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Title: Toy Stores Struggle to Survive in the Age of E-commerce

Response to Question 1

A large number of factors contributed to the failure and demise of Toy R Us, in my opinion. The biggest contributor to the failure of a brand is not responding to the market changes and changing demands of the customers. Modern kids are very imaginative and interested in tech-oriented products, such as video games and digital games played on laptops, and portable mobile devices. In order to attract such market, Toy R Us had to reimagine their stores to make them more captivating for the kids. In addition, the company has to be aware of the competition in the market. With the advent and commonness of online shopping and the dawn of e-commerce giants like Walmart and Amazon, gave a very tough competition to the brand. One more factor that damaged the reputation and online presence of Toy R Us was the Amazon factor. The company signed a 10 year deal with Amazon that ended with a lawsuit, it damaged Toy R Us's reputation and caused huge loss. The company was already in debt and faced bankruptcy and liquidation of its assets which eventually ended Toy R Us operations. It also seems like the failure of leadership and higher management.

Response to Question 2

Some of the most benefited companies from the closing of Toy R Us are its competitors such as Walmart, Amazon, Fisher Price, Soap.com, Game, etc. Toy R Us already failed competition to the bigger names such as Target, Walmart, and Amazon and they will take most of the advantage of closing of the company. People who visit Walmart and Amazon to buy pantyhose and households and at the same time, they can buy toys. Many online toy retailers have also got the benefit from the scenario and have expanded their selections. In addition, other companies can learn from the mistakes made by the company to avoid such situation in the future. Different toy makers are hurt by the demise and bankruptcy of Toy R Us. These include the two largest toy makers of America, Mattel and Hasbro. These companies faced a decline in their sales owing to the closing of Toy R Us stores. Mattel and Hasbro reduced their workforce and employees faced layoffs as a result of reduced business operations.

Response to Question 3

Toy R Us is planning to come back to the US and it claims that it will re-emerge in the holiday season of 2019 and the company will be focused on customer experiences. I believe if Toy R Us has learned from their mistakes and they want to revive without making the same mistakes next time, they can definitely re-open like other brands that come back and capture the market once again. It is hard for a brand to win the trust of the target market but if the company takes smaller steps instead of making huge investments, it can survive the market. The experience of CEO and leaders can assist the brand to revive and make its place in the market once again.

Response to Question 4:

Lego was one of the most favorite toys of my childhood. Lego gave me the endless hours of enjoyment giving me a new opportunity to use my creativity every time I played with Lego. I still remember the most amazing Lego creations of mine, and a hydraulic crane system was one of them. I consider it one of the best gifts to give to children even today. I also used to love my Daisy Red Ryder toy gun and I still own that. It was a gift from my aunt. Lego is still available in the market and it is one of the most famous and loved toys among the children. I am not familiar with the availability of the Red Ryder toy gun.

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Video Case Four

Video Case Four

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Reasons why U.S. consumers do not overly price sensitive when it comes to buying candles

Root candles products are one of the most luxurious consumable products in the United States and other parts of the world. According to market statistics, most customers view that product luxurious but nonessential and thus does not deserve the price that the company charges on this product (Greenblatt, 2013). Root Candles has implemented a variety of value pricing strategies to provide premium candles and affordable prices for all potential customers. Generally, many potential customers in the United States see the product as a gift product but not essential products which should be prioritized. As such, many customers satisfy their basic needs first before buying Root candle products. Consequently, this has reduced the buying rate of candle products in the United States.

Additionally, most United States consumers do not overly price sensitive to buying candle because their expectation of the product's color and the scent is not fully met. Most consumers of this product usually expect specific smell which is not met by the company. Also, the design and packaging of the company's product is another factor which influences the buying of candle products in the United States (Greenblatt, 2013). According to market research, the design and packaging of this product are not appealing to many potential consumers. As such, even if the company reduce prices, no more customers are attracted. Lastly, the product also faces stiff competition for its close competitors. The level of competition in the industry has increased as companies in the same sector try to produce a quality product that seems to more appealing to potential customers than those of Root Candle.

Pricing method appropriate for Root Candle to price its products

Primarily, companies expect to earn profits to ensure their continuity in the industry that they operate. As such, the management tends to find an alternative method of pricing to increase the marketability of the products should one way fails (McQuillar, 2010). Similarly, Root Candle needs to consider another pricing method to help the management improve sales volumes of their products. As a result, the company should use penetrating pricing when their competitors draw their attention away from the competition. Penetration pricing will help the company to create more awareness of the potential and also build a good reputation about the company. Consequently, more consumers will be attracted to buy the company's products. However, the management of the Root Candle should not consider this method as the first resort because it might not be appropriate to realize the expected sales expectation of the top management because sales may gradually decrease other time.

How Root Candle can escape the price-cost pressures, it is facing

Root Candle can escape the price-cost pressure through the most appropriate substitute's chemical material that will make its product look essential than luxurious as most consumer view it. The management can do this by finding the economical alternative method of manufacturing their products to minimize cost operation (McQuillar, 2010). The company can do this by using components such as paraffin wax and other refined petroleum products to reduce their cost operation. Since gas prices in the United adversely influence the activities of the company, an alternative method will enable the management to products at low costs that allow them to charge fair prices that are affordable to all potential customers. Consequently, this will increase the company's sales value in general.

Conclusively, the management of Root Candle Company should employ the best pricing method that will make their products to be marketable in the market. In doing so, the performance of the company will gradually increase due to the increase in sales volume.


Greenblatt, J. (2013). Breakthrough strategies for predicting any market: Charting Elliott wave, Lucas, Fibonacci, Gann, and time for profit.

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McQuillar, T. L. (2010). Rootwork: Using the Folk Magick of Black America for Love, Money, and Success. Simon and Schuster.

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Video Case Three

Marketing and PR

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Marketing and PR

An organization keeps up their business drive via a sales force despite the fact that they have access to way more reliable and affordable strategies for finishing and supporting deals for the business group. The video in the same lieu entailed that everybody benefits when salesmen speak to the entire organization including customers. Companies need to retain and attract new customers by always trying to upkeep valuable associations with clients. For this purpose, each company needs to depend on their sales force to determine what does a customer seek in any item. A sales team can configure the exact needs and demands of any potential customer, and by featuring on their demands, sales force can ensure each of their needs are fulfilled which most of the CRM softwares are unable to decipher. So, there is a need of a real person’s focus on the customer’s needs to get more of your prospect clients to take action and actually make the purchase. While the softwares depict accurate measures and estimates for improving the overall sales, nothing care undermine the value of human cognition and insight offered by the sales team.

The video depicts that consultative selling is a selling strategy in which the salesman invests time and energy with the client to comprehend the issue the client is attempting to tackle and after that prescribes an answer that will explicitly address that issue. It's not the same as a customary deal in that it includes recommending an answer for an issue, as opposed to an emphasis on selling a particular item. The fundamental notion behind consultative sales strategy is to determine if a certain sales proposal is actually able to assist the customer to tackle any concern based on merchant's requirements. The salesman uses this technique to sell his product to the prospect customers represent the organization they speak on account of and discloses the potential benefits of offered products and services to the buyers. The sales agent also teaches the customer to configure for the best possible method to more readily exploit their understanding of the product to find a product most suited to their needs.

It offers the broad unbridled concept of being able to explain the entire market for a product, this gives the buyer more answers and possibly opens additional avenues and benefits not even considered.

I would feel perplexed since I would no longer be able to decipher if I can trust my eye specialist as someone who works in my best interests or is focused on his personal gains only. I would further try to contact the physician to ensure if the lenses suggested by him are something that is actually good for my eyes and don’t have any harmful aspects. If the specialist actually believes that the suggested contacts are actually beneficial for me based on his clinical and medical expertise, then I would oblige. But if the situation propose that the contacts are being recommended owing to a mutual collaboration between the brand and the specialist where the optician has a promised benefit or commission for suggesting the specific kind of lenses, I would look for another physician. However, it is essential to consider the contrary reasons behind such measures taken by a physician i.e. at any rate the specialist set aside the effort to discover a brand to work with and they can bear witness on behalf of the organization and the products offered. Hence, there exists a probability that the collaboration among the brand and the eye physician is merely for the purpose to ensure provision of high quality products to the customers and mutually benefits all the customers, the company and the physician altogether.


Hanan, M. (1993). Consultative selling. AMACOM Div American Mgmt Assn.

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Reece, B. L., & MacKenzie, H. F. (2001). Selling today: Building quality partnerships. Prentice Hall.

