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Segmentation, Targeting And Positioning

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Segmentation, Targeting, and Positioning

Segmentation refers to developing profiles and groups of potential buyers based on their attributes. Targeting involves identifying the most attractive and suitable segments from the market to offer them products or services. Positioning is to know exactly what is the message accompanying the offer, and what impression it creates on the targeted minds.

Segmentation, targeting, and positioning are usually employed as a model referred by STP. This model is used to build marketing strategies for a specific product launch. However, the most important of these processes that is most often neglected by new business start-ups is ‘positioning’. They think of it at later stages of business establishment, whereas it needs to be addressed at the very early stage (Smale, n.p). Establishing a position statement at early stages ensures improved product development and better advertising.

To effectively use the STP model for establishing new businesses, certain factors should be considered. Competition should be avoided with the industry giants. Instead, unattended market segments should be targeted. New opportunities should be availed. There are always certain groups of customers in the market, who have unfulfilled needs or wants. New businesses should target these segments.

The business must find out its competitive advantage over its competitors to attract the targeted segments of customers. If they can produce the same product at lower costs, or they have different products or alternatives to offer to customers in the same industry, they have a competitive advantage over the others.

Developing an effective positioning statement is at the core of the STP model. This is the message which will create the desired place of the company or the brand in the target customers’ minds. The positioning statement will be used in advertising along with the product, and it will strengthen the brand. It will differentiate the product from other products available in the market.


Smale, Thomas. "The Importance of 'Positioning' Your Brand When You're Just Starting Out." Entrepreneur. N. p., 2019. Web. 22 Sept. 2019.

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Services Marketing Of Google

Swot Analysis of Google’s Service Marketing

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Swot Analysis of Google’s Service Marketing


Google is considered to be a multinational high-tech corporation in America. It devotes itself to advertisement technology, cloud computing, internet search, and other fields. It provides and develops a huge number of services and products that are based on the internet. The significant profit of Google is considered to be of marketing services. After more than a development of twenty years it is recognized as the highest search engine of global internet with several users. The framework of SWOT is utilized for confirming the threats, weaknesses, and strength of competition of corporations so that they can link the internal and external resources with the environment together.



The main source of revenue of Google is considered to be its business of advertising. In 2017, the marketing generated almost a hundred billion dollars or eighty-seven percent of the total revenue of Google and eighty-six percent of the total revenue of Alphabets. According to the report generated by eMarketer, Google earned almost forty-two percent of the digital advertising revenue of America which is considered to be twice the revenue of other larger online earners like Facebook. Google dominates the market of digital advertising through several different channels that include its own advertising program of AdWords, Android OS, YouTube, and AdSense. By dominating the market of online advertising, it can better understand the current trends of advertising, collect a huge information amount related to the shopping habits of online users and increased their concerned services by enhancing targeted advertisement. The leadership of the Market gives Google a lot of attention, publicity, and more utilizers through strong recognition of the brand. To a various extent, Google can utilize its dominant share of the market as a power source over its suppliers, competitors, and customers. Google has brilliant performance in the modern markets. It has manufactured expertise at getting into new markets and building the success of them. This expansion has assisted Google for building a new stream of revenue and diversifying the cycle of the economy that risk in the markets in which it operates in. Google has powerful free flows of cash which provide resources in the company hand for expanding into new projects (Wieland, Hartmann, & Vargo, 2017).

Any online organization which attracts a sizable visitors number is considered to be the target of the market for Google. Its strategy of the business is ahead of several competitors and will leave no competitors more efficient its quest. Google has dominated the navigation market by giving a serious threat to all other navigation companies. Google is successful relatively at new projects execution and manufactured good returns on the expenditure of capital by making new streams of revenue. Activities automation bring quality consistency to the products of Google and has also enabled the organization for scaling up and scaling down which is generally based on the conditions of demand in the market. Google has also built a network of reliable distribution which can reach its potential market majority. Google also provide high customer satisfaction level. The company with its dedicated department of customer management of relationship has able for achieving a high customer satisfaction level among the current customers and good equity of brand among the potential customers. Google also has the successful track record of integrating firms through acquisition and mergers. It has integrated successfully several companies of technology over the past few years for streamlining the operations and for building a reliable chain of supply. The acquisition is also considered to be a significant strategy in gaining competitive advantage of Google. It can target the marketing and adapt its product to its need of users better than another competitor as it has several information and smarter algorithm related to its utilizers.


In spite of its dominance in the market, weaknesses of Google present challenges to the business. The most significant Weakness of the marketing services of Google is that code of conduct of google state that it shares openly confidential information of the company across the organization. Therefore, with more than twenty thousand employees all around the globe, sharing critical information within the organization can bring significant risks to the company. Confidential information leaks, intentionally or unintentionally are considerably more problematic for controlling when several employees are accessible to this data. According to the recent report gathered from emarketer, digital ad revenue of Google is expected to observe a decline in the shares of the market of nearly thirty-eight percent in 2019 that is due to the ongoing recession of economy and growing competition with the other competitors like Facebook. The overdependence of google on marketing services has enhanced speculations regarding the future of the company. The company generated eighty-six percent of total revenue from its marketing services related projects but the experts suggested that the potential change in the revenue can damage the company considerably. Many significant brands have boycotted against Google after their discovery that their advertisement was running along the side of extremist, and the content filled with hatred. It has a negative impact on the image of Google. The companies which boycotted against the search engine of google include Verizon, AT&T, and Johnson & Johnson in the United States of America, Lloyd's of London, the Guardian newspaper, Marks & Spencer, the BBC, HSBC, RBS, and L’Oreal in the United Kingdom, and some other brands which include Sainsbury, Volkswagen, Tesco, Havas, and Audi. Moreover, in addition to these brands, the British government has also boycotted the search engine of Google. The privacy policies of Google has also been slammed by several experts for its excessive reliance on privacy particularly when it comes to hiding data related to algorithms. The company has since taken several steps for addressing the allegations (Karjaluoto, Mustonen, & Ulkiniemi, 2015).

Dependence on the internet and minimal physical presence are considered to be some other significant weaknesses of the google. As dependence on the internet explains that Google has to wait for the coverage of the internet in order to improve in the several developing countries before it can expand its operations like online advertising in such countries. Google has most of his business on the internet therefore, it is weak in competing against the organizations which are strong in their physical presence as well.


Global plus is an insignificant spot for combining all of the services of Google and then become the best internet and social networking available search tool. It has several opportunities for making several headways in the freelancing market. Google TV is a new service which offers programming of TV, movies and much more across the home connection of internet. So if Google is able for expanding such service to offer premium channels, local stations, and services of pay-per-view than several consumers may be willing for replacing their services of current cable or satellite TV. The ventures of Google are considered to be a new capital group of venture within the google whose main focus is in the investments in organizations which are developing modern and new technologies. Ventures of Google are now only considering investing with the start-up organizations within North America. Google is now prepared for the market and it recently introduced Google Glasses which can boost the development and progress of Google marketing services. With the cloud and storage solution, Google can play a significant role in the marketing services of Google. It introduced a modern digital store that offers software which is based on cloud to all the organizations. Google also needs for undertaking a process of diversification and aim for building a model of non-Ad Business accordingly. It requires for pursuing adaptability through committing itself to more transactions which can make sure sustainable revenue (Chaffey, & Ellis-Chadwick, 2019).


The most significant threat which Google is facing is from its competitors Amazon and Facebook. These two competitors are slowly building a strong competition with Google in the field of marketing services. Their increasing popularity and new features have the ability to take the spotlight far away from Google. It has also been involved in the controversies of antitrust by both the EU and US lawmakers for years. These regulators of antitrust have imposed a fine of almost five billion which has created a big challenge for Google. The downturn of the economy can specifically affect Google due to highly discretionary revenue sources. The largest revenue source can be affected negatively due to the decline in consumer spending. The ability for providing and growing an innovative service directly depends on the ability of retaining and hiring the employees with the capability which creates such services. The key personnel loss can hinder the marketing service technology of Google or its strategic direction (Plantin, et, al., 2018).


The SWOT analysis of marketing service of Google shows that it has sufficient strengths. Google's popularity is allowing it to enjoy significant profit in the field of marketing but still, there are several weakness and threats which can hinder the economic growth of Google. It can better its marketing services upon addressing the factors of strategy that is identified in the current SWOT analysis. So, in order to address its weaknesses, Google should work on the area of its physical presence through opening of several physical stores and promotions and should also improve its technology in order to outperform its competitors.


Chaffey, D., & Ellis-Chadwick, F. (2019). Digital marketing. Pearson UK.

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Services Marketing Paper

Services Marketing Paper

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Services Marketing Paper


Managing a business is not an easy task. It requires a great level of effort and a deep insight so that a manager or a business owner can successfully run a business and earn profit from it as well. The task becomes even tougher when there is no product involved. The services sector has to focus solely on the quality of the services it is providing and give excellent level of services that it provides to the customers. Travel and tourism is an important type of service business as it does not provide any tangible commodity to the client but only services and the quality o9f services determine the success of the business.


Service Description/ Overview

The travel agency formulated by me and my friends, Green Travels and Tourism, a number of travel services are offered. Most of the services or travel packages that are offered by the tourism company are domestic-based. Most of the travels and tourists like to travel inside the country and to the states, they have never traveled to before. There are a number of packages in different ranges and with different durations and the client can choose according to their budget and availability.

Travel Packages

Green Tours and travels provides exclusive and enjoyable services to its guests. One of our exotic packages includes a tour to California. It is named as “California Calling” and the total cost for this package is $1155. Another exotic package for adventure lovers is “Tour de National Parks” which spans over three days and costs only $771. Another grand tour package consists of a longer period of time, i.e., 13 days but the price is completely economical, only $3509.

