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Reflective Report


More than 150 million children throughout the world are living on streets many of them are born orphans. Orphan children are going through starvation, and they get little support from community. In this regard, I always want to go extra mile for such underprivileged orphans. To help orphans, I presented idea to my team members Ahmad, Talal, and Deniz. My team appreciated me, and showed willingness to support orphans who are struggling to cope up with the challenges of the daily life. For this purpose, we became members of social enterprise project named Volunteer Work for Orphans (VWO). After joining the enterprise, we found that there are number of orphan children living on streets. The initial step was to collect information about orphans, and then create awareness among people to support them. In our group of four people including me, Talal and Ahmed carried out the research regarding orphans while I and Deniz prepared a plan to help such orphans in the best possible manner. As a team we all understand that volunteering is a dedicated job, and volunteers get a sense of achievement upon completion of their project.

Most of the times, orphans are unable to get education due to the lack of financial resources. When they grow up, they develop different psychological issues as they do not have access to the facilities that other people have. In this context, the society needs to understand the issue. The aim of the social enterprise VWO is to locate orphans, semi orphans, and the children living on street. The issue regarding orphan and street children is severe due to massive industrialization and urbanization. According to the findings of Ahmed and Talal, the orphans and street children are involved in pick-pocketing, shop lifting, rag picking, and other related crimes. During their childhood they are neglected, and as a result they go astray. In addition, different criminal gangs and smugglers exploit such children. Unfortunately, orphans are trafficked within country and abroad as they are always vulnerable. Our mission is to provide orphans and street children with proper care, support, education, training, and shelter. Although there has been planned development and the provision for current socio-economic development of underprivileged sections, the issue of orphans, semi-orphans, and street children is not adequately addressed. In addition, these children develop chronic diseases as they are not provided with proper care. Besides, without love, family, and security, the life becomes miserable for them. Therefore, we propose a plan for additional support to run an orphanage children home.

The purpose of the proposed orphanage home is to give support, care, and shelter to more than 50 orphans, and street children. However, in the long-run, the enterprise aims to increase the number of children in the orphanage by acquiring the larger space, and for this reason more space will be required. Initially, the home will have four care takers, two Vocational Instructors, two cook, an attendant alongside a watchman. According to the plan, the doctor will be visiting twice a week to assess the medical conditions of the children as the children will be from different backgrounds, and many of them are already vulnerable. The inmates will be provided with three meals meeting the standard of nutritious value, books, and four set of uniforms. The out of school orphan children will be focused as they are ones who need education. All the children will have an opportunity for indoor and out-door recreation and play facility. The project is expected to address the core issue. The teaching arrangements for the children will be made in nearby schools. Furthermore, the basic needs of the children will be met and they will enter a new world of knowledge, sills, and a valuable life. The confidence level of the children will increase, and it will also provide them satisfaction. The home will be shelter for vulnerable children. After getting shelter in orphanage, the children will be safe from traffickers and the other groups who exploit children and drag them to crimes and other activities. The overall aim of the enterprise project is to make orphans useful members of the society. The support that will be provided through the enterprise will encourage these children to spark their potential and explore creative opportunities. The basic education is a fundamental right of every child. Therefore, our attempt would be useful in a way that it will pave way for the bright future. All four of us worked with dedication to identify the orphans, semi-orphans, and the street children. In this country, and throughout the world, there are orphans who cannot live their childhood because of the adverse conditions they face in their lives. The vocational training that enterprise aims to provide would prove to be instrumental for the children as they will be able to support themselves financially. In this way, they do not have to rely on others to meet their financial needs. With the help of professional vocational instructor and the teachers, the training and basic education will be given to the students. The number of children is increasing with time. In this regard, enterprise will require extra support from different sponsors and donors to fulfill the needs of increasing orphans and the street children. In the first phase, we seek support for almost three years. However, the enterprise would lay out the mechanism to mobilize constant local funds with the help of effective work and service.

With the support of community, donors, and our determination, we are looking forward to develop permanent home by acquiring land from government. The care home for orphans would be a milestone for their overall growth and development. We are keen to implement all our plans, that is why two of our team members conducted appropriate research and they have been identifying orphans, semi-orphans, and the street children who need care and support on priority basis. Our overall efforts for these children would prove to be a game changer for their lives. The project will be transparent, and it will be monitored by Project Advisory Committee. A proper care plan has been developed by our team, and hopefully it will address the overall needs of the orphans who are waiting to be supported by communities. One of the main challenges in the execution of our plan is the funds. For effective implementation, we need adequate funds to cover the following costs three times meal, set of books, expenses of vocational instructors, fees of school, uniforms, clothes, and other things. Apart from three times meals, the orphans will also be provided with fruits as their health is important and we want them to take healthy and nutritious food that is vital for their growing age. The response from the community is already very encouraging as many people are willing to support orphans and semi orphans unconditionally. All four of us took part in different awareness campaign we went to shopping malls, streets, and discussed with people about the plight of orphans and semi-orphans. In this context, many individuals form different walks of life acknowledged our efforts and assured us of their full cooperation.