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Video Case Two

Marketing and PR

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From the point of view of PepsiCo, what are the advantages of a contractual channel system over a traditional or administered channel system?

A contractual channel system is a marketing system where the channel of distribution is integrated (Cravens, & Piercy, 2006). The focus is on the contractual rights. Using a contractual channel system contributes to the performance of PepsiCo. The method is advantageous over the traditional channel system as evident in PepsiCo. Administered channel system is a method where one member who has the powers controls the channel. The nature of cooperation levels encourages the use of contractual channel system. The company engages with distributors, hence, it must ensure control over the distribution process. Therefore, the advantages of the former over the latter include:

The presence of a contractual channel means that the parties involved observe a contract. A contract binds the parties and creates a mutual understanding. In administered channel system, there is not binding element. Therefore, there is exposure to risks that arise on non-compliance.

Using a contractual channel system supports business organization structure on the line of distribution and supply. PepsiCo has an advantage in the adoption of the system. Channels aligned with the suppliers and distributors support the organization and flow of operation.

The system encourages and motivates distributors by strengthening their relationship. Availability of contractually established obligations provides grounds for distributors to build trust with the company. In administered channels system, the authority may have manipulative powers to interfere with the distributors needs.

There is a high chance of avoiding embezzlement, excess legal fees and conflicts when using contractual channel system. However, in case of the administered system, there is high chances of disagreements the will rise to conflicts.

Why doesn't PepsiCo acquire the bottler/wholesalers or in some other way take over the wholesale distribution of Pepsi beverage products? 

PepsiCo has established channels and market for products. However, PepsiCo involves distributers in its distribution channels to assist the company meet its objectives. Wholesalers and other distributors are people on the ground who meets with the end users or retailers for purposes of consumption (Peter, Olson, & Grunert, 1999). The company has strategies that have made it to grow and widen he market base. Furthermore, the inclusion of wholesalers ensure that the company’s product reach all people. This is the main reason why PepsiCo cannot take over, or acquire wholesale distribution for the products. Besides, PepsiCo is a large organization whose products serve a large population and its business strategies cannot allow the company to engage in wholesaler’s services. Logistics is a factor hindering the company not to engage in wholesale activities. The company has headquarters located in a central place. This makes it difficult for the company to provide better services if it were in the level of wholesale. Bottling and distribution to whole customers involves use of material resources that will stretch available resources for production. Hence, the company will have to spend more due to high costs incurred. The company may also fail to meet the demand of customers.

3. How would you describe the job of a salesperson who works for PepsiAmericas, Inc.? What types of activities does this person perform?

The job of a sales person is similar to any other sales position in another product industry. The aim is selling as many products as possible. `The sell aims at the intermediaries and consumers. The company uses push/pull sales strategy. The sales persons engaged with the company have a responsibility of “push” that is, to sell many units given a chance (Hawkins, & Mothersbaugh, 2010). The salesperson has an obligation to fulfil. He has to maintain the contractual agreements. He must ensure proper handling of inventory and participate in promotions to boost the sales. Increased sales are as a pull strategy that provides information about the product to potential customers.


Cravens, D. W., & Piercy, N. (2006). Strategic marketing (Vol. 6). New York: McGraw-Hill.

Hawkins, D. I., & Mothersbaugh, D. L. (2010). Consumer behavior: Building marketing strategy. Boston: McGraw-Hill Irwin,.

Peter, J. P., Olson, J. C., & Grunert, K. G. (1999). Consumer behaviour and marketing strategy (pp. 329-48). London: McGraw-Hill.

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Walmart Marketing Strategy Project

Walmart Marketing

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Walmart Marketing Strategy Project


The first control that is to be implemented by the company is that no competitor must be able to offer better offers than its own. This will be achieved by a continuous assessment of the environment and will also include a competitive analysis. Any move by a competitor will be countered or some of these moves may be negated through proactive behavior. The lowest prices should continue to prevail for the company so that there is a control employed by the company CITATION Bak05 \l 1033 (Baker & Stacy, 2005). As far as the internal controls are concerned, the company has to continue generating enough cash for its growth so that it can continue its growth of stores across the country and the world. The workforce is also a strength for the company and there should be a system to track the attendance and performance of this workforce so that they can be controlled effectively. The lowest prices offered by company are due to the huge inventory purchases made by it. This aspect has to be controlled by engaging the suppliers of these goods in business. The major reason for the company’s success is the inclusion of all partners in a value delivery process. Suppliers feel good to work with the company because low prices do not mean any cut in the margin of suppliers. The company is able to transfer the savings made from huge purchases from suppliers to its customers in the form of lower prices. Analysis of financial statements also provides good control over the expenses made in terms of advertising and their effectiveness in terms of increase in sales. The company has to implement some control to make sure that it can provide its products to any country outside the USA in a timely and speedy manner. Failing to do so will mean that the company will not be able to sell huge quantities of goods and its profit margins will suffer.


The marketing plan will be implemented so that the objectives are achieved over a period of time. The company will have to do market research constantly so that no competitor is able to offer better products and services. Along with market research, a continuous analysis of external environment is also necessary because it will allow company to know the strategies of its competitors. The promotional campaigns will be focused on lower prices and offers made by competitors. An increase in the number of stores will allow the company to have more presence in different parts of the country as well as all over the world. The company will have different strategies in different parts of the world. Competitors like Asda and Lidl will force it to focus on offering lowest prices to its customers. In some other markets, the company has to open different types of stores in different localities to cater the changing needs of segments. The use of internet marketing will also help the company in a positive manner because it can provide vital information regarding customer preferences. Internet sales and marketing will allow it to expand across the globe but this aspect should be backed up by the ability of the company to provide shipments on time to various parts of the world. The company primarily provides retail services including online selling in the form of e-commerce. There are on-demand services for content streaming along with some own brands of the company including Sam’s choice. The retail element forms a major part of company’s business and provides easy, effective, and timely services to its customers. Employees have to play a major role in implementation of any strategy. Customers expect an easy experience in terms of shopping from company’s stores and online stores. Customer experience and satisfaction is one way to see the effectiveness of controls related to human resource mentioned above. The controls related to financial aspects will be checked by identifying the increase in sales and control of expenses. Increased sales will mean more revenue and lower expenses will mean higher profits CITATION Nea05 \l 1033 (Conan, 2005).

Walmart uses a strategy of everyday low price in revenue model of the company. A large number of customers are attracted by offering discounted prices and the company is able to achieve very high volumes of sale so that overall revenues are high. This strategy has worked very well for the company in case of local customers but the e-commerce and online sales aspect does not go very smoothly with this strategy because it has not been able to deliver goods efficiently and at manageable costs. Changes in any of these strategies will require a detailed situational analysis of the internal and external environment of the company. The company has opened its stores in such locations which will allow it to offer a convenient shopping experience to all customers CITATION Val19 \l 1033 (Sigurdsson, Breivik, Fagerstrom, & R.Foxall, 2019). The control on distribution channels will allow the company to reach the bulk of its target market. It uses a large number of sources to communicate with the customers including sales promotion, personal selling, and public relations. All these types have their own benefits. Sales promotion is helpful in attracting more customers to physical as well as online stores. Personal selling is used to persuade customers to buy certain goods when they visit the stores. The public relations aspect is used to provide press releases about various social activities undertaken by company. Online advertising and selling are powerful tools used by the company to enhance its market and sales. Costs related to online advertising are lower but the biggest challenge for company is to make sure that delivery of goods is done in a timely manner.

Marketing Department Organization

The marketing department should work on the basis of geographical areas because each area will have different characteristics and a single strategy will not work for all these areas. In some areas, the company will have to open different kinds of stores to cater to different market segments. In some other countries, lowest price stores will be sufficient to attract a large number of customers. The finance department will participate in the planning phase by allocating financial resources for advertising and other relevant activities. It will also analyze the effectiveness of control on expenses incurred by the marketing department, and their effectiveness. The human resource department will help the company in finding suitable staff for conducting business in various parts of the world. It is advisable that most of the staff is acquired from the geographical area where the company is conducting its business so that the staff is fully aware of the needs of customers. The procurement department will also have an important role to play in selecting suppliers and managing the inventory in such a way that costs of inventory are minimized and company can charge a lower price for its products. Other than the marketing department, all other departments should also work alongside. This means that the company will have country head offices as well as regional head offices to look after the operations. The delegation of responsibility will help the company to assess the situation of individual markets in a better way. Local staff helps in gaining precious knowledge from customers which is used to make and implement policies. Effective controls, consistent policies, and good coordination among all departments is necessary if the company wants to continue operating successfully.


