge car/truck?

Yes2. No

Q4. If “yes” what is your first reaction to the Product?

Very Positive2. Somewhat Positive3. Neutral

4. Somewhat Negative5. Very Negative

Q5. If “No” State the Reason.

Q6. How would you rate the quality of the product?

Very High2. High Quality 3. Neither

4. Low Quality5. Very Low Quality

Q7. How innovative are the products of Dodge?

Extremely Innovative2. Very Innovative3. Somewhat Innovative

4. Not so Innovative5. Not at all Innovative

Q8. Do you think that Dodge is something you will preferred over other companies like Ford etc.?

Definitely2. Probably3. Don’t know4. Probably Not

5. Definitely not

Q9. How would you rate the sell on value of the product?

Excellent2. Good3. Average4. Below Average

5. Poor

Q10. How likely is that you would recommend Dodge over other products to a friend?

Not at AllDefinitely











Q11. List the five things that you would most likely to improve in Dodge cars/trucks.

Q 12. How the products of Dodge are visually appealing?

Extremely Appealing2. Very Appealing3. Somewhat Appealing

4. Not so Appealing5. Not at all Appealing

Q 13. What Separates Dodge from other products?

Brand Name2. Quality3. High Technology4. Price

5. Aesthetics

Q 14. What is your point of view regarding brand position of Dodge?

Very high2. High3. Average4. Below Average

5. Very Low

Q 15. While purchasing a car which factor will you prefer the most?

Imported used car2. An imported New car3. Local old car

4. Locally made new car5. Any other

Q 16. What is the source of information you will consider while buying a car?

Internet2. Car Dealers3. Family & friends

4. Advertisements5. Blogs

Q17. While buying a sports car, which brand will you prefer over Dodge?

Koenigsegg2. McLaren3. Bentley4. Porsche

5. BMW6. Nissan

Q 18. What type of Dodge vehicle would you most likely prefer?

SUV2. Van3. Sports Car4. Hatchback

5. Other

Q19. Would you prefer any different brand over dodge, if you can get same specification for same price?

Yes2. No

Q 20. How many types of Dodge cars are you familiar with?

Q 21. What are some of the words that come to your mind when you hear about Dodge cars?

Q 22. What aspect has driven you the most to buy a car?

Q 23. If you are buying a dodge automobile, what is your underlying motive behind it?

Emotions2. Enjoyment3. Past Experience

4. Status5. Other

Q 24. If a celebrity you love, was representing Dodge. Would that change your favoritism towards the brand?

Yes2. No

Q 25. How much you prefer Aesthetics over quality?

Very 2. Average3. Below Average4. Not at all


All Ram trucks won 2019 motor trend of the year

Highest towing capacity for mid-sized pickup trucks

Dodge has the number on diesel engine year after year since 2010

Consistent in its positioning of a power-packed all-terrain vehicle

Clear positioning and target audience


Scored low in interior aesthetics

Quality assessment scored lower then top competitor Ford

Truck manufactured before 2008 tend to have fender rust which tarnished Dodges reputation in the long run

Dodge has gained a lot of criticism with their gas powered engines throughout the years

Been the brunt of criticism for their poor sales service.


Set its trucks apart by the liter size of its pickup truck engines

Create a modernized interior with gadgets adaptable to modern technology (Bluetooth, Apple car play, etc..)

High Growth Potential: The market for trucks had gone up 8% in comparison to cars which had only gone up 5%

Changing customer needs: Customer priorities when purchasing a vehicle have been geared towards safety which has brought the demand for larger vehicle much higher


Other foreign and domestic car brands such as Chevy, GMC, Ford, Toyota, etc.…

Car companies that are becoming innovative in the electric vehicle category

Internal brands such as Jeep are significant competitors to dodge trucks

High cost of production: increasing fuel cost, the growing cost of raw materials.

Dodge S.W.O.T Analysis

Target Audience

Target Name

Blue collar workers

Equipment transporters




Males within the age range of 41-45 years old

Average household income of $70,000 a year

Small town rural areas


Modernized up to date interior gadgets (Bluetooth, Apple car play, heated front/ rear seats, aesthetic interior lighting, etc.…)

Modern exterior utensils (back up camera, trailer assist, lighting options, bed accessories)

Off-road usability 4 X 4


Electric Cars/ trucks

Foreign brands that outsource manufacturing for a lesser price

Other domestic truck companies


Durability/ dependability


Versatile to all driving/ towing needs

Style/ looks

How they are buying

Brand dealerships

Factory configurators

Used car dealerships

Online resale platforms

How they are heard about

Brand commercials

Dealership commercials/ advertisements

Reviewers/ influencers

Target emotions


Happiness/ joy

Principle Benefits

The principle benefits of owning a Dodge Ram is the satisfaction of knowing the product you are buying is built extremely tough, and can work effortlessly through any conditions/ terrain. Customers buy a dodge truck feel as if they bought a hassle free vehicle that was built to work, and stay working. Unlike other truck brands Dodge Ram trucks require little maintenance and have significantly less mechanical problems compared to their competitors. The goal of this campaign is to have Ram trucks become the number one seller on the market.

