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Lesdership Journal

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My aim in life is to be successful by maintaining the peace of mind. Anything that can make one happy can make successful too. This is my perception.

I have opened my eye in the era of technology and advancements and anyone who does not cope up with this pace is said to be ignorant and unsuccessful which anyone surely does not want to be. I want to achieve the goals of my life. I am of the mind that any person can touch the heights of success in the field of his interest only. If you are interested in something, you find fun and happiness while doing that. I do want to graduate from university securing a good CGPA but alongwith that the I want to enjoy the beauty of life as a person is granted with life only for once. I do want to pursue my Masters degree and my utmost desire is to get admission in a well reputed university. I idealize my dad as he is the CFO of a company. I want to make him proud of me as I intend to follow his footsteps on becoming a CFO or CEO.

The motto of my life is Dont worry, be happy and this is the source of my never ending motivation. Life is too short to be sad or pessimistic. I am on optimistic person who wants to succeed in life in the long run as well as enjoying small moments. My educational career is always a priority for me and I am sure of achieveing my aims as I am passionate enough to be what I want to be.

Staying happy and enjoying life at its best is something that not everbody is capable of. I want to have a life filled with accomplishments and memories not with dreams.

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Subject: Leadership

Pages: 1 Words: 300

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