BIBLIOGRAPHY Baker, & Stacy. (2005). Defining Retail,post Wal-Mart. Pro-Quest Central.

Conan, N. (2005, November 1). Analysis: At Wal-Mart, a mission to bolster image. Washington D.C, America.

Sigurdsson, V., Breivik, j., Fagerstrom, A., & R.Foxall, G. (2019). The marketing firm: Retailer and consumer contingencies. Managerial and Decision Economics.

Subject: Marketing and PR

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Week 2 Discussion

This is a sample of internal office memo regarding a new corporate email account. It conveys message to workers that they can set up their official account so they can enjoy and use all the new functions attached with corporate mail. The intended audience for this memo are all office workers and the message is related to Corporate mail web interface .

Problem with this memo

This memo is not written in effective style. There are many things missing in this memo like the opening portion then it says contact us, but no email address or telephone number given. The purpose of this corporate email is missing and same as benefits are not clearly stated.

Currently, the art of communication is the most important attribute of the success of business people and one of the main professional qualities. The life of a business person, in one way or another, is interconnected with communication, since he lives in a world of communications, a continuous circuit of information. In professional activities, a significant role is played by the rules and norms of business communication (Gopal, 2009). Therefore, neglecting them, the profit is lost due to the loss of a profitable transaction between partners, which are the reason for ignorance of the very important aspects and rules of business communication that led to the incorrect use of words in negotiations or incorrect behavior. A correctly chosen development strategy and tactics of business communication favors the success of business communications. Business communication is one of the most important practical tools to improve a person’s social status (Barrett,2014). It doesn’t matter on which aspect of personality development a person wants to achieve a certain level of social status, somehow in the field of obtaining the prestige of a profession, level of education, power or increasing his normalized income, because without establishing effective business communications this is impossible.


Barrett, D. (2014). Leadership communication. New York: McGraw-Hill/Irwin.

Gopal, N. (2009). Business Communication. New Delhi: New Age International. Retrieved from



Lauren Ferguson

Thankyou Lauren for your interesting post and I have read your attached documents and it is really sad thing that what kind of language used in it. In the absence of business communication skills, there is a misunderstanding between informants, and this in turn complicates the situation and puts both sides in an awkward position. The peculiarity of business relations is that, despite the differences in the profession of people, it is necessary to be able to build relationships and promote their further advancement in business in order to ultimately achieve the most effective business contacts.

Everlyne Balusi

Thankyou for your post. possessing the skills to use the rules of business communication and competent conducting business negotiations, the manager, like any person working in the tourism and recreation sector, can achieve high results in the field of management, which will subsequently improve the development of the enterprise, and in the future making profit in the future. Understanding of the most important psychological predispositions and personal characteristics of a business partner are significant factors that determine the success of business events. Therefore, it is necessary to improve your knowledge and skills in the field of business communication, to increase the communication level at each stage of your development, as well as to master and develop new methods of reception and communication techniques.

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Week 4 - Mktg 332


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Publicity for a Business

A homemade food delivery service will be used for this assignment. I will keep the quality of food high and will offer competitive pricing (D.Pickton & A.Broderick, 2005). For any new product or service, publicity helps to reach the target market effectively. To convince people, I will provide free samples to the owners of the public houses. We will want people to know about us and this will be possible only when we opt for better publicity options. People must know the difference between us and other competitors.

A person will be hired from the local area who will forward this service to our proposed target market. The target market will be the entire city. To be more specific, we will target people in lower and middle-income groups. These people need homemade food that is hygienic and affordable. A positive word of mouth will also play an important role in enhancing our publicity efforts. Further expansion ideas will be created by our local employees who know the actual needs of their locality.

Brochures will be distributed in various offices and universities. Social media will also be used for publicity of the service. A page will be created and its link will be shared on other pages for people to see (Gutierrez-Leefmans & Nava-Rogel, 2016). Blogs will be used to share experiences of people who use our services. A website will also be created to offer an online booking option for our customers. A mobile application will also be launched which will help our customers to reach us more easily. The initial purpose of our campaign will be to educate the people about the existence of our business. This aspect will be extended to let people know about the quality of our service.


BIBLIOGRAPHY D.Pickton, & A.Broderick. (2005). Integrated Marketing Communication (2nd ed.). Prentice Hall.

Gutierrez-Leefmans, & Nava-Rogel. (2016). Digital marketing in an emerging country: Exploratory study of SMEs with trust seal. Revista Brasileira de marketing, 15(2), 207-219.

Subject: Marketing and PR

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Week 4 Case Study - Franchise Restaurant

Week 4 Case Study- Franchise Restaurant

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The purpose of this paper is to analyze the prices of three items or vegetables supplied by three different suppliers. The analysis of the prices is done to understand the difference in prices and the relationship which exists based on the mean of the prices of the products. The three suppliers are Bonner, Enz and Walker and the items supplied are vegetable 1, vegetable 2, and vegetable 3. Therefore, this paper compares the mean prices of items from three suppliers and it illustrates whether the means are statistically different or not.

Compare the mean prices of items from the three suppliers:

Vegetable 1

The analysis of mean prices of vegetable 1 indicates that the prices of the means of vegetable 1 supplied by the three suppliers Benner, Enz, and Walker are different. The mean of vegetable 1 supplied by Benner is 0.66 Enz is $1.26 and Walker is $0.98. It, therefore, means that Enz supplied vegetable 1 at a higher price compared to Walker and Bonner and Bonner prices are the most affordable at $0.66. This is indicated in figure 1 below of descriptive statistic.













Standard Error


Standard Error


Standard Error














Standard Deviation


Standard Deviation


Standard Deviation


Sample Variance


Sample Variance


Sample Variance












































Figure 1: Descriptive statistic for the mean price of vegetable 1

Vegetable 2

The analysis of item vegetable 2 indicates that the mean prices of vegetable 2 are different as well. The mean of vegetable 2 supplied by Bonner is $1.02, Enz is $1.36 and Walker is $1.69. The analysis of the mean prices of vegetable 2 indicates that Walker had higher prices compared to the rest of the supplier and therefore, Bonner is more affordable at $1.02, followed by Enz at $1.36 and Walker at $1.69.













Standard Error


Standard Error


Standard Error














Standard Deviation


Standard Deviation


Standard Deviation


Sample Variance


Sample Variance


Sample Variance












































Figure 2: Descriptive statistic for the mean price of vegetable 3

Vegetable 3

The analysis of the mean price of vegetable 3 supplied by Bonner, Enz, and Walker indicates that there are differences of mean pieces. The mean prices of vegetable 3 supplied by Bonner are $1.95, Enz is $1.31 and Walker is $1.73. Based on the result obtained, it is evident that Bonner charged a higher price of $1.95, and Enz is the cheapest at $ 1.31.













Standard Error


Standard Error


Standard Error














Standard Deviation


Standard Deviation


Standard Deviation


Sample Variance


Sample Variance


Sample Variance












































Figure 3: Descriptive statistic for the mean price of vegetable 3

Based on the analysis of the mean price of three items supplied by the three suppliers Bonner, Enz and Walker, the mean price of three items is statistically differed among the suppliers. The mean prices of the three items differ based on the items provided by the supplier.













Standard Error


Standard Error


Standard Error














Standard Deviation


Standard Deviation


Standard Deviation


Sample Variance


Sample Variance


Sample Variance












































Figure 1: Descriptive Statistic

The analysis of the mean price of the items supplied by Bonner, Enz, and Walker indicates there is a price difference CITATION Pec16 \l 1033 (Peck, Olsen, & Devore, 2016). The mean price of items supplied by Bonner is $1.21, Enz is $1.31 and Walker is $1.46. This means that the mean price of items supplied by the three suppliers is a difference and the difference is based on the item and the supplier.

Anova: Single Factor







Column 1





Column 2





Column 3






Source of Variation






F crit

Between Groups







Within Groups











Figure 2: ANOVA

The mean price of each item supplied is different and the mean price of suppliers are also different. This means that the difference in prices is based on the supplier and the items supplied as well. The analysis of the mean prices indicates that the p-value is 0.552. It means that the null hypothesis is accepted and therefore, there is a relationship between the mean price of each item and the supplier CITATION Ali16 \l 1033 (Ali & Bhaskar, 2016). It can, therefore, be concluded that the differences in prices are based on the supplier, not the items supplied.