Principle Objective

The main objective of this campaign is to inform customers in the market of purchasing a truck that Ram trucks are the best bang for their buck in this category. We want to inform the public of all the benefits that come with purchasing a Dodge Ram such as its year after year positioning as the number one power- packed all-terrain vehicle, highest towing capacity to competitors, and the groundbreaking technology being incorporated into the vehicles that keeps them a step ahead of other brands.

Principle Strategies

Create a commercial that displays advantages Dodge vehicles have over other brands

Have a Ram truck blowing past competitors in an uphill tow

owners of competitor’s test driving a dodge truck expressing their regret of not purchasing a Dodge.

Have a mobile hill climb/ Off-road course to setup in major cities to have a first person visual of the benefits Dodge trucks offer.

#Dodge the problem with a Ram

Direct marketing strategy

The objective of the direct marketing strategy is to help Dodge truck to build relationship with customers. Dodge Truck uses direct marketing to create awareness on the available truck model, which is a key in building a strong brand in the market. Dodge Truck uses internet, advertisement, database and telemarketing to reach out to customers. Dodge Truck directs marketing to focus on outdoor advertisement. The outdoor advertisement will be placed along the major roads in major cities. The message on the outdoor will focus on the kind of products and offers being provided by the company. Illustrated figure 1 and 2 are the images of outdoors used for advertisement.

Figure 1: Outdoor advertisement

Figure 2: outdoor advertisement

Magazine ad image & copy

The magazine ad is used as a marketing tool for products with focus on specific market. The use of magazine ad image is used by Dodge Truck to promote its trucks with focus to middle and upper income earners. The magazine ad provides clear description of the trucks being sold by the company and specific advantage over other trucks in the market.

Figure 3: Magazine ads image (Product promotion)

Figure 4: Magazine ad image

Social media strategy

The advanced technology has changed marketing industry. It has brought several methods of advertisement, necessary for necessary for reaching clients. The use of social media has emerged as the best strategy which can be used to reach wider market with fewer budgets. Dodge Truck social media strategy includes the use of social media accounts such as facebook, twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram. In order for Dodge Truck to implement social media market strategy well, the goal and objectives of the marketing will be set. The goal of social media marketing is to improve the market share through creation of product awareness. The social media will be used to reach many people in the market and therefore, it will be market focused CITATION Mic1510 \l 1033 (McMain, 2015). Therefore, Dodge Truck to establish a social media pages where products will be posted. Dodge truck social media to have an active social media page where Dodge truck’s products are posted and shared with clients. According to Barnhart (2018) social media help in connecting with customers and other stakeholders of a company. It is also used to create awareness and therefore, Dodge Truck will use the social media platform to connect with customers through its social media pages. Social media is essential for creating brand awareness.

Figure 5: Dodge Truck’s social media page

Figure 6: Social media message to clients promoting a truck during BlackFriday

TV commercial storyboards and script

TV commercial story and script is an important element in marketing. According to (), it is used to create product awareness within a specific market segment. The TV commercial storyboard is paid advertisement and therefore, Dodge Truck will have 3 ads every day on major media in the country. The objective of TV commercial storyboard and scripts is to create awareness of the product and help in building the brand of the company. The focus of the TV commercial will be to reach Dodge Truck’s market segment.

Figure 7: TV commercial storyboards of variety of Dodge truck


The goal of promotion is to create awareness of the new Dodge Truck, which are being offered by the company. The promotions are done in partnership with Public Relations firm and media house to highlight the market on the new products, which are offered in the market. The promotion usually run for three months with billboards and media campaign being conducted to ensure that the new products are highlighted in the market. Dodge offers discounts as well to individuals and companies. Customers who uses VISSA card to purchase RAM Truck gets $50 and other benefits are also offered to ensure that clients are able to get the truck and for the company to maintain a strong presence in the market.

Figure8: Promotion of Truck conducted by the company


BIBLIOGRAPHY Barnhart, B. (2018). How to build your social media marketing strategy.

https://sproutsocial.com/insights/social-media-marketing-strategy/ , 2-34.

Effing, R. (2014). Social Media Strategy Design.

https://www.researchgate.net/publication/242334919_Social_Media_Strategy_Design , 2-35.

McMain, M. (2015). Social Media Strategy Workshop.

https://www.nwoinnovation.ca/upload/documents/social-media-strategy-presentation.pdf , 2--34.