Services Mix

It has always been a priority of Green Travels and Tours to provide a number of luxury services to its customers. It could be seen from the package details as well that the tourism company cares about its customers and provides services to every kind of individual. There are packages available for business travelers as well as honeymoon packages. Moreover, adventure lovers also get multiple discounted and exciting travel; packages in the companies list. The travel company not only cares about the needs and demands of the people availing the services currently bust also focuses on the priorities of its old customers.

Target Audience

Green Travels and Tours does not have a specific target audience. There is no particular gender, race, age or class that it targets. It offers its services to everyone who wants to avail and travel with them, regardless of age, gender, race, ethnicity, religion or nationality. There are packages for business class people as well and there are travel packages that facilitate students as well. The travel company also designs and plans customized packages for people and groups who want to avail of their required or selected services.

Pricing StrategyAs it has already been established that the travel management company does not target any specific customers or any particular class, hence the pricing strategy varies from package to package. Some packages are expensive, but they include many added and exclusive services like stay in five-star hostels and extra-luxury transports. There are packages for such people as well who do not want to spend much or cannot afford much but want to have enjoyment in a low budget. Hence, the pricing strategy varies from package to package.


Hence, in a nutshell, it can be concluded that the services sector plays a very important role in the improvement of the GDP of the country. The services sector does not provide any tangible commodity or products to its customers but the excellence and quality of its services determine the success of the business. I and my friends also started a travel and tourism company named “Green Travels and Tours”. The tourism company provides economical packages to it, customers, regardless of age, gender, class, religion or nationality.

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How social media channel be applied in the marketing campaigns

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How social media channel be applied in the marketing campaigns

Social media is a powerful tool that businesses can utilize to promote their marketing campaigns. Social media brings a myriad of benefits when integrated adequately as part of a marketing plan. Some of its benefits include the ability of the business to reach a broader market by having direct communication with the targeted audience through popular platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram (Paquette, 2013). Through social media, a business can send and receive direct feedback from the customers and directly respond to the customers needs.

Successful integration of social media in marketing campaigns depends on aspects such as the nature of the target audience, the product marketed, and what the business is intending to achieve through the campaign (Bajpai, Pandey, Shriwas, 2012). Among the first steps that a business must undertake in strategizing its social media campaign is to choose a social media tool. With many social media platforms available, a business can consider the effective platform able to deliver a large audience. It is prudent to choose a social media channel that can enable a business to meet most of its target audience.

After choosing a marketing platform, a business can create valuable and appealing content useful to the target audience. The content should be informative and provide relevant knowledge to the customers. Importantly, the information on social media should be regularly updated to appear fresh and active. It is also prudent to include links about the main website in the content. The targeted customers can click on the link and visit the main website. This will increase website traffic. Besides, it essential to build a strong brand in social media because it creates customer loyalty and satisfaction. While each social media platform provides uniqueness, the core mandate of business is to build an image-based in trustworthy and consistency.


Bajpai, V., Pandey, S., Shriwas, S. (2012). Social media marketing Strategies its impact.International Journal of Social Science Interdisciplinary Research,1(7), 214-223.

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Running head Social Media marketing



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Social Media

Social Media

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Social Media

Technology has become an indispensable part of our daily lives. Regardless of age people are using social media platforms regularly. This platform allows its users to create and share content while also connecting them to the whole world. It has made communication easier as people from different regions can communicate easily by utilizing several applications. Due to the ability to connect the whole world, social media companies use it as a tool to market their products. However, with several benefits, it has some disadvantages as well. According to the US constitution, everyone is entitled to give an opinion and has the right of free will so people use this freedom of speech to share their views regarding every matter on social media. Similarly, along with positive feedback, sometimes the companies have to face an immense backlash as well. It is, therefore, necessary that companies who are involved in e-marketing must regularly monitor their websites to avoid any severe consequences (Wendling & Jacobzone, 2013). Typically, negative messages can get out of control in just one glimpse; so if any organization is not monitoring its online activities then it may lead to the downfall of the company.

Marketing managers are responsible to market their products so that more people can purchase them. Not just for marketing the products, a marketing manager is also responsible for scanning social media to mitigate negative feedback. Being a marketing manager of a well-reputed IT firm, it is my responsibility to handle all the social media posting and mitigating negative feedback from the customers. An IT firm is responsible for providing physical and network security, and IT support and management services to the companies that are unable to manage the networks on their own. As cybersecurity is one of the main issues so our company develops software that helps in protecting the network from any cyber-attack. To market our products, I have targeted the big five in the social media that are Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, Twitter, and YouTube. My first strategy is to create loyal followers that will help me in case of a crisis. As companies that have advanced strategies regarding social media can quickly mitigate negative messages that will, in turn, reduce financial loss. As IT firm is responsible for making the software, many customers are not satisfied with the product due to several reasons. They post negative messages regarding the product online that may hinder the business. This is because before buying the product people are more interested in reading the reviews of people who had already bought the product. If a customer sees a negative review, he or she may not buy the product (Lin & Lachlan, 2016).

To deal with these circumstances it is my responsibility to develop a crisis plan that consists of social media protocols and whole team’s responsibilities when a crisis occurs. During a crisis, the first step is to take ownership of the issue as quickly as possible by being honest and transparent (Lin & Lachlan, 2016). Then in case if the product is vulnerable to faults, first apologize for the inconvenience, after that take necessary action to improve the quality of the product. Also, understand the audience first. While promoting a product, a company evaluates different demographics and then launches their product accordingly (Austin & Jin, 2012). So, in the case of negative messages, a company should distinguish an audience and then address all the concerns. Also, to maintain a brand’s integrity it is necessary to avoid feuding on social media rather than just address the customer privately and then explain the whole situation on social media. It is recommended to devise an effective response plan that will help in dealing with negative messages. Furthermore, it is also necessary to organize a training session for the whole team by using fake scenarios so that in a real crisis, the team is prepared to handle it.


Austin, L., Fisher Liu, B., & Jin, Y. (2012). How audiences seek out crisis information: Exploring the social-mediated crisis communication model. Journal of Applied Communication Research, 40(2), 188-207.

Lin, X., Spence, P. R., Sellnow, T. L., & Lachlan, K. A. (2016). Crisis communication, learning and responding: Best practices in social media. Computers in Human Behavior, 65, 601-605.

Wendling, C., Radisch, J., & Jacobzone, S. (2013). The use of social media in risk and crisis communication.

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Starbucks Future


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Marketing and PR

September 12, 2019.

Starbucks Future

How is Starbucks handling the Environmental Forces?

Founded in 1971, Starbucks has now emerged as an international brand. As the most famous coffee brand, Starbucks lead the market of sustainable business and modernism. This success is credited to Starbucks for its ability to address the requirement of external factor. The recent studies about Starbucks suggest that it remained successful in influencing the remote characteristics and macro environment. They are handling the environmental forces by continuously monitoring the macro-environment and by addressing the external factors, identified in their latest PESTEL analysis. It suggests that the company might keep on improving despite the undesirable forces impeding over it. It has depicted some practical manifestations of handling the environmental forces, in the following manner:

By promoting regional integration of markets

By improving institutional support for its infrastructure

By avoiding bureaucratic red tapes in the less developed countries

These steps indicate the ability of Starbucks to hold the defense of its brand against the environmental forces.

What has Starbucks achieved this year in the United States?

There are many successes on the credit of Starbucks. Since its foundation in 1971, the company has achieved certain milestones. With each passing year, Starbucks has crossed milestones both in terms of economic gains and cultural influence. In 2018, on ‘Equal Payday’, Starbucks with 25 other American companies agreed to share a set of pay equity principles. Starbucks aims at eliminating the gender pay gap, since from its creation it has adopted a policy of equal wage for each gender ADDIN ZOTERO_ITEM CSL_CITATION {"citationID":"ELTiRqQV","properties":{"formattedCitation":"(Alwaleed et al.)","plainCitation":"(Alwaleed et al.)","noteIndex":0},"citationItems":[{"id":131,"uris":["http://zotero.org/users/local/s8f0QVnP/items/N93TKW4M"],"uri":["http://zotero.org/users/local/s8f0QVnP/items/N93TKW4M"],"itemData":{"id":131,"type":"article-journal","title":"A Case Study on STARBUCKS","container-title":"Journal of the community development in Asia","volume":"2","issue":"2","source":"Google Scholar","author":[{"family":"Alwaleed","given":"Nourah"},{"family":"Al Huwail","given":"Noura Humoud"},{"family":"Singh","given":"Shagun"},{"family":"AlMejhem","given":"Abdulaziz"}],"issued":{"date-parts":[["2019"]]}}}],"schema":"https://github.com/citation-style-language/schema/raw/master/csl-citation.json"} (Alwaleed et al, 2019). In the very same year, Starbucks announced that it has achieved the milestone of assuring pay equity for all of its employees. Starbucks is committed to reducing the gender pay gap throughout the United States by collaborating with such employers. From a social point of view, Starbucks aims at strengthening communities. Since it has a regional structure spanning many countries, therefore, it aims at expanding its influence throughout these countries. The economic expert believes that strengthening communities could be a head starter for Starbucks.

Works Cited:

ADDIN ZOTERO_BIBL {"uncited":[],"omitted":[],"custom":[]} CSL_BIBLIOGRAPHY Alwaleed, Nourah, et al. “A Case Study on STARBUCKS.” Journal of the Community Development in Asia, vol. 2, no. 2, 2019.

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Strategic Management Inputs In The Unit

Strategic Management Inputs in the Unit

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Author Note

[Include any grant/funding information and a complete correspondence address.]