BIBLIOGRAPHY Ali, Z., & Bhaskar, S. (2016). Basic statistical tools in research and data analysis. https://www.researchgate.net/publication/308133810_Basic_statistical_tools_in_research_and_data_analysis, 2-35.

Peck, R., Olsen, C., & Devore, J. (2016). Introduction to Statistics & Data Analysis. https://www.cengage.com/resource_uploads/downloads/1305115341_450336.pdf, 2-35.

Subject: Marketing and PR

Pages: 3 Words: 900

Why We Buy A Product

Why We Buy a Product

[Author Name(s), First M. Last, Omit Titles and Degrees]

[Institutional Affiliation(s)]

Why We Buy a Product

Oreo is one of the oldest cookies I remember since my childhood. The very first Oreo was made in 1912 an since then this cookie holds a high significance in the minds and hearts of people. I see everyone buying this cookie, from the upper-middle class to the lower class. Behind this, there is a power of great advertising and marketing techniques that make people buy this cookie. There are many reasons this product appeal to me such as I have been eating these since I was a kid, Oreo’s advertisements are still fresh in my mind. Whenever I look at these cookies, “Twist, lick, dunk” comes to my mind. In addition, there are many ways this cookie can be consumed such as with milk, with ice cream and in many other ways.

Oreo cookie has been able to dominate the market for about a century. Marketing has been the backbone of the popularity of Oreo cookies. Marketers of the company created a personality of brand by having an Oreo mascot. Furthermore, the advertisements played a critical role in creating the brand image in the minds of consumers, and it does not serve a single purpose of increasing sales (Palmer, 2012). The creative advertisement of “Twist, lick, and dunk” appealed to me as a child. This creative ritual and the advertisements related to the creative use of Oreo cookies made it one of the most favorite biscuits is almost more than 100 countries around the globe. In addition, the attractive packaging, the display and the numerous flavors make me buy this cookie.

Oreo offers value for money for each of the product and flavor it floats in the market. The differentiate taste and high quality always justify the price. The brand name, quality and taste when compared with the other brands reveals that the company charges suitable prices for their products. These prices are competitive and it is not something only suited to the higher middle class and not very low that it can be associated with the working class. The pricing strategy also makes Oreo one of the favorite cookies of all the time. I believe I get satisfaction equal to the amount of money I spend on these cookies.

A distribution channel consists of a range of businesses and intermediaries through which the final product reaches to its final consumer. The brand also adopts one of the distribution channels. Oreo cookies are manufactured in the plants and in the US they have plants in Oregon, Virginia and New Jersey. These cookies are then sent to the distributors and from there to retailers such as online retailers, supermarkets, super marts, shopping malls, mom and pops stores, shopping centers and other market places. The company ensures the right distribution channel in all the countries based on customer’s needs. I picked up the newly introduced flavor to give it a try and this was introduced to me first by a social media-based advertisement. I came to know about this product and when I visited the supermarket in my surrounding, I also found the huge poster of it. The rack where it was placed was very appealing and grabbed my attention as the new flavor for an Oreo fan. I wanted to try the flavor, therefore, I picked one packet, and otherwise, I am not able to stop myself from buying more of it.

The answers to these questions reveal how the marketing strategy of Oreo in the US uses the right combination of 4p’s to make people buy this product. The product offers a variety of flavors and variants to meet the needs of a variety of consumers. The packaging also delivers the symbol of quality to its buyers. The prices charged does not define what it is for one segment only or for a niche market. The distribution channel makes it available to almost all the buyers who are willing to get it. Like other brands, Oreo also needs to meet the social, environmental and regulatory forces. For instance, the company has to ensure there is no child labor involved, human and animal rights are not violated. Nature has not been harmed in the process of making Oreos and environment and society is not damaged. Law and order requirements imposed on the companies have to be followed etc.


ADDIN ZOTERO_BIBL {"uncited":[],"omitted":[],"custom":[]} CSL_BIBLIOGRAPHY Palmer, A. (2012). Introduction to marketing: Theory and practice. Oxford University Press.

Subject: Marketing and PR

Pages: 2 Words: 600

Why We Buy Product

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Students Name




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It was a rainy day, and I walked into my room towards my reading nook by carrying a steaming mug of Nescafe instant coffee and paperback titled Inferno by Dan Brown. I sat in my tub chair by placing my feet on the footstool and took a rejuvenating and nostalgic sip from my frothy coffee. Meanwhile, suddenly, a thought struck my mind that why I am buying Nescafe since forever Means there is a myriad of other brands such as Jacobs, Maxell, and Folgers then why I mechanically opt for Nescafe whenever I enter the shopping aisle. And I remembered the marketing 4Ps I studied in my marketing class that in turn compelled me to analyze Nescafe in the light of marketing strategy concepts of 4Ps. In the following, a brief reflection of my random analysis is given.

What is it about Nescafe that appeals me And who are the people like me that are buying Nescafe

Instant making and a tinge of style, are the factors that drag me toward Nescafe. Such attributes are the underlying reasons that are sufficient to admire people like me in getting head over heels to buy Nescafe. Individuals like me who are students, book freaks, and classic introverts necessitate a handy and cost-effective cup of coffee repeatedly. Nescafe features a wide array of different coffee blends to gratify the tastes and preferences of different customers. The combinations and their properties vary according to the particular needs of demographics of targeted customers. The range includes flavors and blends such as skinny, decaf, unsweetened, and original and gold blends.

How do marketers strategically plan to market Nescafe to me

Marketers of Nescafe signify the idea of competition, consumers, and quality. By addressing these integral fractions, Nescafe assures to proffer quality products to its consumers. The unique products such as three in one coffee sachets and different coffee flavors not only market the product well but also help in developing and sustaining the lifestyles of its consumers.

Why does the price of Nescafe seem to be equal value for the satisfaction that I receive when using Nescafe

Nescafes pricing strategy follows the notion of quality and associated attributes of the product. Marketing mix pricing tactics of Nescafe highly observe the trends of rivals and market demand patterns. The products are of premium quality, and therefore their prices are a bit elevated. The significant pricing structure established a loyal customer base, and such consumers happily adhere to the products for many years like me. However, to extend its targeted customers, Nescafe has infused a variety of tastes and prices to its products portfolio. Take the instances of its handy, ready to stir sachets that are incredibly convenient and cost-effective for students and working-class individuals.

How does Nescafe get from manufacture to the place I can buy it

The perceived expansion and growth strategies of Nescafe made the brand an integral part of many households. Through its tireless endeavors, Nescafe strives to address the unique needs of its potential and existing customer base all around the planet. In due course, Nescafe assures a flawless delivery of its products to the remote and proximate areas where its customers are expected to be. That is the reason that as compared to other coffee brands, products of Nescafe are readily available on almost every shopping junction in every region. I never encountered a shortage or unavailability of Nescafe products in decades.

What promotional activities compel me to buy Nescafe

When it comes to promotional activities and advertisement campaign, Nescafe stresses the imperativeness of variety and multiplicity. In this context, the brand employs different communicational medium to access and inspire the customers. The promos and energetic commercials of Nescafe refresh the mornings while broadcasting on radio and television and mornings seem incomplete without such ads. Furthermore, the advent of the internet is also well utilized by the brand and contemporary generation like me used to view their online advertisement almost regularly. Whenever I watch an ad for Nescafe, I immediately run to prepare a cup for myself so that I could hum along all day and after all, its all starts with Nescafe.

Target Market and its relation to the controllable 4Ps of marketing

4Ps of marketing that includes Place, Price, Promotion, and Product, are indispensable to refine and define the marketing options for a brand. Nescafe applies the model of 4Ps in devising plans for its new products, assessment of the existing range, and in augmenting the impact of target market optimization. Nescafe targets the socio-economic class of consumers. Nevertheless, the prices of Nescafe products are not relatively low. Strategically, Nescafe focuses on the target market through devices of quality realization, income level, and education.

What social, environmental and regulatory forces for Nescafe

Like every other product and service, Nescafe too stumbles upon specific social, environmental, and regulatory forces.Such forces underline the increasing fad for coffee and other related hot beverages in the market, both on local and international levels. Some global territories in Eastern Europe, Latin America, and Asia are prone to the elevated populace and economic development. Consequently, the subject improvement of these regions equips Nescafe with an opportunity to advance its sales market share. However, Nescafe is dependant on its suppliers to an exacerbated extent, and therefore they have substantial control over Nescafes consumers. Additionally, the external market environment is laden with competitors that in turn, evoke the battle of pricing that could affect the stratagem of Nescafe.