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cars/dodge/. Retrieved from



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statement.html: https://www.columbuscjd.com/vision-


Comparably.com. (2019).


Retrieved from https://www.comparably.com:


Dodge.com. (2019). https://www.dodgegarage.com/.

Retrieved from https://www.dodgegarage.com/:



Subject: Marketing and PR

Pages: 5 Words: 1500

Domino's Pizza Case

Domino’s Pizza Case

Ana Sori

[Institutional Affiliation(s)]

Author Note

Domino’s turnaround in the market

How Domi-No became Domi-Yes

At the end of March 2010, Domino's Pizza did the seemly impossible. They succeeded in bouncing back in the market after hitting rock bottom. This turnabout was the result of the efforts of the management as they took the criticism of their old and loyal customers seriously and decided to overhaul the system. Today, Domino's is the second-largest pizza chain in the world. In this paper, we will try to answer two questions: First, how did they drift away from their customers in the first place. And Second, how did they manage to gain insight into their customer's needs and bounce back in the market.

To answer the first question, the pizza restaurant market is not what it was at the start of Domino's chain back in the 1960s. In the beginning, the biggest competitor to the pizza chain was only Pizza Hut, while others were far behind when it came to market share. There is a possibility that Domino's might have gone comfortable with their spot in the market and stopped the process of innovation and improvement in their product as the time progressed.

Another factor that promoted the gap between domino's and its customers is the existence of independent pizza stores that operate at a local level. Almost three out of every five pizza stores are an independent one CITATION RRo16 \l 1033 (R. Roy, 2016). This is mainly because Americans love pizza and they are very sensitive about its quality and taste. These local shops might not pose a threat to the bigger pizza chains like Domino’s, yet they still have some advantages over the giants like their proximity to the customer, their use of fresh ingredients, and the flexible prices at these shops that the owner of these shops can negotiate with the customer as do not answer to a corporate management structure.

The last and the most important factor that facilitated the drift between Domino's and its customers is the lack of innovation in the recipe. The comments like their "pizza tasted like cardboard" show that the chain did not spend enough on the Research Division that is responsible for greater new recipes that help any organization to cement their customer base and hold on to their interests. This practice is also evident by the fact that many restaurants offer "healthier alternatives" in their menu that is offered by other restaurants as per FDA requirements.

In answer to the second question asked in the introductory paragraph, Domino’s suspected that something was wrong as their upper management experienced a dip in their sales. Therefore, they managed to start focus groups made up of loyal customers that gave their honest, and rather harsh, feedback that the organization thankfully took seriously. An important point that should be noted here that Domino's admitted that they were wrong and made a serious effort to resolve the grievances of their customer as their priority.

The next step that was taken by the management is the campaign called "Pizza Turnaround", where they when to their customer and convinced them to come back CITATION Piz09 \l 1033 (Pizza, 2009). The campaign is still going around strong and we often see social media posts as well as advertisements in the mass media about there campaign. They have started a website for the people who they feel have left them because their “pizza was void of flavor”.

Therefore, it is clear to everyone that Domino's intents to stay strong and continue their run in the food industry. With their current innovative business strategies, there should be no doubt that the organization has the potential to challenge Pizza Hut for the title of the largest pizza restaurant chain in the world.


BIBLIOGRAPHY Pizza, D. (Director). (2009). Domino's® Pizza Turnaround [Motion Picture]. Retrieved from https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AH5R56jILag

R. Roy, L. H.-F. (2016, May 14). Description, measurement, and evaluation of tertiary-education food environments. British Journal of Nutrition, 115(9), 1598-1606. doi:https://doi.org/10.1017/S0007114516000568

Subject: Marketing and PR

Pages: 2 Words: 600

Dropbox 2 MKTG 335

Your Name

MKTG 310


Title of the paper: Media Mix

I will use a company which offers fashion clothing for men, women and children.

Identify your media:

We will use television as the media because of the nature of our product. This medium will help our customers to see the people wearing the clothes and feel how they will look when they wear them. The television advertisements will have a stronger impact on the people because we will use some celebrities in the advertisements.

Identify your Target Market Coverage

The target market will be households who have an annual income more than $ 80K. This is because our product will define an aspect of a lifestyle.

Identify your Geographic Coverage

The whole city will be covered by us within the criteria stated above. The media used will help us to reach much wider range of market.

Identify your Scheduling strategy

A continuity pattern will be followed because our product will be used. There will be changes to the products in line with the seasons. Impulse buying behavior will be generated due to the usage of celebrities in the advertisements.

Reach versus Frequency

Reach should be higher for this product because only one exposure to this product may not be enough to induce a sale. The nature of product is such that we will want to reach as many customers as possible. The standard for minimum frequency is 3 times and maximum is 10. The average frequency figure can be misleading because it may mean that a majority of customers are exposed to the advertisement only once. With the use of television, we will make sure that there are higher number of people reached by our advertisements.