Strategic Management Inputs in the Unit

Executive Summary

This report is an individual report that is aimed to report the aged care sector of Australia from different perspectives. The industry is reported by covering the analysis of the industry or sector from every possible aspect that mainly includes external and internal analysis of the company while covering the competitive environment and its analysis. The report also has Aged Care Company at hand to analyze from a different perspective by performing an internal analysis. The format of the report is it includes a brief introduction, analysis, and conclusion at the end.


This report is about the analysis of the healthcare sector that specifically analyzes the aged care sector of Australia. In this paper, the Australia Aged Health Care Industry or Sector is analyzed which covers the analysis of the external environment of the industry and figuring out the competitive environment footprints. The report also analyzes the Regis Aged Care. The analysis of Regis Aged Care includes that analysis of its resources, capabilities, and core competencies that differentiate the company from others in the sector/industry.

Industry External Analysis

The Australia Aged Health Care Industry or Sector is one of the top contributors to the economy of the country. The industry is also ranked as one of the top healthcare sectors of the world. The industry is one of the largest industries that operate in more than a single region or state of the country. The number of old aged people (aged for 65 years or more) are getting higher in Australia. The ratio of the growth of aged people in Australia is one in every six people since 2016. Due to this figure, the sector of aged care is very broad and wide in Australia that has more than 2000 aged health care service providers operating in different regions or states of the country (Deloitte, 2019). It means that the aged care industry is enough large when it comes to the number of players (aged care providers) in the industry or sector. The healthcare services that are offered to the aged care by the sector are; 1) residential care, 2) home care, and 3) community care.

The population of aged people in Australia is also projected to be growing with a strong pace that is projected to cross 8.9 million in 2055. Hence, the demand for aged care increases accordingly and it would lead to the expansion of this industry/sector.

In short, the aged care industry is a top entity that ensures individuals’ (aged) health while ensuring a huge contribution to the economy. As well as the trends and policies of the industry are very fine and strategic, while it cannot be hidden that the sector also has some challenges such as providing/ensuring care service to such a large community is not an easy task (Ken, 2017).

Industry Competitive Environment/Competitor Analysis

As mentioned and analyzed above, the industry is one of the top contributors to the Australian economy. Many factors lead to shape the competitive environment of the aged care industry or sector. But one and the most credible point or factor here is the contribution of the industry to the country’s (Australia) economy.

This factor shapes the competitive environment of the industry because the industry does not only offers health care services. But it has employed more than 350,000 people in the current time which cannot be done when looking at some other industries or sectors (Kalkine, 2020). Further, the amount of $s that the sector contributes to the economy each year accounts for higher than 13 billion.

Beyond above, many other facts and stats are there which clarifies that the industry has a competitive as well. One is Australia’s aged care industry is a social necessity while it works as an economic powerhouse even it delivers aged care services by a large number of providers that includes not-for-profit organizations (Deloitte, 2019). Furthermore, the average growth rate of the industry is also very positive and stable and it also becomes a competitive advantage almost for the entire industry. The growth rate of the industry is 4.3% from 2014 to 2019 while it is expected to grow progressively. The market size is $22 billion while the key players of the industry are;




Regis Aged Care




300 Million


ECH Inc.

144.2 Million


The Whiddon Group

5 Million


Blue Care.


Accurate Home Care LLC.


Anglican Care.

2.8 Million


Resthaven Incorporated.


Regis Aged Care Internal Environment (Resources, Capabilities and Core Competencies)

Regis Aged Care is an Australia based aged care provider that provide healthcare services to the community of aged people of Australia. The company has operational places across different regions and states of Australia such as New South Wales, Victoria, Queensland, South Australia, and Western Australia. The services offered by the company are cover ageing in place, home, palliative, specialist dementia and respite care along with wide access to the retirement villages.

The company can be found a high well-performing entity of the aged care sector in terms of its operations and performance. The company can be found so well-performing because they have some credible and unique strengths. While, the company also have more than 25 years of experiences in this particular field and have a strong and positive reputation in the industry or sector (Regis Aged Care, 2020).

By resources and capabilities and core competencies, Regis Aged Care can be found highly competitive than other aged or health care companies in the industry. The company has different programs that are designed only to support residents of the company with newer activities and opportunities to help them get socially engaged.

The core competencies of the company are the core values of the company state that the Optimism, High-Level Passion, and Integrity defines the company’s actions and operations which cannot be met by any other company. Additionally, other areas include; top quartile operating performance augmented by stable cash flows and a conservative capital structure, portfolio optimization and expansion capability, broad suite of services, diversified portfolio, and vertically integrated business model adopted by the company that ensures future growth (Regis Aged Care, 2020).


After an in-depth analysis of the Australia Aged Health Care Industry or Sector, it has some to conclude and state that the Australia Aged Health Care Industry or Sector is highly well-performing industry or sector when compared to other sectors of the country. It is so because the contribution of the sector to the country and nation are very credible. It means that the economic contribution of the sector is impressive and the services it offers to the aged people are of top-notch. Furthermore, it has been also concluded that the industry also has some challenges as well such as ensuring the care of entire aged community but still the internal environment is enough competitive and well operating. By analyzing Regis Aged Care, it has been found that the company is a well-performing player of the industry because of its unique and top resources, programs, capabilities, competencies such as a broad suite of services and diversified portfolio etc.


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Kalkine. (2020). Australia’s Aged Health Care Sector; A look at Regis Healthcare and its Peers. Retrieved 25 January 2020, from https://kalkinemedia.com/2019/06/07/australias-aged-health-care-sector-a-look-at-regis-healthcare-and-its-peers

Regis Aged Care. (2020). Regis Aged Care | The Support You Need | Aged Care in Australia. Retrieved 25 January 2020, from https://www.regis.com.au/

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Subway Case Promotion Campaign

Subway Case Promotion Campaign

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Subway Case Promotion Campaign

Subway has been competing in the market with other hamburger chains including Hardee's and Burger King. These competitors with Subway have also included sandwiches in their menu to serve people with maximum offers. However, Subway may not be limited to a few criteria because it is open for all market segments who wish to be part of it. Subway has many options for businesses including food services, menus with cheaper rates, and it also takes care of public health, which provides a number of opportunities to business operators.

Recommended Segment

The menu offered by these competitors in the global market provides traditional, non-traditional food products, and services to customers in the market. The services by these competitors are changing, and they are adopting new trends, and advanced services to attract a number of customers in the market. While, Subway is also shifting its priorities to provide quality services and offer cheaper services to the customers. It is studied that the young generation who are not married and adults with their children, visit fast-food restaurants.

As compared to other competitors, Subway offers better services to young adults who have children and tend to avail of their services. While it is a clear understanding of Subway is that, it is more concerned about those customers who belong to upper class and have more income as compared to McDonald's. Fast-food has different subcategories of services which include breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks, while Subway is at a lower place to provide these services in comparison with McDonald's, KFC, and Burger King.

Businesses are not always successful to meet all of the expectations by the market segments. It is not easier to meet all the demands of customers because there are multiple factors responsible for creating hindrances. These hindrances may include other competitors, poor quality services and environmental factors. All businesses focus on a market segment to which they will be providing and offering services in the near future. Market segmentation is the process in which all the segments in the market are identified and customers are divided into sub-categories based on prospective customers ADDIN ZOTERO_ITEM CSL_CITATION {"citationID":"9ohLlCjN","properties":{"formattedCitation":"(Camilleri, 2017)","plainCitation":"(Camilleri, 2017)","noteIndex":0},"citationItems":[{"id":2,"uris":["http://zotero.org/users/local/dgrNkASy/items/C9256SZX"],"uri":["http://zotero.org/users/local/dgrNkASy/items/C9256SZX"],"itemData":{"id":2,"type":"chapter","title":"Market Segmentation, Targeting and Positioning","source":"ResearchGate","abstract":"Businesses may not be in a position to satisfy all of their customers, every time. It may prove difficult to meet the exact requirements of each individual customer. People do not have identical preferences, so rarely does one product completely satisfy everyone. Many companies may usually adopt a strategy that is known as target marketing. This strategy involves dividing the market into segments and developing products or services to these segments. A target marketing strategy is focused on the customers’ needs and wants. Hence, a prerequisite for the development of this customer-centric strategy is the specification of the target markets that the companies will attempt to serve. The marketing managers who may consider using target marketing will usually break the market down into groups and to target the most profitable segments. They may adapt their marketing mix elements, including; products, prices, channels, and promotional tactics to suit the requirements of individual consumers. In sum, this chapter explains the three stages of target marketing, including; market segmentation (ii) market targeting and (iii) market positioning.","ISBN":"978-3-319-49849-2","note":"DOI: 10.1007/978-3-319-49849-2_4","author":[{"family":"Camilleri","given":"Mark"}],"issued":{"date-parts":[["2017",12,1]]}}}],"schema":"https://github.com/citation-style-language/schema/raw/master/csl-citation.json"} (Camilleri, 2017). Subway according to the data in a table which shows that the lowest percentage who visited the Fast-Food restaurant are the children ranging from 12-17. The total percentage for children from 12-17 is 7.9, while the highest percentage is mentioned is 29.0 percent for the visits for husband and wife. These figures show that the segment which has to be focused is children ranging from12-17. This market segment can be focused by being part of Drive-In restaurants which are providing four-time services to its customers in the business market. Apart from this, Subway has to not only focus on higher-income customers but also the lower-income customers because it will attract more people to avail of services and products.