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Subject: Marketing and PR

Pages: 3 Words: 900

Writer's Choice

Marketing Assessment

Name of Student

Name of Institution

The assessment below has been made for the marketing performance of the panda company that has initially launched a basic product for the workers and after some time the company has launched a product for the businessmen who travel a lot. There has been a continuous revision of the various aspects related to both the products.

Quarter 1

This venture name will be Panda. This is a global symbol that is easily recognizable. Thus, the product of the company will also be easily recognizable. The target market selection process includes many options. From the targeting of the full market available which is called mass marketing and is used when the same product is offered to the whole market to the micro marketing in which each individual is catered differently. In case of our product, we will use a segmenting strategy. The segment is carefully selected after studying the characteristics of the people as well as the product. The product is targeted at the workhorse segment of the market. The reason behind choosing this market is that it matches with the name of the company. The company name was chosen so that it is easily recognizable, the segment of workhorse is also easily recognizable in the market.. The marketing department will oversee all the activities related to the marketing aspects of the product. This will include all the activities from selecting the target customers to the stage where the needs of the customers are met. In the current scenario, the target market has been defined as the people who travel a lot and who need laptops and other portable devices. After identifying the customers, a thorough analysis of the needs will be undertaken to decide which customer segments match the company objectives and the resources. After the customers have been chosen, the company will decide on the product to be made and what particular features will be added to the product to satisfy the needs of the customers. The company has also identified the price that all the segments are willing to pay for the desired features and the product itself. The workhorse segment is willing to pay the lowest price i.e. $ 2500. The most important aspect for the target customers is the ease of use that the product will offer them. This will also mean that this segment will demand the least features in the product and the company will have to develop a simple basic product for these customers which will be easy to develop and manage. The last part of the market survey includes the identification of the original number of customers in all the segments separately. This will help the company to identify some of the numerical aspects of the business undertaken. We will open the first store in Shanghai because the symbol will be the most common to that place.

Quarter 2

The second quarter started with the testing of market by analyzing the various aspects of the customers and products once again. In this regard, the customers segment targeted, the price they are willing to pay and the needs that they have are revisited. The first product of the company will be a desktop computer to the target segment. This will be named vostro and it will cost $ 60000 to the company to make initially. The workhorse segment selected will comprise of the workers who will use the computers for work purposes so the system will include the office software. Some of the software will also be included in the system. These will help the customers in working at the offices. An example can be given using the book keeping software used by accounting clerks. One of the requirements of the customers segment was that they must be able to see the work done on the screens clearly. To cater this need, the company has opted for a larger screen with the product. The computing power is generally required by those who want to play games on the system, since our target segment is least likely to use the system for this purpose, the screen will be kept a bit bigger. The workhorse will have to save a large amount of data to the system which means that the hard drive of the system should be high capacity. As far as the pricing is concerned, the company can use many alternative strategies to price the product. The first option is the cost-plus pricing technique for the company. This option allows the company to set a price by adding a certain percentage to the cost incurred on making the product. This strategy will not work well for this company because this is best suited for the company that targets the mass market and deliver a standardized product. The second option for the company is to follow a penetration pricing strategy which means that the price of the company will be kept very low to drive the competitors out of the company. This strategy will not suit the company because it is successful when the company is well established and is in a position to drive the competitors out of the market on the basis of price. This company has just entered the business of computing which will mean that it will not be able to compete solely on prices. The last option available to the company is the competitive pricing strategy which is based on the prices charged by the competitors of the company. This strategy suits the company in many ways. It will be easier to set a price as there will be a bench mark in the form of competitor price against which the company can judge its price. The second benefit that this strategy will offer will be that the company will just have to keep an eye on the competitor’s actions and react to them. This will also mean that the company will not have to focus very hardly on the pricing aspects of the product. The customer is willing to pay $ 2500 so we have kept the price at $ 2400 which is calculated after deducting the discount of $ 100.

Another important consideration that has to be made by the company is the price elasticity of demand for its product. This is referred to as the impact of change of price on the change in demand. This analysis is very important for several reasons. The most important aspect is the relationship between the elasticity of demand and the revenues of the company. The inelastic demand refers to the case when the change in price is more but the change in quantity demanded is less. This situation is characterized by a change in price and revenue in the same direction. The elastic demand is characterized by a higher change in demand as a result of a smaller change in price. This case shows that the revenue and price move in opposite direction. If we talk about the product under consideration, the target segment is more concerned about the price of the product which will mean that the product may see a sharp change in the quantity demanded. It will be advisable for the company to decrease the prices a little bit so that it can generate more revenue out of the product.

Once the pricing has been set, the next step of the process is the promotion activity. The promotion of the company product will be done by the advertisement on the television. This mode is chosen because the nature of the product is such that the visual advertisement will be the best mode of reaching out the customers. While making the advertisement, the customers needs will have to be revisited. First of all, the product name should be mentioned in the advertisement so that the people should clearly know what the information relates to. Since the customers are price sensitive, the discount or rebate deals will be beneficial for the company to enhance sales. Thus, the advertisement will also mention any deals that are offered by the company. The advertisement will also show the various applications that are available on the system so that the customers needing these applications can easily decide whether to purchase the product or not based on the advertisement. It will show the picture of various business professionals using the system and appreciating the ease with which the system has helped them complete their tasks. There will also be a person who has not been able to save some huge files on his system and when he uses the system bought from the company, his problem is solved.

The company will also place some advertisements on the business magazines, this placement will be made with the tag of high efficiency. The company will have a total of 10 representations in various magazines. The only issue faced by the company at this stage will be to make sure that the claims made in the advertisements are truthful and do not have a chance that the company may have to face some law suits due to these.

The company will hire the sales staff for making the sales of the product with the help of four people. One of these people will be trained enough and will not require any training. One person will be engaged in the support associated with the sales department. The support agent along with the two sales agents will have to be trained before put to work. The training and salary costs of these people will amount to $ 77000 for the quarter to the company.

If we take a look on the potential demand of the product from various segments available, the highest figure in all the areas is for the workhorse segment.

Quarter 3

If we see the start of quarter 3, the performance of the company in the last quarter has not been up to the mark by any standards. This has been shown in the balanced scorecard where all the performance scores are well below the average of the industry. These scores are also lower than the scores of the competitors. There were concerns from certain independent bodies about the various aspects of the target segment being missed by the company. The company had to control the costs to make the profits out of the operations. The market share in the target segment was very low, this aspect means that the company advertisements are not able to communicate the message in a way that can compel the customer to buy the product. This may be caused by some poor identification of the needs of the customers. If we refer back to the needs of the customers, there are certain things missing in the system that were required by the customers. A large number of customers wanted that the machine must be easy to use. The product offered does not specifically cater this particular need. There were demands of the customers that the system must be able to connect to the various other devices through various connectivity options. This feature is also apparently missing in the product as it does not provide the option to connect to any networks. This si very logical as the segment is assumed to be the working class and while working in the offices, they will definitely need that their computers are able to be linked to the networks for data share and other aspects. Another very important aspect that is missing in the basic aspects of the system is the after sales service and warranty aspects of the machine. In the industry that the company is working in is such that the provision of after sales service is almost a must. This is even more applicable to the company because it has just started working in this product market. The company is dealing in the technology related products which are more prone to malfunction so the company must have some office that caters the concerns of such customers whose products are not working properly. This service will work two way, the company can use this service as the information delivery as well. The sales staff hired should be closely in contact with these people who provide the after sales services so that there is a team effort to resolve the problems. The marketing department should also take the feedback form the after sales services department because this will help them to know what aspects of the product are creating problems for the customers. Another change that the system will need is that it should be compatible to at least some of the games that are available in the market. The company can also provide some built in games for the customers to play. Another option is to provide some themes that can entertain the customers and make their usage of the system a fun experience. A large number of customers marked that they needed a distinct look with the system. This aspect of the product was also ignored by the company by making a common type of product that has no specific difference in the looks.

The above mentioned aspects have resulted in the current situation that the company is having only 30% of the market share in the market. This shows the weaknesses in the marketing strategies of the company. This is because the company is not innovating enough to attract more customers and increase the market share. The company should have offered some product that provides some distinct features to the customers or some other thing that has not yet been offered by the competitors. The innovation is expensive but it certainly pays off. The second method of increasing the market share is to improve the customer’s relationships. This aspect relates to the better recognition of the customer needs and also to the availability of the customer relationship methods.

