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A Study Of Security Vulnerability Analysis And Hacking Accessed For Smartphone On Wireless Internet

A study of security vulnerability analysis and hacking accessed for a smartphone on wireless internet

Need for study

There were around 47 million of smartphone consumers in 2009 when Apple released iPhone however, it was likely that the number of smartphone demanders peaked in 2018 because of several tech companies such as Samsung and Huawei. In the current era, a device such as a smartphone has contributed to information and communication technologies, political society, and lifestyle.

It is assumed that the number of smartphone users will grow to 768 million in the year 2021 as compared to compared 2018. Current technical advancements in the wireless broadband technology and increasing demand of smartphone users is triggering and creating several side effects such as grasping information by GPS (Global Positioning System) and malignant codes to commit cybercrimes. It might have serious negative influences in the future due to the remorseless increase in cybercrime through smartphone involving digital information. The examples of cybercrime are hacking, virus spreading, internet frauds and cyberbullying. Due to Wi-Bro (Wireless Broadband) and LTE (Long Term Evolution) services have been conducted, drawbacks of HSDPA (High-Speed Downlink Packet Access) were overcome. This situation leads to create fast wireless connection into the Internet anywhere without tangled cables. However, all of us can be the potential victims of cyber-crimes because of dangers in personal information leakage.

In other words, it is quite important to realise certain drawbacks of wireless internet as it is making it more problematic to safeguard data in the digital era, which means that it is necessary to figure out security setting of wireless internet and precaution against cybercrimes to minimise damages.

Aims of the study

This work aims to come up with a solution concerning security vulnerability and hacking of information on smartphones through wireless internet. The solution should be reasonable and accurate to contribute to a recent problem related to wireless and internet hacking.

Types of the internet such as Wi-Fi (Wireless Fidelity) and WiBro are investigating to analyse encryption methods on wireless internet with a process of password cracking. Moreover, the weak point will be dealt with information leakage by internet access on cracked wireless internet, use of messengers, the camouflage of AP(Application Processor), internet banking on VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) and WiBro, stock trading, and packet while safe payment.

The study is an attempt to contribute to the development of wireless internet by testing real-hacking process and suggesting security policy methods through vulnerability analysis. Not only the people related to the IT industry but also ordinary people are closely interacting with wireless internet. Therefore, it is difficult to identify wireless internet problems and be more complicated as time goes on. Understanding the dangers of wireless technology concerning smartphones is the primary purpose of this study, also to protect users and minimise any damages also to make the best use of a smartphone with wireless internet. It is also related to installing and using wireless internet.

Related study

Current trends of smartphone technology

Smartphone called an intelligent mobile device has user interfaces and functions with a computer system, PDA (Personal Digital Assistant), internet, input, and touch screen. Examples of internal functions are emailing, web browsing, banking, and gaming during accessing to internet or computer network with wireless internet.

The OS (Operating System) of the smartphone is applied to its hardware and software as well as function and service. Additionally, 3rd party application marketplace as a core trend of smartphone results from OS change for mobile. Due to the advancement of smartphones such as Samsungs Galaxy and Apples iPhone in 2010, global mobile phone markets have rapidly replaced high functional smartphone with open OS instead of a basic feature phone.

According to the American IDC (International Data Corporation), the rate of smartphone market share will increase from 65.33 in 2013 to 74.10 in 2018, and it is growing. In other words, sales volume of the smartphone has overtaken by PC, and other devices and growth of market share by a smartphone have been continuously expanded the similar as IDC forecast.

Smartphones that are used all around the world have extensive use of OS and high software portability. This point leads to producing malicious code easily and circulating it thus scale and damage by the mobile attack will be frequent. Consequently, security technology development is required to protect smartphone users and offer safety, integrity, fusibility and reliability against security threats such as information leakage, illegal charging, and use through hacking attacks.

The smartphone is a portable device combined with a cellphone, PC, and internet. Individualised information is stored by users into the device due to portability and convenient functions. Although it is easy to make a mobile application with hidden malicious code by providing internal API, there is a restriction to apply security solution supported by the PC environment. Therefore, security solutions are needed to prevent future incidents effectively against hacking and device attacks created by smartphone loss or robbery and spread of malicious code. Privacy of user verification, traffic and signalling must be met within the concealment of the users identity (Hernndez et al., 2018, p. 16640). Additionally, types of smartphone malicious code are causing machine failure, battery run down, charging problem, information leakage, and malicious code of cross-platform.

There are three countermeasures of smartphone information security. Firstly, information security related to providing mobile services can be sorted as smartphone terminal security, network security, mobile platform security, and security among customer services. Secondly, the scale of malicious mobile code is getting to be bigger, and its threat factors have diversified. Some organisations which try to implement security policies are facing difficulties of installing security software on individuals smartphone or enforcing security policies. Due to these difficulties, various authentication methods are being tested. One of these is using mobile information device information instead of only using ID and Password. It utilises MAC Address which is a unique address for the device and IMSI (International Mobile Station Identity) which is a unique identification number for the device. Lastly, mobile service provided by government should be improved. In this security measure, national information security infrastructure should be expanded, confrontation ability against cyber infringement accident should be enhanced, and user authentication should be improved.


Hernndez, M., Baquero, L. and Gil, C., 2018. Ethical Hacking on Mobile Devices Considerations and practical uses.International Journal of Applied Engineering Research,13(23), pp.16637-16647.


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