Products to highlight in an ad and promotional message

Ads are an important part of marketing strategies in the business sector whether it is the national business it is a global business. These play a vital role in attracting the customers to avail of the services, and products offered by the business firms and entities. This world is moving towards drastic advancements in the technology where everything has become digital, while most of the people prefer to ease their work by using these digital technologies. Using the same strategy to ease the work many of the business firms tend to implement digital marketing in which the desired products and services are promoted so that people may get attracted to quality offers in the business market. Business firms make strategies to promote their products by targeting a specific population and geographies with the help of innovative technological services. Digital marketing is the process in which a product is promoted in the market through the internet and other electronic marketing platforms ADDIN ZOTERO_ITEM CSL_CITATION {"citationID":"dzjUprdQ","properties":{"formattedCitation":"(Minculete & Olar, 2018)","plainCitation":"(Minculete & Olar, 2018)","noteIndex":0},"citationItems":[{"id":5,"uris":["http://zotero.org/users/local/dgrNkASy/items/TCDQ38CB"],"uri":["http://zotero.org/users/local/dgrNkASy/items/TCDQ38CB"],"itemData":{"id":5,"type":"article-journal","title":"Approaches to the Modern Concept of Digital Marketing","container-title":"International conference KNOWLEDGE-BASED ORGANIZATION","page":"63-69","volume":"24","source":"ResearchGate","abstract":"In a complex, modern and flexible economy in a continuous and rapid evolution, individual consumers, on the one hand, and organizational buyers, on the other hand, have more and more financial resources that allow them to act in the conditions of using the methods , the modern means and systems applicable in the practice of acquisitions that have expanded considerably in the digital environment. Digital marketing, originally called \"electronic marketing\" or \"internet marketing\", first appeared in the form of various techniques implemented by pioneering companies that sold their products through the internet in the early 1990s. According to specialists, the definition of traditional marketing can easily be adapted to digital marketing, seen as a set of strategies and tactics that are executed through digital channels to achieve corporate goals (often to increase shareholder profits) in a time and budget defined period of time","DOI":"10.1515/kbo-2018-0067","journalAbbreviation":"International conference KNOWLEDGE-BASED ORGANIZATION","author":[{"family":"Minculete","given":"Gheorghe"},{"family":"Olar","given":"Polixenia"}],"issued":{"date-parts":[["2018",6,1]]}}}],"schema":"https://github.com/citation-style-language/schema/raw/master/csl-citation.json"} (Minculete & Olar, 2018).

Subway follows the same marketing strategies to promote its services, while there is a still need to promote the best services with the help of internet and digital platforms. Ads are another option to promote the services through short messages which may be based on short video animations or with the help of verbal communication. Subway may adopt unique and advanced ads for its promotion of products. The suggested product which has to be highlighted is the vegetable burger with new flavors including chicken, mutton and beef. People change their food tastes on a daily basis and they tend to try more delicious food that is available whenever they want to get it. Unavailability and tasteless food will result in the diversion of customers to other services and products by the competitors in the business market. While, the suggested promotional message would be “choosing healthy food is not a wastage of money, you have to taste our vegetable burger with the taste of meat”. Unique messages like this will be attracting a maximum number of customers in the market, while this will also help Subway to divert and shift priorities of people from availing other services by the other competitors in the market.

Customers in the market want to have unique and tasty food that is available every time, while Subway has to improve its services to be part of those restaurant services which provide four-times meals to the customers in the market targeting customers with lower incomes to higher incomes. To ensure the quality services Subway has to provide healthy and fresh-made food to its customers otherwise not meeting the demands may result in the shift of customers to other fast food services in the market.


This is a world of a technological era, where there is a number of tools that can be used for individual and collective profits. People tend to use these technological innovations to ease their workload and save time because they have a busy schedule. People also like to eat delicious foods and try them daily which are available. These food demands have to be fulfilled, sometimes there are more likely chances that people are not aware of the food items being provided to the customers in the market. This unaware behavior is the result of a lack of promotion of these services which are operating in the market. Attracting and persuading the customers to buy the quality services and products is the part of sales promotion, which increases the number of customers in the market ADDIN ZOTERO_ITEM CSL_CITATION {"citationID":"ZRMgjwMc","properties":{"formattedCitation":"(Shamsi & Khan, 2018)","plainCitation":"(Shamsi & Khan, 2018)","noteIndex":0},"citationItems":[{"id":8,"uris":["http://zotero.org/users/local/dgrNkASy/items/WHGR69DT"],"uri":["http://zotero.org/users/local/dgrNkASy/items/WHGR69DT"],"itemData":{"id":8,"type":"article-journal","title":"Impact of Sales Promotion on Consumer Behavior: An Analytical Study of Readymade Garments and Footwear Segments","container-title":"Al-Barkaat Journal of Finance & Management","page":"94","volume":"10","source":"ResearchGate","abstract":"The present day marketing is consumer as well as society oriented. The basic task of needs and wants satisfaction is performed by marketing management of all the companies. To accomplish this task of marketing, the management has to aware, attract and retain consumers for its offerings. Sales Promotion is one such tool which is extensively used by marketers to attract and retain consumers. It is used as an incentive or motivation for the consumers to try/buy the product being promoted. A lot of time, money and other resources are employed in this regard. It is thus very important to analyze the impact of different Sales Promotion techniques on Consumer Behavioral variables. The present study uses Structural Equation Modeling to analyze this impact. Discount and Buy-one Get-one (BOGO) have been taken for Sales Promotion (SP) while Product Trial (PT), Brand Loyalty (BL) and Spending More (SM) are the variables considered for Consumer Behavior. Moreover, the differences between garment and footwear segment have been explored. The data has been collected through self administered questionnaire using mall intercept method in Delhi-NCR.","DOI":"10.5958/2229-4503.2018.00008.5","title-short":"Impact of Sales Promotion on Consumer Behavior","journalAbbreviation":"Al-Barkaat Journal of Finance & Management","author":[{"family":"Shamsi","given":"Mohd. Salman"},{"family":"Khan","given":"Mohd"}],"issued":{"date-parts":[["2018",1,1]]}}}],"schema":"https://github.com/citation-style-language/schema/raw/master/csl-citation.json"} (Shamsi & Khan, 2018). Subway needs to get engaged in the promotion of products and services. The most important part is sales promotion because attracting customers to buy your services in a difficult part. While advertisements is an easier task because any of worker of Subway even shares a post then he/she is advertising the services in the market, this includes public relations because worker’s relatives are involved and also other people too. Promotional campaigns include direct campaigns in which sale marketing team directly approaches people in the market to aware people about their services. Subway has to focus on all segments in the market so that everyone would be able to avail of their services. It also has to ensure its quality and unique services of food items, which are going to be served to people because unhealthy food may be a reason for a decrease in the customers and it may also risk their lives ADDIN ZOTERO_ITEM CSL_CITATION {"citationID":"ypQMQZoD","properties":{"formattedCitation":"(Kunadu, Ofosu, Aboagye, & Tano-Debrah, 2016)","plainCitation":"(Kunadu, Ofosu, Aboagye, & Tano-Debrah, 2016)","noteIndex":0},"citationItems":[{"id":11,"uris":["http://zotero.org/users/local/dgrNkASy/items/37N76RIS"],"uri":["http://zotero.org/users/local/dgrNkASy/items/37N76RIS"],"itemData":{"id":11,"type":"article-journal","title":"Food safety knowledge, attitudes and self-reported practices of food handlers in institutional foodservice in Accra, Ghana","container-title":"Food Control","page":"324-330","volume":"69","author":[{"family":"Kunadu","given":"Angela Parry-Hanson"},{"family":"Ofosu","given":"Daniel Baah"},{"family":"Aboagye","given":"Eurydice"},{"family":"Tano-Debrah","given":"Kwaku"}],"issued":{"date-parts":[["2016"]]}}}],"schema":"https://github.com/citation-style-language/schema/raw/master/csl-citation.json"} ADDIN ZOTERO_ITEM CSL_CITATION {"citationID":"WZUA26Ed","properties":{"formattedCitation":"(Kunadu et al., 2016)","plainCitation":"(Kunadu et al., 2016)","noteIndex":0},"citationItems":[{"id":11,"uris":["http://zotero.org/users/local/dgrNkASy/items/37N76RIS"],"uri":["http://zotero.org/users/local/dgrNkASy/items/37N76RIS"],"itemData":{"id":11,"type":"article-journal","title":"Food safety knowledge, attitudes and self-reported practices of food handlers in institutional foodservice in Accra, Ghana","container-title":"Food Control","page":"324-330","volume":"69","author":[{"family":"Kunadu","given":"Angela Parry-Hanson"},{"family":"Ofosu","given":"Daniel Baah"},{"family":"Aboagye","given":"Eurydice"},{"family":"Tano-Debrah","given":"Kwaku"}],"issued":{"date-parts":[["2016"]]}}}],"schema":"https://github.com/citation-style-language/schema/raw/master/csl-citation.json"} (Kunadu et al., 2016).


ADDIN ZOTERO_BIBL {"uncited":[],"omitted":[],"custom":[]} CSL_BIBLIOGRAPHY Camilleri, M. (2017). Market Segmentation, Targeting, and Positioning. https://doi.org/10.1007/978-3-319-49849-2_4

Kunadu, A. P.-H., Ofosu, D. B., Aboagye, E., & Tano-Debrah, K. (2016). Food safety knowledge, attitudes and self-reported practices of food handlers in institutional foodservice in Accra, Ghana. Food Control, 69, 324–330.