Better serve your target customers.

The increase in market share is possible only when the customers are loyal enough to stay with the company even when there is some specific offers by the competitors of the company. This will mean that the old satisfied customers will speak positively for the company that will in turn extract more customers for the company. This method will be cost effective as well because the positive word of mouth will not need that the company spends some amount for advertising but it will generate more customer traffic for the company.

Quarter 4

The balanced scorecard related to the last quarter shows that the company has improved in the financial aspects of the operations. The reason behind this is that the company has been able to sell more products due to the online sales program introduced by the company.

In this quarter the company is trying to expand its operations by introducing another product for a new target segment. The segment chosen for the second product is the traveler segment of the market. This segment has specific needs that have to be incorporated in the design to cater their needs successfully. The foremost need that has to be catered is the portability of the systems. This is because the name of the segment suggests that they will need to carry the machines with them while going from one place to another. The Customers will also need that the systems easily support the various document files that are used outside of the country. These people will be the businessmen who will be least concerned with the price and most concerned with the features that the company products will offer them. The connectivity aspects of the products for these customers will be very important.

The name of the second product will be think pad and the pricing strategy for the company that is recommended for this product is the skimming pricing. This strategy is worked out when the company is targeting the segment that is price insensitive. Thus, the company will use this strategy to attract the traveler segment. The company will have to provide some top of the line product to ensure that the customers get what they want.

Quarter 5

The results of the last quarter have shown continuous improvements on the various aspects of the products. This specifically includes the marketing aspects where the company has scored the maximum possible marks on the card. The marketing effectiveness issues prevail for the company which can be addressed as follows:

Revisit the quality of Sales Staff

The company must also consider the caliber and ability of the sales staff hired in the office. This is because the increase in market share will mean that the company product is sold more. This is only possible when the sales personnel of the company are communicating effectively to the customers who are approaching them. In this regard the company must also reassess the training methods employed by it because the training effectiveness is evident from the increase in sales of the company which in turn will increase the market share.

The new target segment is the one that include frequent travelers and these people are generally on the go, the best option for this segment for the advertisements for this segment will be online marketing. The company should run an extensive social media campaign to attract and retain the customers. This campaign will target all the customers in general but some of the advertisements will be specifically targeted to the business class. The company will hire two people who will be trained to handle the social media marketing campaigns. The better solution is that the company may train any of the existing sales person to take up the task. This option will be cost effective and can prove beneficial in generating sales. The company has decided to hire two new people for the sales force. One person will be added to the support section and other will be added to the sales section specifically for the online sales and advertisements.

The second office will be opened in Chicago. This is because there are many people who come to the city as travelers and it is one of the business hubs of the country. There will also be 4 new hiring for sales staff for the new office in Chicago.

The company has lagged behind in satisfying the needs of the customers. The major concern that has been shared by most of the customers is that the battery timing of the system is too less for them to work in some independent capacity. There have also been some concerns over the connectivity aspects of the system. Some customers also stated that many features that were communicated were not available in the original product. All these aspects made the product performance poor.

Quarter 6

In the quarter 5 all the scores had been satisfactory except for the marketing effectiveness score. This issue can be resolved as under:

Revisit the advertisements

There were certain aspects in the advertisements that were pointed out by some external stakeholders that the company has not been able to satisfy the needs of the customers. There has been a detailed discussion above on where the company lacked In terms of identifying the needs of the customers. Now the company must revise those aspects of the customer needs in the original modifications of the product and also in the advertisements that have to be reviewed.

This quarter will see the company take various steps to improve the product that is targeted at the business customers. The technical department has been advised to bring out some solution to the battery timings issue of the product. The marketing department will be given the task to redesign the advertisement in coordination with the technical team so that the product contains the features that have been communicated in the advertisements. The company will use the lowest cost options of advertising the products so that the overall costs of the company will decrease. After controlling the costs, the company will be able to charge a price that is relatively lower than the price charged by the competitors. This will benefit the company in a way that the value delivered will be more than the value perceived. This will help the company to make some loyal customers who will spread a positive word of mouth for the company. The company will have to make sure that the delivered products are very much similar to the ones that have been communicated in the advertisements of the company. Failing this will be hazardous to the company in many ways. This segment is always seeking value for money spent so they will be quickly dissatisfied if the company fails to deliver what is promised.

Keep costs lower to generate profits

If we see the brand profitability analysis for the company, we can assess that the company is not even able to earn the operating profit. This is because the company sales are not very high and expenses are not properly controlled. Both these aspects are adding to the fact that the company is in a loss for the current period. A further analysis reveals that the costs of the company are split into fixed and variable costs. The fixed costs are the ones that have to be paid irrespective of the level of production. The costs that are directly associated with the production are the variable costs. The company under consideration has to incur the fixed costs because the facility rent will be paid anyway. The variable costs can be controlled by the company. If we see the expenses incurred by the division, the cost of goods sold is very high, the division should bring in automation to the processes followed to make the product. The advertising costs are also higher and the same has not proven to be as effective as it should have been. In order to control the expenses and earn some kind of profit, the company must go for the online options of the marketing and advertisements. This will mean that the company will spend less amount of money on advertising through the conventional media which is expensive as well. The reach of the advertising and marketing through the online options will be much more as compared to the traditional options of advertising. The cost per advertisement will go down which will improve the profitability of the company.

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Nespresso Competitors

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Company and brand: Nestle – Nespresso

Product: Nespresso coffee capsules

In order to ensure that customers have a consistent coffee experience, original Nespresso Aluminium capsule interacts with genuine Nespresso machine. This consistency has placed Nespresso among the fastest growing global brands in food and beverages.

History of Nespresso

The story of Nespresso started with a simple idea, to make sure that everyone has a perfect cup of espresso coffee for himself. The brand was launched in 1986, the brand has shaped coffee culture all around the world. Company’s basic aim is to make sure that people continue enjoying their coffee cup after cup. Company targets business to business as well as business to consumer segments. There have been three major forces which have helped Nespresso to build its success. These include creation of highest quality coffee for the customers, creating relationship with customers that are long lasting and creating sustainable business growth. These drivers are further helped by the core competencies possessed by the company in the form of its ability to entertain customers with unsurpassed coffee quality and maintaining its deep coffee expertise. The company is always looking to innovate in all possible things. Whether it is in the distinctive design of the shops or research and development expertise. There is a feel of direct relationship with every customer which also shows that company is a part of passionate global community of brands. The business model used by Starbucks is unique in nature and company also provides exclusive high level of client services CITATION Mic19 \l 1033 (Braun, Latham, & Cannatelli, 2019).

Nespresso is a starting point when we consider single- serve coffee sector and it is also a fast growing company in food and beverages sector. The company has dominated the European market of one serve coffee over the last 31 years. Coffee experience of millions of people has been changed by Nespresso Company CITATION Ulr19 \l 1033 (Pidun, 2019). The major aspect of company success relates to its pricing power. Major strategy of Nespresso relates to delivering high quality product and innovation is implemented in a sustainable way. Every aspect of supply chain is considered important by the company and it implements a value pricing strategy that goes well with company strategy. Nespresso has justified its higher prices by delivering other additional aspects to its customers. Brand value, quality and personalized service for individual customers are only some positive points related to company. There is a cyclical relationship between product differentiation, value creation and innovation. Machines used by company are easy to operate. Continuous innovation has helped the company to win competitive bots in many countries. Special editions are one way for companies to justify higher priced products. Nespresso has used this concept to justify its higher prices. There are special flavours offered by the company in the name of special edition for a certain period of time during the year. The limited editions are priced 20-25% higher than the original products. Another kind of special editions relate to a product named exploration which had a higher difference from the normal coffee price. These special editions initiate a sense of scarcity in the customers because these flavours are available for a short period of time. A special edition that is purchased very quickly by people will educate the company that needs of particular markets are changing and it will also have to bring appropriate changes to survive. The company has mastered the adoption of customer centric approach towards innovation. Company has launched channels that sell directly to customers and these channels help to gather valuable information from the customers. Company has rightly learnt that a customer is not buying a product or service but he is buying an experience. A customer is taken to tasting area to select from various flavours. This makes customer’s experience a personalized one and he does not remember coffee but the experience that he has taken from the business floor CITATION Kur13 \l 1033 (Matzler, Bailom, Eichen, & Kohler, 2013). Unique marketing skills have helped the company to humanize its brand and get the customers to attach emotionally to it. A razor and blade purchase model has been followed by the company which relies on number of repeated purchases made by customers. Most of the companies in single serve coffee market work on this pricing model but there are not many companies whose customers do make regular purchases. Nespresso has been successfully following this pricing model and a large number of customers do make repetitive purchases from the company outlets. The major success factor for Nespresso against its competitors is that it has an aggregation to the overall strategy making and implementation. There is a sense of aggregation and coordination among all aspects. The excellent mental experience that converts normal customers to loyal ones goes well with higher prices. Similarly, the excellent customer experience also goes well with the pricing model that is based on repetitive purchases.