Creative Aspects and Mood. The creative aspects of our product will be highlighted by the use of celebrities in our advertisements. The television will also highlight the features like colors, fitting and other aspects like color combinations and contrasts. Our product will have a tag line “Worn by elites, designed for everyone”. This line will show the celebrity aspect of the product and at the same time, it shows that our target market can be covered to a large extent.


There are opportunities available in the market because fashion changes over time and there are people who are always ready to follow the latest trends. The television media will provide use ample space to bring certain changes in the advertisements, their timings and contents. The major threat to this strategy will be that any competitor can take the same approach for advertising their product. We will come up with some new content to cover this threat. An alternate advertisement can be made in which people shown travelling in winter are wearing our sweaters and cardigans. We will use the billboards if we face any issue regarding the unavailability of air time or space on the television.

Cost per rating point (CPRP)

This is a criterion used to calculate the cost of buying 1% of the target population. In case of television which is used by us as the medium, there are different rates depending on time. The most expensive time is the prime time that may rise to $ 200 to $ 2000 per time. This rate will drop to $ 100 for the day and some parts of the night. We will make a routine that our new advertisement will come to the market in the month of January when all the channels come off long holidays and are actively seeking to increase their revenuesCITATION htt19 \l 1033 (Lamarco). If we opt for the prime time and assume the cost of commercial time to be $ 1800 and program rating to be 90, then the CPRP will be:

CPRP= Cost of commercial time X 1000

Program Rating

= 1800/90*1000

= 20000

This is very high so we can change the time of advertisement such that cost can be cut to half,

= 900/50*1000

= 18000

We can see that there is not a considerable change in the figure by cutting the cost of time by half, the program rating is also dropped considerably with the change in time. Thus, it will be suitable for us to use the prime time to reach our target market.

Works Cited

BIBLIOGRAPHY Lamarco, Nicky. "https://smallbusiness.chron.com/much-television-advertising-really-cost-58718.html." 25 January 2019. https://smallbusiness.chron.com. 2 February 2020.

Subject: Marketing and PR

Pages: 2 Words: 600


Online Marketing

[Name of the Writer]

[Name of the Institution]

Online Marketing


Online Marketing tools, and their pros and cons

Online marketing is a modern and effective way to reach target audience and enhance sales. Internet or online marketing facilitates marketers and business owners stay interact with consumers with the help of intelligently designed websites, email campaigns, and search ads. Social media has several types such as online forums and blogs, Facebook, twitter, Pinterest, You Tube and others (Keller 615-616). Also, social media enables marketers to improve their products according to the customer’s preference. The feedbacks given by customers are always helpful for marketers as they get to know the strengths and weaknesses of their products or services. Furthermore, marketers can penetrate into different forums and online communities. In this way, they can encourage consumer participation, and thus, establishing a long-term market prospect in the overall process.

Moreover, mobile marketing is getting huge popularity; marketers send texts to consumers. In this regard, different software apps facilitate them to convey their message to customers. Therefore, marketers can easily connect with their customers through smartphones and tablets. One of the biggest advantages of online marketing is that marketers can keep a track of activities by noticing that how many unique visitors accessed the website, users’ views, click on the page. In addition, internet provides marketers with the opportunity of “contextual placement”, which suggests that marketers can purchase ads on websites relevant to their own offering. The advertisement can be placed by keywords; customers type on internet to look for a particular product, and they will be able to access many websites. However, online marketing has some cons; customers can simply ignore most message. On the other hand, marketers may be of the view that that their ad is making impression if bogus clicks are created via software-power Websites. Also, hacking can affect the overall cause of marketers. Overall, online marketing has more advantages as compared to its disadvantages (Keller 615-616).

Online Marketing of Wood Watches

Using different marketing tools, I can effectively market my product which is wood watches. These watches are entirely made of wood, and these days, it is becoming customers’ preference. Also, it is available in different styles which to add to the personality of the users. In order to market my product, I will develop a Facebook page, and would ask my contacts to like my page. In this way, more people would visit my page. Furthermore, I would ask my contacts to introduce my page to their friends, and family members especially those who are interested in watches. Also, I would use Google Analytics to effectively market my product. I have already developed a Website, and hopefully through SEO, more traffic will be generated on the website. On official Facebook page, I would upload attractive pictures of watches for viewers to see. All the other relevant information will be displayed to facilitate customers regarding watches. Besides, I am very well aware of the effectiveness of online forums, I will become the member of forums to be more interactive with them. Finally, all these strategies would result in successful online marketing.


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Subject: Marketing and PR

Pages: 2 Words: 600

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