Minculete, G., & Olar, P. (2018). Approaches to the Modern Concept of Digital Marketing. International Conference KNOWLEDGE-BASED ORGANIZATION, 24, 63–69. https://doi.org/10.1515/kbo-2018-0067

Shamsi, Mohd. S., & Khan, M. (2018). Impact of Sales Promotion on Consumer Behavior: An Analytical Study of Readymade Garments and Footwear Segments. Al-Barkaat Journal of Finance & Management, 10, 94. https://doi.org/10.5958/2229-4503.2018.00008.5

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Super Bowl 2020 Ad Assignment

Super Bowl 2020 Ad Assignment

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Super Bowl 2020 Ad Assignment

Americans love football; every year, a huge competition or sporting event is held every year in order to choose the championship team for NFL (National Football League). The event is given the name Super Bowl and is usually held on any Sunday of January or February every year. In fact the Sunday on which the event has to be held, that day is declared a de facto holiday. This year, this event, the Super Bowl 2020, is going to be held on 2nd February 2020.

Every year, many manufacturers and producers strive to get their ads played during the event, because they know, that it will reach the maximum number of people in those hours. More than 103.4 million viewers watch the live coverage of this event, so many powerful and well-known brands try to take advantage of this golden opportunity. Same is the case this year. Many brands have already released the teasers of their TV commercials, in order the increase the curiosity in the audience. One such brand is Verizon.

Verizon is going to get their ad played during the mega event in 2020. The ad is about Verizon’s 5G services and carries a very emotional and strong message as well. This TVC or ad will be played in between the time allotted for the tech ads or the advertisements for the networking companies. The ad is also available over the internet on Youtube as well ADDIN ZOTERO_ITEM CSL_CITATION {"citationID":"jueFkHD0","properties":{"formattedCitation":"({\\i{}5G Built Right | Smoke | Verizon}, n.d.)","plainCitation":"(5G Built Right | Smoke | Verizon, n.d.)","noteIndex":0},"citationItems":[{"id":99,"uris":["http://zotero.org/users/local/aDSOzgCJ/items/G55PSVRQ"],"uri":["http://zotero.org/users/local/aDSOzgCJ/items/G55PSVRQ"],"itemData":{"id":99,"type":"motion_picture","abstract":"For hundreds of years firefighters have had to do their job in blinding smoke. But Verizon 5G Ultra Wideband is built to transmit real-world data so fast, it could power technology that lets them see through smoke.\n\n#5GBuitRight","dimensions":"0:30","source":"YouTube","title":"5G Built Right | Smoke | Verizon :30","title-short":"5G Built Right | Smoke | Verizon","URL":"https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PTVxKwpiYK4&feature=youtu.be","accessed":{"date-parts":[["2020",1,31]]}}}],"schema":"https://github.com/citation-style-language/schema/raw/master/csl-citation.json"} (5G Built Right | Smoke | Verizon, n.d.). Verizon has tried to target a specific profession through this ad, the firefighters. There is a great emotional appeal in it that for years, firefighters have to fight their way through the burning flames and smoke, but now, times have changed. The new 5G technology of Verizon will help the firefighters see through the smoke so that they can perform their job in a much better and efficient way.


ADDIN ZOTERO_BIBL {"uncited":[],"omitted":[],"custom":[]} CSL_BIBLIOGRAPHY 5G Built Right | Smoke | Verizon :30. (n.d.). Retrieved January 31, 2020, from https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PTVxKwpiYK4&feature=youtu.be

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Supply Chain

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Marketing and PR: Supply Chain

Apple announced in 2013 that it would add another supplier by shifting away from the only supplier of the company. Foxconn is a large company that had been supplying products for Apple. There were many reasons why Apple added Pegatron as its supplier. One of the biggest reason was to move towards low-cost production. As Foxconn is a very big company, therefore the profit margins that they have set is also high. Resultantly, the prices at which they offer products are also high. This meant lower profit margins for Apple Company. There were some other issues as well that compelled the company to take this decision. There were some controversies revolving around the supplier regarding suicides. Another issue was that Foxconn did not notify Apple when they changed the source of components. This decision also helped Apple to show that it was in charge because Foxconn had started to make decisions without consulting it. This is something that Apple did not like.

The addition of another supplier, Pegatron helped Apple because of the financial matters. As Pegatron is a relatively small supplier, their profit margins were also low as compared to the size of Foxconn. This helped Apple to achieve products at a low cost. Therefore, the financial reason for adding Pegatron was that it could allow Apple Company to make products at low cost. It also helped the company to gain better control over the suppliers. As Foxconn was the only supplier for Apple, it had formed a monopoly. As a result, Apple became dependent on Foxconn. With the addition of another supplier, that monopoly was removed. Secondly, it is useful for companies to have more than one supplier due to reason described earlier along with the reason that it is important for companies to have multiple suppliers in this competitive and uncertain market. CITATION Nic10 \l 1033 (Costantino and Pellegrino)

Works Cited

BIBLIOGRAPHY Costantino, Nicola and Roberta Pellegrino. "Choosing between single and multiple sourcing based on supplier default risk: A real options approach." Journal of Purchasing & Supply Management (2010): 27–40. Journal.

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Survey Questions




Q1. What is your Gender?

Male2. Female3. Other

Q2. What is Your Age?

Below 35

35 – 40

41 – 45

46 – 50

Above 50

Q3. Have you ever used or using a dodge car/truck?

Yes2. No

Q4. If “yes” what is your first reaction to the Product?

Very Positive2. Somewhat Positive 3. Neutral

4. Somewhat Negative5. Very Negative

Q5. If “No” State the Reason.


Q6. How would you rate the quality of the product?

Very High2. High Quality 3. Neither

4. Low Quality5. Very Low Quality

Q7. How innovative are the products of Dodge?

Extremely Innovative2. Very Innovative3. Somewhat Innovative

4. Not so Innovative5. Not at all Innovative

Q8. Do you think that Dodge is something you will preferred over other companies like Ford etc.?

Definitely2. Probably3. Don’t know4. Probably Not

5. Definitely not

Q9. How would you rate the sell on value of the product?

Excellent2. Good3. Average4. Below Average

5. Poor

Q10. How likely is that you would recommend Dodge over other products to a friend?

Not at AllDefinitely











Q11. List the five things that you would most likely to improve in Dodge cars/trucks.






Q 12. How the products of Dodge are visually appealing?

Extremely Appealing2. Very Appealing3. Somewhat Appealing

4. Not so Appealing5. Not at all Appealing

Q 13. What Separates Dodge from other products?

Brand Name2. Quality3. High Technology4. Price

5. Aesthetics

Q 14. What is your point of view regarding brand position of Dodge?

Very high2. High3. Average4. Below Average

5. Very Low

Q 15. While purchasing a car which factor will you prefer the most?

Imported used car2. An imported New car3. Local old car

4. Locally made new car5. Any other

Q 16. What is the source of information you will consider while buying a car?

Internet2. Car Dealers3. Family & friends

4. Advertisements5. Blogs

Q17. While buying a sports car, which brand will you prefer over Dodge?

Koenigsegg2. McLaren3. Bentley4. Porsche

5. BMW6. Nissan

Q 18. What type of Dodge vehicle would you most likely prefer?

SUV2. Van3. Sports Car4. Hatchback

5. Other

Q19. Would you prefer any different brand over dodge, if you can get same specification for same price?

Yes2. No

Q 20. How many types of Dodge cars are you familiar with?


Q 21. What are some of the words that come to your mind when you hear about Dodge cars?

Q 22. What aspect has driven you the most to buy a car?

Q 23. If you are buying a dodge automobile, what is your underlying motive behind it?

Emotions2. Enjoyment3. Past Experience

4. Status5. Other

Q 24. If a celebrity you love, was representing Dodge. Would that change your favoritism towards the brand?

Yes2. No

Q 25. How much you prefer Aesthetics over quality?

Very 2. Average3. Below Average4. Not at all

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SWOT Analysis

SWOT analysis

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[Enter name of institution here]


A strong company in Australian food and liquor business which is also growing rapidly.

Successful Sales Promotion

Effective supply chain management


Heavy reliance on Australian Market

The competitors to company have considerable global presence and diversified revenue streams which makes them less vulnerable to country specific risks.


Data Analytics




Decreasing Consumer Confidence


Market penetration has been followed by launching new products, new stores and attractive marketing campaigns. A large number of new products have been launched by the company including sweet Solanato tomatoes, sweet crunch lettuce. In the financial year 2013, considerable increase in meat shops was observed along with ninety-one new bakeries.

There have been various marketing campaigns undertaken by company to increase its sales. There were sales promotions launched in all stores named as ‘extra special offers’. This campaign provided more than 50% discount on more than 1000 items of everyday use CITATION Che18 \l 1033 (Wei, Asian, Ertek, & Hu, 2018).

Effective supply chain management is a strength of the company CITATION Fer196 \l 1033 (Jie & Gengatharen, 2019). Being a store that provides food and liquor, it is very important for the company to maintain a steady supply line of raw materials. A strong presence in Australian market also works as a strength for company.


The company relies heavily on Australian market and a majority of its revenues has been extracted from this local market. In the financial year 2018, the company generated 92.1% of its revenues from Australia. The remaining portion of revenues was generated from New Zealand market but it was a very low percentage.

The competitors to company have more global presence as well as a better diversified revenue streams which makes them less vulnerable to country specific risks.


One of the major opportunities for the company is to use data analytics for analysing customer data and use this data to improve products as well as the overall operations of company. The company has already acquired 50% stake in a large data driven organization which can help it in data gathering and analysing.

Especial focus should be kept on results of various advertising campaigns and their results on consumers.


The biggest threat for this company is the high level of competition that it faces in Australia and New Zealand. There is no differentiation offered by the company in relation to the close competitors which can threaten the company in long run.

Consumer confidence is on a low in Australia after imposition of taxes in 2016. This will threaten the company in terms of decreased sales.