Competitors of Nespresso

Nespresso has been well ahead of the competition despite charging a price that is much higher as compared to the competitors. There is less variety of product offered by the company. The major difference between Nespresso and other companies is that other companies seem to be selling products while nespresso seems to be selling an experience that lasts long and changes the way people think about coffee. The unique selling proposition for Nespresso capsule is that they are rechargeable. Some of its competitors show eco-friendliness as their unique selling proposition but they are not very much successful in transferring feel of their unique selling proposition to their customers. The compatibility between strategies at all levels is the major factor that results in company success. All persons who are a part of this organisation are aware that they have to work for an outstanding customer experience. This integrated effort is not visible in any other competing company CITATION Med18 \l 1033 (Mederer, 2018).

Maison Du Café (L’Or),

This company was created in France in 1992 and is ambitioned to offer the best coffee in the world over a long period of time. In 2010, company went outside the borders of France by launching L’OR espresso with coffee beans compatible with Nespresso machines. The company provides Ristretto which is a very short espresso having very low water content. Espresso is also known by the name of tight coffee. This brand is available in many blends and each of these blends have their own taste and characteristics. The last variation offered by the company is called long coffee which uses twice the amount of water as compared to espresso. Using highest grade coffee beans is one of the strengths of this company. There has been loads of competition for the company to handle. This is especially true if company wants to set up independent operations in some international market. Company has placed its machines at some big malls and places having high foot traffic. One of the major threats is condition of weather that may affect coffee plantation. Another relevant threat is implementation of trade barriers between various countries which will affect the ability of company to have a continuous supply of raw materials. The company charges a price that is lower than Nespresso and offers more flavours than it does but it fails to capture the minds of its customers with help of a differentiated product. This aspect keeps this company far behind Nespresso and there is a minimal threat to Nespresso that this competitor will come any where close to competing it.


Starbucks Company was founded in 1971 by Jerry Baldwin, Zev Siegl and Gordon Bowker. The company not only produces high quality coffee but also tries to make the world a better place to live. The name showed the experiences shared by some old coffee traders travelling through the sea. Howard Schultz joined Starbucks Company in 1982 and he envisioned bringing the Italian coffee experience back to US coffee shops. He wanted to make a coffee shop a place where community members sit and discuss topics of their interests. A full coffee house experience is provided to the customers in addition to high quality coffee CITATION Che18 \l 1033 (Krishna, 2018). The company had adopted a strategy of increasing the number of stores in any given geographical area. There is a clear change in this strategy as the company has focused on reinventing the ultimate coffee house experience for the people. The major strengths of Starbucks is the fact that it is one of the strongest brands of the world. Loyal customers for the company have been growing at a steady rate CITATION Joh10 \l 1033 (Gallaugher & Ransbotham, 2010). Strong supply chain is also a major strength for the company which is formed by a global network of suppliers who are carefully selected after thorough inspection. Company also takes initiatives to diversify its business by way of acquisitions or setting up subsidiaries. Diversifying to different product lines will mean that company is less prone to risks associated to a single product. The company charges higher price as compared to most of its competitors which helps it to maximize profitability but reduces affordability for its customers. There is a reduced market share for the company in areas where there are lower disposable incomes. This will also reduce attachment between company, culture and local target markets. There are small number of products offered by the company which are not imitable otherwise, there is a significance probability that any taste or flavour will be copied by competitors. Competitors gain power as a result of imitable products of company. Company revenues can be increased by expanding in developing markets. These markets will be away from the U.S. market. Company can go for partnerships or alliances with other companies as well as retailers and distributors. The major threat for the company is posed by the competitors who offer similar products at a lower price. Other major threat comes out of imitation aspect and it is even more dangerous in markets which are unknown to the company. Change in the industry with entry of independent coffee houses also poses considerable threat to company. Starbucks is one of the strongest competitors of Nespresso but it has not been able to adapt successfully to some of the international markets which keeps it behind Nespresso. There is a similarity in these two brands in their recognition at the global level. This is the only competitor that can threated Nespresso in some areas of concern but Nespresso’ integrated efforts towards strategy implementation will take lead.

Ethical Coffee Company (Eco Coffee)

The story of ethical coffee company is rooted strongly in place and purpose. The owners wanted to find a way that will ensure a better and more equitable way of working with coffee farmers CITATION Tho191 \l 1033 (dietz, Chong, Grabs, & Killian, 2019). The major product sold by company is decaf coffee. The company claims that decaf coffee is free of any kind of chemicals. The process of decaffeination is completed by using water and specific pressure, temperature and flow. Decaffeinated beans are then sent to the major roaster in Vancouver. The decaffeination process occurs in Mexico and water is taken from glacier in some high mountain range. The taste of Decaf is said to be different from similar products offered by competitors. The company has pursued a strategy of growth over a period of time but this growth is restricted to the country of origin only. There is least presence of this company in countries other than its country of origin. Strengths of this company include the strong knowledge of local market. This knowledge also includes a comprehensive knowledge of tastes of people living there. Opportunities are presented to go in countries where other competitors are already working. Threats include the imitability of processes that may result in another company offering the same products. This company does not pose any significant threat to Nespresso. It will have to make sure that its operations are in line with its name, then over a longer period of time, it may improve its various aspects.

One of the indirect competitors of the company is McCafe that is a coffee brand launched by McDonalds. This product considers sustainability as one of the major concerns in the current business scenario. McDonalds has joined hands with coffee roasters to help increase sustainability in the whole supply chain CITATION Tho19 \l 1033 (Dietz, Grabs, & Chong, 2019). This competitor is not threatening to Nespresso because it is not a major product of its company CITATION Ste18 \l 1033 (Schmid & Gombert, 2018). However, the presence of a big giant at the back of this product may mean that it can be launched on huge scale but it will take considerable time for McCafe to reach the level of Nespresso.


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Amazon Echo

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Amazon Echo

Amazon Echo is a second generation, smart speaker with Alexa and Charcoal fabric. It is produced by Amazon and sold in different countries. Echo can be connected to Alexa to read the news, play music, set alarm and answer questions as well. It is comfortable with smart home devices and other electric and therefore it can be used in a different ways at home. It is a powerful speaker built with Dolby technology and plays at 360 degree audio and therefore, it produces quality sound.

However, in order to increase sales of Amazon Echo, it is important to add some features to the speaker. It is recommended to add neon light to the speaker. The neon light mimics the voice on the device while performing, which increase the quality of the voice and become more entertaining. The additional of neon lights will make the speaker more appealing to the younger generation and therefore, it help in improving a market segment of the speaker. Since many young people would prefer to have Amazon Echo, the additional features would make it more attractive the clientele. It will increase the market base of the speaker hence increase sales and profitability. The young generation like attractive devices and by adding neon light the speaker will become more appealing. The kids will be fascinated by the adding neon light which mimic when being played and therefore, they will prompt their parents to buy them the device. It is therefore, likely to increase the market share, which will increase the sales margin of the product hence profitability.

It is important to note that students provided feedback by answering the three questions such as whether or not they have the mimic sound and they would want to be added to a speaker, what kind of sound appeal to them and what features they look at first when purchasing a speaker. These questions are helpful in deciding on the features, which are supposed to be added to the device. However, the statement from students would be helpful in knowing what they prefer from electronic devices and especially speaker. The determination of the features is also needful in designing of the best feature to add to the speaker, which can attract the young generation and help in built loyalty in the market segment.

In order to determine whether the idea is the best, which can help improving the sales of Amazon speaker, the student would be able to show that the idea is what drives them to buy speaker. The determination of the idea would purely be based on the love of the product indicated by each student. The answer provided by students should be also be related to the promotion of the product to indicate whether the idea taken to change the product is viable and is likely to help the company increase sales and build market loyalty as well. The feedback provide by students were therefore, useful in determination of the features to add on the product and especially how to design the product, which can be attractive to customers.