All of us went to high streets and spent morning and evenings in the crowded areas to create awareness among the people so that they could contribute to this noble cause and needs of orphans can be addressed who have drawn their hopes with the community. The people have responded in a positive manner. We set the target of 30,000 GBP per month. However, by the end of first month we were slightly short of our target as we managed to collect slightly more 27,000 pounds. This was the collection by the communities. In addition, we had plans to organize fundraising events that could generate substantial funds for the orphans. For this purpose, we contacted event organization events and they also wanted to cooperate with us so that we can be a real help for the orphans and the street children


All of us have a sense of satisfaction that we are going in the right direction and our efforts will bring the change in the lives of the orphans and the semi-orphan children, and they will be able to become a useful component of the society. We always look forward to groom ourselves and become friendly volunteers. We were excited that our work would contribute to a noble cause, and a number of orphans will be benefited as a result of our actions. Also, it will make a positive impact on the community. Moreover, we had a list of all the potential donors and the organizations who actively donate in charitable causes for the betterment of communities. Over the period of three months, we collected the funds of 86,000 GBP. Meanwhile, we were expecting more donations in the near future as our project was getting popular among communities, and people were coming forward to join hands with us to support orphans and semi-orphans. Overall it was a good feeling, and we were quite optimistic that our efforts will meet with success.


We needed at least 500,000 GBP more to own a property or a big house in which more than 50 orphans can be accommodated in the first place. It was a long journey but we all were pretty determined that we would reach our destination. In the fifth month, with the help of an event organizing company, an event was organized in which different donors and the community members were invited. Also, we got the services of a local popular band to play some music in the even for the entertainment of the guest. All of our groups members were playing their part actively in all the activities, and the overall experience enhanced our learning and negotiation skills as we managed to collected reasonable amount of funds form communities and now have reached the stage where we were organizing events so that our objective of providing shelter can be achieved. A motivational speaker volunteered to take part in the fundraising event which certainly helped our cause as the gentleman delivered an inspiring speech which certainly made an impact on all the guests. The donors and the community members contributed generously to the cause, and with the help of their contribution, fortunately, we managed to raise 100,000 GBP which was a significant amount. As a result, we all were excited, and we made an assessment that in about next five months or so we will be able to own a land to accommodate more than fifty individuals in the first place.


The enterprise needed at least 6 pounds per person for one time meal which makes it 150 GBP for one time meal of almost 50 individuals, 450 GBP for one day meal and 13,500 GBP for one month. The pace at which we were going, these targets were realistic, and we were hopeful that we will accommodate fifty individuals in the span of five months. The fifty orphans and the semi-orphans have already been identified by Ahmed and Talal who really worked hard to find the individuals who needed support. We decided that we would continue to work wholeheartedly until our targets are met. In this regard, we continued to raise funds on streets, and at this time, people were responding positively as they knew our enterprise. We had already opened a bank account in which we were depositing all the money. To ensure transparency we contacted auditing firms who were willing to conduct an audit. Flyers and pamphlets had already been published, and bank account was explicitly mentioned on them and they were displayed in public places. Our word of mouth was also making difference to convince people as so many people have joined hands with us. Initially, we were four individuals but with time our other friends and relatives expressed their willingness to be volunteers for our cause, and it was a huge encouragement for us as we need more support from people around us. Some of our friends started donating their pocket money to us which helped our cause. Finally, our estimate proved to be correct as in the span of next five months we managed to acquire the land which was already in our view and we were in contact with the owner and the local council. It was a first milestone that we had achieved. The whole team was so excited. Also, we did not want to waste any time, and the moment we purchased that big house, we immediately accommodated the individuals who have already been identified by the efforts of Ahmed and Talal who carried out extensive research to locate the individuals who were in dire need to get a support and accommodation. After accommodating fifty individuals we had 20,000 GBP to support those orphans for at least one and a half months if we do not any funds in this time period. However, the system the mechanism they we have set out, we were likely to receive more funds.


With the help of effort of four group members, we managed to achieve a milestone by accommodating orphans who were in dire need. The project met with success as we worked with proper plan and road map. In the initial phase we planned to accommodate fifty orphans and the semi-orphans. For this purpose, two of our group members carried out research to identify the needs of the orphans and once they managed to identify those individuals, all of us worked hard to raise funds for them so that they can be accommodated and provided with shelter and proper care. Fortunately, all plan met with success and we managed to accommodate fifty individuals. We needed more than 600,00 GBP in the first place which were raised through fund raising on the streets and through the event that we organized to raise funds. We got good response from the communities and as a result of collective efforts, we raised the amount of funds that were needed to accommodate those individuals. This was the first step and we would continue our efforts to meet their other needs.

Action Plan

In the next phase, we are planning to acquire another property and we will continue to raise funds to meet the healthcare and food requirements for the fifty individual and the plan will be extended to support more orphan so that more individuals can be benefitted.


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