Matching Strengths and Opportunities

Using the spread that the company has in Australian market, the company should use data analysis from all over the country about needs and wants of consumers. This analysis will help the company to decide which different products can be launched by it and in which foreign market CITATION Chi19 \l 1033 (Desai, 2019).

In Australian market, product development is the right choice for company. This will require adding new flavours to already existing products.

Assessment of weaknesses

Reliance on the Australian market can be converted to a strength by offering improved products to the product line

Competitor issue is a limitation to the company because there is no international presence for the company outside Australia and competitors have significant operations outside Australia.

First priority for the company should be to analyse other countries which it can enter successfully with its existing products. The various modes of entry into international market should be considered and the best mode should be chosen. In my opinion, company should use franchising to enter various countries. Product offered on franchises will be standardised and franchisee will provide the knowledge of local market.


BIBLIOGRAPHY Desai, C. (2019). Strategy and Strategic Management. Management for Scientists, 65-84.

Jie, F., & Gengatharen, D. (2019). Australian food retail supply chain analysis. Business Process Management Journal, 271-287.

Wei, C., Asian, S., Ertek, G., & Hu, Z.-h. (2018). Location-based pricing and channel selection in a supply chain: a case study from the food retail industry. Annals of Operations Research.

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Tracking The Emarketing Activities Of A Company

Tracking the E-marketing Activities of a Company

[Name of the Writer]

[Name of the Institution]

Tracking the E-marketing Activities of a Company


Marketing has taken over all the mediums of reporting and business to the next level of the profit generation. It considered as a group of activities that the group leads sales for the company plans for the company to give a boost to the products of the company by introducing various types of campaign and promotional activities. These activities help the company to attain the target in a short time and through these offers the company will get the maximum amount of profit. The purpose of marketing is to give benefit to the clients, marketers, marketing leads and the overall profit generation is benefitted.

The marketing scheme is introduced by various leading companies occasionally by looking at the upcoming festivals in real life. These marketing campaigns include various types of promotional activities and sales and various other aspects like coupons other facilities to the clients that help them to enhance their sales and gives them a mega boost. Initially it was only used by the big stores like Carrefour, Walmart, Robinson, and various other big stores all across the globe and these promotions have helped them a lot in all the aspects from sales and the benefit point of view to the point their place in the market has become much stronger than the previous era. All these techniques have helped these businesses, but now these techniques are being used in various online methods that have helped them in all the aspects. These are the online tactic to improve their online marketing strategies so that the more viewers can get attracted towards their sales promotions and offers and they have opted various ways to get the marketing strategies strong by utilizing the technological aspects.


There are various companies in today's modern world and how they try new techniques daily to opt the new ways to endorse their business to the customers for which they are using various methods.

These days all the companies are using the best ways to intrigue their customers, and that is through utilizing the internet and new medium of social media. These are considered as the new enigma in the field of business management through which they are using the various methods to attract the customers through which they can attract the consumers to their products. Now the E-marketing techniques are being utilized by all the big names in the world. From Walmart to Primark to New Look to Robinson, Tesco, and Metro.

These companies have now started their e-marketing strategies. Once you order online and then you are subscribed to the company, and you can get their emails regularly about the latest happenings in the store. From promotions on the items to the sale on the new stock everything, you get into your mail by just getting the subscription (Sharif & Butt, 2017).

The other tactic which is used in the e-marketing strategy is through Google Ad words by using a few of the keywords through which their brand can come up on the search engine and by simulating the SEO factor. These two are considered as one of the prime factors to increase and enhance brand marketing.

The other attractive way which the companies are using to enhance their marketing skills is through their content marketing. This is one of the vital factors through which marketing is increased by using social media and search engines on various platforms, and you can see the marketing rate growing tremendously.

The other aspect through which the marketing of a company can increase is by increasing the amount of advertisements pop-ups that emerge on any of the websites that we use or we open (Strauss & Frost, 2016). These are the best ways to increase their sales by marketing the advertisement right at the moment especially during the time period of sales or during the time period of highly attracted to these pop-ups and promotions or various festivals all across the globe as the customers get highly drawn towards all these aspects, and there is a 75% chance they will visit the website, and they will shop online.

These are the new ways which the E-, marketing companies other companies opt to increase their customers so that they may become their regular their consumers. This can help them improve their market sales and their position in the market, and this can bring them up to mark in the global world (Laudon & Traver, 2016).


With this we can conclude that the marketing strategies in the world have evolved and the new techniques have opened these promotion strategies have increased the sales of the company and have benefited them on the whole from clients to the marketers to the owners, they all have gained much more profit than that of the other days without sales and promotions. These new tactics are being utilized globally to give a mega boost to the companies in this brand race so that they can attain a position through which they can bring a positive change in the organization that can lead to bringing more success to the company and the best part of this is to get more bonuses for the employees to bring the latest techniques through which they can also get the right amount for themselves.


Laudon, K. C., & Traver, C. G. (2016). E-commerce: business, technology, society.

Strauss, J., & Frost, R. D. (2016). E-marketing: Instructor's Review Copy. Routledge.

Sharif, A., & Butt, H. (2017). Online Businesses and the Influence of E-Marketing on Customer Satisfaction. J. Hum. Ins, 1(2), 89-93.

Subject: Marketing and PR

Pages: 3 Words: 900

Tylenol Murders

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Tylenol Murders

Student name

University name

Answer to 4.13

Yes, I think John and Jonson made a wise decision of launching Tylenol, though because of the deaths 61 of people refused to reuse this product but still for saving it a brand name and regaining the trust of its users, this company thought to re-introduce Tylenol. This fact cannot be denied that Johnson and Johnson had to make some extra expenses on new triple-safety-seal and tamper-resistant packaging but for dragging its users back on its own side, this company took a great step of re-launching Tylenol. Its consumers accepted this product with the same acceptance with which it was accepted before being tampered (Sheehan, 2019). Considering the whole situation, I would say, I second companys decision as wise for re-launching Tylenol as if it would have to discard one of its most controversial product, it would have lost its consumers who showed more trust for this brand as they re-launched tampered product.

Answer to 4.17

Making a website that would guide its users regarding Tylenol shows the concerns of this company for its consumers. It has given its customers an opportunity to ask anything they want which depicts its great concerns for those who are the user of this product. In order to control the panic, it was important for Johnson and Johnson to provide a website through which it could directly hear the concerns of its users (Coombs et al, 2019). It was really important for this company to have direct communication with its customers so that it could be made realized that Johnson and Johnson are aware of its responsibilities and are trying best to guide and answer all the quires of its users. On its website, it has given the product information, symptoms in which it could be used and treatment that it offers, how much is to be used for infants and children and frequently asked questions all the main sections are being provided on the website for helping its customers.


Coombs, W. T., Holladay, S. J., Tachkova, E. (2019). Crisis Communication, Risk Communication, and Issues Management.Public Relations Theory Application and Understanding, 31.

Sheehan, C. (2019). Risk and Crisis Management.Contemporary HRM Issues in the 21st Century, Emerald Publishing Limited, 89-101.




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Subject: Marketing and PR

Pages: 1 Words: 300

Unit II Journal & Case Study

Unit II Journal & Case Study

[Name of the Writer]

[Name of the Institution]

Journal Entry

Cultural and social values profoundly impact the buying behavior of an individual. Culture is the amalgamation of values, beliefs, attitudes, religion, role, hierarchies and many other things. Thinking of my buying behavior, many cultural and social factors influence it. For instance, my community and gathering influence me to look good and presentable, like all other American girls, I invest in makeup and beauty products which make me feel good about myself. In addition, I also invest in skin care products and fashion products such as shoes, clothes, etc. I also believe that looking is essential to build one's self-esteem and positive body image. We live in a society where appearance matters highly and therefore it influences me in all the ways. I also shop from high-end brands and also seek to take advantage of many sales such as Christmas and Thanksgiving.

I generally do not like to take everyone’s opinion and I always buy as per my own choice. It is very common for all the Americans to buy online and free themselves from the hassle of going shopping. I also prefer shopping online because I do not get ample time to do this stuff. I have also observed that my friends and peers also impact my shopping choices and behavior. I take an interest in the products and shopping choices of my friends and peers. I also prefer to buy from the brands I trust and love, however, I also like giving a try to the new brands and products, but this happens seldom. Social media influencers and advertisements also make me buy some products which I do not really need. Overall, my close friends, peers, social media influencers, somehow family, eating habits and cultural norms influence by purchasing behavior.

Case Study

One of the recent purchases that I made, the most expensive one is my phone upgrade to iPhone XS from my iPhone 8 plus. I have been thinking of upgrading my device for quite a long time and iPhone X was a great phone to switch to. I have always been a fan of Apple's products and stick to this brand when it comes to getting a tech-based product whether it's a laptop, tablet, accessories and mobile phone. Apple is the most trusted brand in the US and I never regret buying it.

The consumer buying decision process begins with a problem or needs recognition when the consumer realizes that there is a need which has to be satisfied or there is a problem which seeks a solution. To satisfy the need, consumers' starts looking for information that what products or services can really satisfy the need. After that, the next step is to identify the alternatives available. A comparison and analysis are made to weigh benefits and costs attached to those alternatives. The next step is making the choice from those alternatives and the last step in the consumer buying process is the post-purchase behavior which involves the decision if the product was good or not. It is also possible that a consumer may skip a step from the decision-making process (Panwar, Anand, Ali, & Singal, 2019).

My decision of upgrading my mobile model was not really the outcome of a need. My previous mobile was working perfectly fine however Apple's launch of iPhone X was a stimulus which made me realize that I must upgrade to make use of new features, a better camera, and a faster processor. Apple's iPhone X was the new craze and it got immense popularity. I had to upgrade to the new model. I searched for information about it on online sources and got in love with the new design and features. I did not need to evaluate between the alternatives because I made my choice of the product earlier, however, if I would have just decided to upgrade, I might have evaluated different alternatives to choose the best option. After I made the decision of getting an iPhone XS, I went online and made a purchase. My post purchase behavior is my satisfaction towards the product.