In conclusion, the sale of Amazon Echo can be improved by adding more appealing features. And the neon light would be the best features, if added to the speaker would be helpful in creating a new market segment for the product. It also helps the company to build market loyalty become of its appeal to the young generation. It is therefore, an important feature based on the feedback from students on what would attract them to the product. It would therefore, improves the sales and general market performance of the product.

Subject: Marketing and PR

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Zappos Case Study

Zappos Case Study

[Author’s name]

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Zappos Case Study

Response to Question 1

Today, the organization of Zappos is determined to define its significant position as the online shoe-retiling giant in the competitive shoe market. This company started its business in 1999 with the objective of attaining its position as the online shoe retailer. To achieve this key objective, the management of the company is interested to adopt some long-term and wide-ranging strategies to gain maximum attention of potential customers. The criteria of the long-term strategy of Zappos can better apprehend by considering the overall strategic background of the company (LAKSHMI, & SOHAIL). Undoubtedly, this organization marked its position as the leading online shoe retailer in current times by focusing on the adoption of some comprehensive strategic domains to achieve both short-term and long-term goals. Customer service is established as the priority for the management to successfully entertain changing requirements of the potential customers.

It is vital to identify and critically examine the long-term strategy of this corporate organization to determine its approach to growth for a longer time span. An online marketing strategy is the current focus of the company to achieve the target of long-term growth. The higher management of the company has a clear vision to enhance its IT infrastructure in order to expand its market share for the long-term growth and development of the shoe business. Providing services in the form of online footwear and accessories is the focus of the company to enhance rapid and close integration with potential customers (Kopelman., Chiou., Lipani, & Zhu, Z. 2012). The perspective of the long-term is cleared for the management concerning the approach of the long-term business. Successful adoption of eCommerce is the Zappos’s business strategy to successfully meet the targets of long-term business growth and enhancement of market share at the global corporate level. It is observed that currently, the company of Zippos greatly shifts its spectrum of business towards the facet of online business services for the customers belongs to different segments. A critical examination of the effectiveness of the current strategy of eCommerce by Zippos is a necessary condition to evaluate its benefits for future corporate domains. A comprehensive examination of the existing marketing environment clearly revealed that consideration of online technologies is one suitable practical measure to expand the idea of improved and rapid customer services for the target customers. The approach of selling shoes online is greatly captured by the company as the biggest retailer organization in the potential shoe market (Cowley,2013). The approach of online marketing strategy also successfully utilized by the company to offer a new product line to a large segment of the customers. This prospect for the Zippos appeared in the form of offering a new couture line, narrow product line, and friendly environment line of shoes in order to attract an increased range of customers belongs to different parts of the world.

A detailed assessment of the current business strategy of the company is also a vital part of the analysis to examine the potential strengths and weaknesses of this business entity. Currently, the organization of Zippos is committed to successfully eliminate all the odds of online shopping faced by the customers (Wang, Zhu, & Chen, 2009). This specific perspective is appeared as eliminating the option of shipping cost and greatly invested in a domain of call center to enhance the level of interaction between the company and the customers. In current conditions, the company of Zippos is mainly interested to focus on its insourcing operations with the objective of increased efficiency level. This particular objective is achieved by the company by expanding its overall range of product lines that observed in the form of a handbag, glasses, and a range of clothing. The main current strategy of Zippos identified as its strong and excellent customer service. This retailer company is keen to provide fast paced customer services to the customers by ensuring interactive form of advertisement and online marketing of range of products. A great range of business effectiveness for the company comprised on the practical idea of word-of-mouth form of advertisement (Young & Clack 2009). The online business strategy is different of Zippos as compare to other retailer organizations because it allows online customers to never pay anything online, instead Zippos gives chance to the clients to first try the product and even there is option of return of the product.

A comprehensive SWOT analysis for the business approach of Zippos is also necessary condition to ensure successful form of corporate strategic analysis. The theoretical framework of SWOT analysis comprised on the approach to identify potential strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats for the business scenario of Zippos in case of potential retailer market. It is noticeable to indicate that the facets of strengths and weaknesses for the company associated with the internal organizational factors whereas the prospects of opportunities and threats covers the range of external business scenario for the company.

Strengths of Zippos

Customer service is identified as the main strength for this business organization that encourage its marketing domain to successfully connect with customers’ changing requirements.

Weakness of Zippos

The current business approach in the form of Amazon merger is identified as the major weakness appeared for the company that requires necessary attention.

Opportunities for Zippos

Online retailing is major opportunity for this organization to enhance its business approach in a profitable manner.

Threats for Zippos

The risk of security breach is characterized as major threat for the organization

Zappos’ reputation for great customer service provides the company with more useful advertisement than their marketing budget. Repeat customers and word-of-mouth advertisement is what fuels the growth of this company. Marketing at Zappos is about building profitable relationships with customers.

Zappos.com has managed to become one of the leading online shoe-retailing giant that was established in 1999. The business model picked by Zappos.com was invented out of the frustration faced by the shoppers to find their required footwear brand. At present the company is having more than 90,000 styles and more than 500 famous brands, which are in high demand in the international markets. The IT infrastructure has also facilitated the company in tackling of the online segment coverage. Zappos has hired the services of IBM for its technological support, as the company needs high quality IT support to facilitate its huge customer market worldwide. Zappos.com is getting more than 20,000 orders each day; therefore, it has to get its IT backup as strong as possible. The long-tail effect has been benefiting Zappos.com in management of its online segment coverage, as it offers overwhelming collection of attractive brands, color, style and size. Online customers want everything customized this is the reason that Zappos.com is able to attract huge online customer markets. There are several other competitors of Zappos.com like Endless.com, Pioerlime.com, Amazon.com etc. who have also been following a similar pattern of approaches to attract online customers. The company is offering high quality customer services and is also offering amazing price discounts to its clients on its online segment and is continuously growing by acquiring other similar online-based companies like 6pm.com to maintain its market leadership and presence on a larger scale.

Response to Question 2

A. Online businesses have gained much attention in the past few years, as the chances of success is higher and costs are low as compare to any physical business. These days, shoppers are mostly attracted to those online stores or businesses that are having highly customized products and services. This is the main reason that companies like Zappos.com has gained effective market presence in the online industry. If an online business is not offering any unique product or services then there are higher chances that the business will fail, soon. The other factor is this that the shoppers are attracted to those online stores that are offering higher discounts with optimum level of quality. Zappos has always been able to provide quality services to its clients with attractive discounts. At a very initial stage the entrepreneurs have to question themselves whether they are offering something unique to the targeted market or not and this must be addressed in the very first 6 months. Following are few keys to differentiate online businesses and how these have been used by Zappos.com to add value for the customers:

•An online company must not just sell products, but also must sell solutions and this will actually add value to the products and services they offer. Like the online businesses can offer rich and deep content, provide bundle of similar products, and offer based interactive chat etc. All these will help the customers to stay and remain loyal and contended with the online business.

•Highly focus on personalization, which is a key B2C and B2B commerce

•Building of unique featured brand presence in the online market

•Content is considered as a paramount in online business; therefore, online retailers like Zappos.com must focus on providing of enriched content for all of its products and services.

•Customer services is also a key to a brand’s success; therefore, online businesses but focus on quality customer services to attract larger customer markets

•Promotions and pricing also play critical role in businesses differentiation, so these must be kept aligned with the overall business vision.

Zappos.com has been able to cover all these 6 factors effectively to maintain effective value for its clients.

B. There are a number of ways to target online communities to increase online business. The initial and important way is to target the audience and finding people using the internet more than those people who are not using the internet. Another way is to analyze the content that is going to be published and it is important to interact with them through the content so that they may get attracted.


Cowley, E. J. (2013). Servant Leadership at Zappos. Com, Inc (Doctoral dissertation, University of La Verne).

Kopelman, R. E., Chiou, A. Y., Lipani, L. J., & Zhu, Z. (2012). Interpreting the success of Zappos. com, Four Seasons, and Nordstrom: Customer centricity is but one‐third of the job. Global Business and Organizational Excellence, 31(5), 20-35.

Young, M., & Clack, E. (2009). Zappos Milestone: Focus on Apparel. Footwear News.


Wang, G., Hu, J., Zhu, Y., Li, H., & Chen, Z. (2009, April). Competitive analysis from click-through log. In Proceedings of the 18th international conference on World wide web (pp. 1051-1052). ACM.

Subject: Marketing and PR

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