Values and norms of culture have a high impact on buying decisions and behaviors. Americans having less long-term orientation does not make a high comparison of product and price, which is also a factor towards the preference of online shopping in the US. In addition, Americans being an individualistic society, the decision and buying choices are not highly influenced by the opinions of others. The US holds a low score in uncertainty avoidance and there is more acceptance towards new products, technologies, and ideas. Uncertainty avoidance is, therefore, one of the most influential cultural value in online-shopping in America (Wu, 2013).

These values and norms within American culture influenced by purchase behavior. I did not take the opinion of others in making the buying decision and it was entirely my own choice to buy the latest upgrade of the iPhone. In addition, being an American and from a culture having low long-term orientation I did make a high price and product comparison and therefore I was also not very price conscious as opposed to the cultures having a high long-term orientation (Meng. 2011). I wanted to try this new product introduced by Apple, which is always a craze not only in America but also in most of the countries, but the American society is high into technological adoption (Stafford, Turan, & Raisinghani, 2004). There is a common culture of trying products in America and not making the purchase decision solely on need factor. All these cultural influences also made me purchase iPhone online to experience technological advancement.

Apple is one of the socially responsible companies and its products and services have developed trust among its users. Apple's users are very loyal to the brand due to the prestige associated with its brand name and the quality of its products. Apple took several initiatives to ensure it fulfills the corporate social responsibilities the company has towards its environment, community, and people. While buying a technology product consideration of social responsibility was not the primary aspect but the value brand and product offers. Apple has always been loved by me and since the company has not yet accused of any unethical activity or behavior. However, if any such incident occurs in the future, it may impact my buying choice and make me consider other options available in the market. Until that Apple will remain my best choice and I will remain loyal to the brand.

I am a loyal customer of Apple and have been using the iPhone ever since I started keeping a smartphone. Though Apple charges high value for their products since it offers value for money, the price has never the consideration made by me. As soon as I am able to update my device and I have enough budget I go for it. Cultural and social influences also make me buy an iPhone. I want to keep the latest edition to depict myself as up to date and contemporary. However, if the brand starts to charge insane, the price may have supersede cultural influences and the aspect of environmental advocacy. Overall, Apple is one of the top brands, having high goodwill and reputation for offering the latest technology and features in their device, offering value for money and at the same time it is a socially responsible company which will make me keep purchasing its upgrades.


Meng, J. (2011). Understanding cultural influence on price perception: empirical insights from a SEM application. Journal of Product & Brand Management, 20(7), 526-540.

Panwar, D., Anand, S., Ali, F., & Singal, K. (2019). Consumer Decision Making Process Models and their Applications to Market Strategy. International Management Review, 15(1), 36-44.

Stafford, T. F., Turan, A., & Raisinghani, M. S. (2004). International and cross-cultural influences on online shopping behavior. Journal of Global Information Technology Management, 7(2), 70-87.

Wu, M. Y. (2013). Cultural Influences on Consumers' on-line shopping preferences: A cross-cultural study of Taiwan and the United States. China Media Research, 9(3), 42-52.

Subject: Marketing and PR

Pages: 4 Words: 1200

Unit V Journal & Scholarly Activity

Unit V Journal & Scholarly Activity

Student name


Unit V Journal

Consumer buying decisions are affected by a number of factors. One such factor is also group affiliations such as family and other cultural situations. Families have incredible control of consumer purchasing. There are decision makers in a family for purchases that contour individual behavior. A decision maker in a family can be a husband or a wife, or even a child. For example, while purchasing a grocery item mother is a decision maker in a family that has an effect over the decision. Children also have tremendous control over the decision making the process. If there are strong affiliations in a family, then these have a strong effect over the decision making the process and vice versa. Marketers are always interested in knowing which family member is mainly affecting the purchase of a particular product. They then try to target that family member for the sale of the product. Moreover; cultural situations also affect the decisions. Culture is a way in which people should live and this affects consumers purchasing decisions. For example, in Beirut, Lebanon, it is a common practice by women to purchase miniskirts as it is allowed in that culture. But this is not allowed in Asian countries such as Afghanistan, where women wear abaya.

Scholarly Activity

Consumer buying process:

The consumer buying process refers o the whole process of making a purchase. Marketers pay special attention to understand this process as it affects their marketing strategies. They study this process and devise different strategies accordingly ADDIN ZOTERO_ITEM CSL_CITATION {"citationID":"FATSc18Y","properties":{"formattedCitation":"(Hall, Towers, & Shaw, 2017)","plainCitation":"(Hall, Towers, & Shaw, 2017)","noteIndex":0},"citationItems":[{"id":158,"uris":["http://zotero.org/users/local/wY2D8D5E/items/6JI3SFV7"],"uri":["http://zotero.org/users/local/wY2D8D5E/items/6JI3SFV7"],"itemData":{"id":158,"type":"article-journal","title":"Understanding how millennial shoppers decide what to buy: Digitally connected unseen journeys","container-title":"International Journal of Retail & Distribution Management","page":"498-517","volume":"45","issue":"5","author":[{"family":"Hall","given":"Angela"},{"family":"Towers","given":"Neil"},{"family":"Shaw","given":"Duncan R."}],"issued":{"date-parts":[["2017"]]}}}],"schema":"https://github.com/citation-style-language/schema/raw/master/csl-citation.json"} (Hall, Towers, & Shaw, 2017). All marketing efforts will be wasted if marketers do not understand this process efficiently. The process consists of distinctive steps whether to make a purchase or not. Consumer spent his time at each stage and takes a buying decision for different products. Different factors affect this process and its length. Recently I purchased a car and before making this purchase I also went through all these six stages.

Problem Recognition:

It is the first step in the consumer buying process that starts with internal or external motivations. I was in need of a new car as I wanted to upgrade my car to a newer model and also wanted a larger vehicle. Moreover, I needed a fuel efficient car that requires less maintenance. It should be safe and comfortable.

Information Search:

This is the second stage of the consumer buying process that consists of getting information about the product. The consumer is likely to buy a product if it is near at hand. However, in case of need is in memory then the consumer will go for information search. Consumers can get this information both from external and internal sources ADDIN ZOTERO_ITEM CSL_CITATION {"citationID":"jaMQEIiW","properties":{"formattedCitation":"(Gensler, Verhoef, & B\\uc0\\u246{}hm, 2012)","plainCitation":"(Gensler, Verhoef, & Böhm, 2012)","noteIndex":0},"citationItems":[{"id":157,"uris":["http://zotero.org/users/local/wY2D8D5E/items/4YTECI74"],"uri":["http://zotero.org/users/local/wY2D8D5E/items/4YTECI74"],"itemData":{"id":157,"type":"article-journal","title":"Understanding consumers’ multichannel choices across the different stages of the buying process","container-title":"Marketing Letters","page":"987-1003","volume":"23","issue":"4","author":[{"family":"Gensler","given":"Sonja"},{"family":"Verhoef","given":"Peter C."},{"family":"Böhm","given":"Martin"}],"issued":{"date-parts":[["2012"]]}}}],"schema":"https://github.com/citation-style-language/schema/raw/master/csl-citation.json"} (Gensler, Verhoef, & Böhm, 2012). Selection of sources is linked with personal distinctiveness, types of products as well as trustworthiness of sources. Each information source has a specific purpose and it affects the buying decision. From the information, the buyer gets enable to know about current products and brands in the market. Consumers mostly give more value to their internal information as compared to outside. I also used my memory and experience to search for information for a new car. I talked to my family and friends. I searched for information from magazines, from different companies and brands.

Evaluate Alternatives

After getting all the required information about the product, consumers then evaluate different alternatives to check about the satisfaction that they can get from the product. They evaluate alternatives depending upon different factors such as price, quality and time. I evaluated these alternatives Ford Figo, Toyota, Audi, Hyundai, and Mercedes.

Purchase decision

At this stage consumer not only has the required information but has also evaluated different alternatives. Now he is ready to make a purchase according to his need. At this stage, I also had information about different features of the car, its price and payment options. Moreover, there were also some external arguments that affected me at this stage; attitudes of the others and unexpected situational factors such as family and financial. I decided to purchase Audi as it has an excellent brand worth.


At this stage consumer actually has to take a decision about making a purchase. Perceived risk played a role at this stage and its level varies with different factors such as research of information and warranties. I purchased Audi due to its brand and excellent features.

Post-Purchase Evaluation

The buying process does not end with the purchase and consumer evaluates his satisfaction regarding the product. It is the formal or informal evaluation of the product. The level of satisfaction or dissatisfaction is the result of the difference between customer’s expectations and the perceived performances.

Consumers and marketing efforts:

Companies carry out marketing efforts to attract and change consumer’s behaviors. Consumers can interpret and evaluate information about products and services from these marketing efforts. Marketers use this ability of consumers to make them either spend or sway towards a specific brand or product. They use advertising and promotion to target consumers for products and services. They may compare their product with a celebrity or famous thing. In this way, they target the consumers and force them emotionally to make a purchase. They during their buying process evaluate the product and decide to try it. Moreover, they also use different rewards to make their consume1rs loyal to their brands. For example, they can use special pricing as an incentive to make a purchase.

Influence of situational factors:

Situational factors refer to provisional conditions that influence buyers. These can be physical, social and time factors. This also includes the reason for purchase. All these factors can affect at one time or another. For the purchase of a car, I also confronted with different situational factors. For example, there was a time factor. I was in need of a new car and wanted to purchase it as soon as possible. Moreover, my friends and family were also influencing my decision. I was in pressure to purchase a high-quality car that has an established brand worth. In addition, my financial capability also affected my decision and I had to set a standard for my purchase. The car was also an asset for me and it was a onetime decision. This was extending the length of my purchase process and I spent enough time at each step to make my purchase effective.

Influence of external groups or cultural beliefs:

Different external groups or cultural beliefs also have an effect on the purchase of different products ADDIN ZOTERO_ITEM CSL_CITATION {"citationID":"G0eWyJ7E","properties":{"formattedCitation":"(Seo, Buchanan-Oliver, & Cruz, 2015)","plainCitation":"(Seo, Buchanan-Oliver, & Cruz, 2015)","noteIndex":0},"citationItems":[{"id":156,"uris":["http://zotero.org/users/local/wY2D8D5E/items/4D9KTHSF"],"uri":["http://zotero.org/users/local/wY2D8D5E/items/4D9KTHSF"],"itemData":{"id":156,"type":"article-journal","title":"Luxury brand markets as confluences of multiple cultural beliefs","container-title":"International Marketing Review","page":"141-159","volume":"32","issue":"2","author":[{"family":"Seo","given":"Yuri"},{"family":"Buchanan-Oliver","given":"Margo"},{"family":"Cruz","given":"Angela Gracia B."}],"issued":{"date-parts":[["2015"]]}}}],"schema":"https://github.com/citation-style-language/schema/raw/master/csl-citation.json"} (Seo, Buchanan-Oliver, & Cruz, 2015). I purchased Audi as my family was compelling me for this car. My peers were also expecting me to have a standard brand. Then there were also different cultural beliefs that were affecting my decision. I belonged to an upper class that required the use of an excellent brand. My social class requires the presence of a car as a necessity and not the luxury. Moreover, gender also affects this purchasing decision ADDIN ZOTERO_ITEM CSL_CITATION {"citationID":"J64gn0YD","properties":{"formattedCitation":"(Castro, 2014)","plainCitation":"(Castro, 2014)","noteIndex":0},"citationItems":[{"id":155,"uris":["http://zotero.org/users/local/wY2D8D5E/items/D9LIKE2Q"],"uri":["http://zotero.org/users/local/wY2D8D5E/items/D9LIKE2Q"],"itemData":{"id":155,"type":"article-journal","title":"Are Men More Rational than Women when Purchasing Cars? A Cross-cultural Comparison.","container-title":"Revista de Administração FACES Journal","volume":"13","issue":"2","author":[{"family":"Castro","given":"Breno Giovanni Adaid"}],"issued":{"date-parts":[["2014"]]}}}],"schema":"https://github.com/citation-style-language/schema/raw/master/csl-citation.json"} (Castro, 2014). As a male, I was thought to take a more wise decision. However, it is also believed in this class that only having a car is not only required by there must be an excellent brand of a car. This belief affected me much and I put greater efforts into gathering information about different brands and they're worth both for consumers and social class. Moreover, I also spent more time at the evaluation stage, as I wanted to fulfill the cultural expectations of my community.


ADDIN ZOTERO_BIBL {"uncited":[],"omitted":[],"custom":[]} CSL_BIBLIOGRAPHY Castro, B. G. A. (2014). Are Men More Rational than Women when Purchasing Cars? A Cross-cultural Comparison. Revista de Administração FACES Journal, 13(2).

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Unit VI Journal & Case Study

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Journal and case study

United airline has in the past years had problems that have dragged some of its top officials to provide explanations on how they conduct their business. The company that is mainly tasked with the duty of offering flights from different regions o another one has had problems with the quality of customer service it provides to the clients. There have been many instances when clients have felt that they were not treated in the right way while others even went to court. Some clients felt that the best thing they could to save other clients of such an occurrence is by blackmailing the company. The company has been ranking poorly in terms of service deliveries. Lately, it has been appearing in the list of companies with the worst customer service. This implies that the company has not been taking any precautionary measures to solve the situation or maybe they have just decided to ignore it. The industry is highly competitive and the act by United Airlines can easily lead to its downfall.

According to me, there are strategies that the company could have used to avoid such embarrassments in the industry. In such an industry, the image of the company plays an important role in determining whether it will have many clients or not. The company should always be focused on ensuring that their image is good within the public so that most of the clients can like their services. Most of the clients make use of the self-perception theory to decide on the company that they would like to be using for the flight services. To avoid such situations, the company could have ensured that they do not overbook flights so that they are forced to remove some clients for the crew. They should also ensure that the staffs they employ are people who value their clients and ensure that the clients are treated well. Other competitors are doing this and that is why they are performing well in the industry.

Case study

In each of the cases, the company was largely affected by the reaction that the clients gave. In the first instance, a $3500 guitar was destroyed during the travel and the owner had a lot of issue with the company. Definitely the damage was caused by the manner in which the crew handled the guitar. The company must always have provisions for how they can handle such fragile goods without any problem. The client informed that the company that the guitar was destroyed during the journey. The company did not refuse the claims but nine months after the occurrence, the company stated that there was nothing that they could do to help in such a situation. The client felt that this was not fair on his part and promised to release three songs talked about the experience. He wanted to inform every client that had intention of using the company for their flights that they should change and get better companies that would offer them better services. After the incident, the stakeholders made a loss as a result of the negative image that the company had. The client went ahead to make videos that would tell everyone about the incident that happened and how the company was not even willing to help in such a situation. The clients developed negative attitude towards the company and stopped flying with them. The interpretations of the clients really affected the buying of tickets from the company. Many clients moved to buy the tickets from other companies (Perreault et al, 2014).

In another case, the company had overbooked a flight and in the process they realized that they needed space for crew that would be on shift later. To correct this, they decided to offer compensation of $800 to find people who would volunteer so that the crew could find space. No client was willing to give up their space and the crew decided to randomly choose people who would wait for the next flight. One client refused to get off the plan and the security crew decided to drag the client off the plane. This caused a lot of uproar among the citizens of the country as many people went ahead to condemn the incident. Consequently, stock prices went down and stakeholders made losses. In this case, there was a lot of media involved and the information reached many clients which is the major factor that led to low stock prices that contributed to many stockholders making losses. The interpretation of the clients was that the company did not care about their clients. Most of the clients decided to shift attention to the competitors so that they could get better services. It forced the company management to address the issue and assure clients that they would never again get involved in such an incident. The interpretation of the case really affected the buying of the stock (Snyder & Cunningham, 1975).

I disagree with the company’s popular opinion on customer service. The first instance clearly shows that the company has not interest in providing compensation yet it is as a result of the company that Caroll got his guitar damaged. The company acted unethically. The first way in which they acted is that they said that there is no way that could compensate the owner of the instrument. The other way in which they acted unethically is by the fact that they took nine months to tell the client that they could not pay for the guitar (Goldstein & Cialdini, 2007).

The series of events will definitely affect the decision by a client either to use the company for future flights or not. Self-perception provides a way in which one makes decisions by looking at the behavior of other people and seeing the best way that could behave if it was them that got involved in such a scenario. The client would look at how the events have occurred in the past, the measures that the company taken into pace to be able to solve the problem and whether the situation has improved or not. The fact that the company has added entertainment package for the clients during the flight can make many clients to decide and fly with the company. Most clients would want to use those companies that guarantee them the best services as well extra services that they get for choosing to travel with the company. Depending on their own behavior, they would opt to go for the company as a result of the good entertainment or decide to go for other companies as a result to the poor customer services. The choice will depend on whether the client has focus on entertainment or customer services (Haberstroh et al, 2017).

If I was a client, I would not purchase tickets from the company. The company has not changed any of their rules regarding customer service and none of the clients that had problems with the company has been compensated. I believe that the move by the company to come up with an entertainment package is to convince more clients that they will have the best experience when it comes to entertainment. On the other hand, the major issue that they should be dealing with as a company is customer service which is yet to improve. My major concern when travelling will be how the crew will treat me as a client. In the recent ratings, the company has not improved the manner in which it serves and this for me still makes the company a bad company the clients that wish to travel (Schouten et al, 1995).


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USPS vs FedEx

USPS stands for US postal service. The main objective of the service is to accelerate innovation in order to maximize value while also leveraging new technology and data to drive customers. In contrast, Fed-Ex service objective is to facilitate the dispatching of products and packages to the client via its fastest courier service. The company ensures that its service is available in all regions in the US and other countries worldwide. The other main objective of the company is to provide protection of the material that is transported while also charge a suitable amount of money for the packages/products to transfer from one country to the other (Schill).

USPS and Fed-Ex services compete with each other for many of the same customers. However, as both organizations provide relatively similar services, they have different strategies for attracting customers. USPS appeals to customers through pricing strategy. The USPS service started to offer a “flat rate” service that facilitates the organization in attracting more customers. This is because the service will charge the customers according to the size of the box in which the product is packed rather than the weight of the product itself. Additionally, the service attracts more customers by utilizing the place strategy (Schill). USPS service not only offers multiple locations that are close to the customers’ homes but also offers daily pick and drop service at homes for the customers. In contrast, Fed-Ex attracts customers by using the product differentiation facility. Fed-Ex service appeals to customers because of their fast delivery. The service attracts customers by also assuring the quality of the product. Fed-Ex also utilizes the promotion strategy by marketing the services offered by the company through advertisements and logos on the billboards. The company also uses technology that can facilitate tracking the location of the customers so that the product can be delivered timely.

Works Cited:

Schill, Michael J., and Jenny Craddock. "The Battle for Value, 2016: FedEx Corp. versus United Parcel Service, Inc."

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