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Interesting Sociology Research Topics for Students (2022)

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Published on: Feb 15, 2020

Last updated on: Jan 20, 2023

Sociology Research Topics

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A lot of sociology research is boring and difficult to understand. But, if you want a little help with finding an interesting topic for your next sociology paper. We’ve got you covered.

Sociology is a fascinating field of study of society, relationships, and culture. However, many students struggle to choose the best topic among the tons of sociology research topics.

Therefore, for your help, we gathered a list of topics categorized into different sections. Pick the best one according to your interest and level of knowledge.

Tips for Choosing the Best Sociology Research Paper Topic

Choosing a good paper topic to research among several topics is a daunpting task for some students.

For this purpose, we collected some tips that will help you in the topic-selection phase.

  • Brainstorm the topics to write about and put them down on paper.
  • Choose a topic that you find interesting.
  • Make sure the topic will be easily manageable.
  • The topic you choose has information available.
  • Create a list of keywords for sociology topics.
  • Pick a topic related to the current social issues.
  • Read other writer’s research papers and get ideas from them.
  • Consider sociological topics on race, nationality, and ethnicity for your help.

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Good Sociology Research Topics for Students

To write a winning paper and get good grades from your professor. It is highly recommended to make the right choice when selecting sociology research topics.

Here are some interesting topics for students to use for their sociology research paper.

Sociology Research Topics for College Students

  • How should bullies be dealt with in our country's schools?
  • Features of intergroup conflicts and ways to overcome them.
  • The sociological study of suicide.
  • Does the mass media have a role to play in public opinion-shaping?
  • The effectiveness of fundraising methods and our society and global health.
  • Eating snacks at schools in low-income neighborhoods.
  • Should students at religious schools be forced to take state tests?
  • What is the importance of social science?
  • Negative effects of close social relations.
  • What are the types of social movements in sociology?

Sociology Research Topics for High School Students

  • Sociology of families and marriage.
  • What makes a patriot?
  • How ethnicity affects class?
  • Tolerance as a society feature.
  • Racial and gender wage gaps.
  • What is patriotism?
  • What is forensic science?
  • Sociological and social research.
  • Do the media focus too much on their own profit?
  • Effect of divorce on children.

Sociology Research Topics on Crime

  • Conflict theory and crime and delinquency.
  • Socialist schools in Africa.
  • The relationship between police and people of different backgrounds.
  • Rehabilitation and education for prisoners with substance abuse.
  • What is the connection between family status and law violation?
  • How can economic crimes be reduced?
  • Life-course theory of crime.
  • After prison life and rehabilitation.
  • Public health: How does criminal justice affect it?
  • International court justice.

Sociology Research Topics on Family

  • Can children receive all they need from a single parent?
  • Can unconventional families have healthy children?
  • Family differences across race and ethnic groups.
  • What social success do children from the middle class achieve?
  • Can families save their children from drug addiction?
  • Family structure and child outcomes.
  • The effects of multicultural families and society.
  • Family counseling: why is it so important?
  • What problems do teenagers face with self-image.
  • Child-rearing practices.

Sociology Research Topics on Mental Health

  • How has mental health treatment changed in the past 20 years?
  • Post-traumatic stress disorder in celebrities.
  • The disadvantages of online communication on mental health.
  • The influence of sports on teenage mental health.
  • Sociology of mental health.
  • Bipolar disorder.
  • Should medicinal marijuana be made legal?
  • Anxiety disorders.
  • How should our society deal with addicts?
  • How does sleeping improve mental health?

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Sociology Research Topics on Education

  • What are ethical values that should be considered in education?
  • Cooperation between higher education institutions and schools.
  • How does foreign education influences further professional success?
  • Do social networks influence educational processes?
  • Do you believe that women have fewer educational and professional opportunities than men?
  • Will online education influence its quality?
  • Should religious education be given to students in schools?
  • Analyze the relationship between a parent's educational level and the education their children are likely to attain.
  • What is the effect of poverty on education standards?
  • What is the influence of music and musical education on teenagers?

Sociology Research Topics on Religion

  • The most common stereotypes about Islam.
  • Medicine and religion: what tensions are there between the two?
  • Relationship between class and religion.
  • How have religious cults shaped the nation?
  • Functions of religion in society.
  • Why do people believe in magic?
  • Impact of religion on society.
  • Which religion is the most widespread today?
  • How do people follow religion in their life?
  • Religion and government.

Environmental Sociology Research Topics

  • The effect of environmental degradation on society.
  • How does vegetarianism contribute to environmental protection?
  • Society and natural resources.
  • Societal awareness of environmental problems.
  • Climate change.
  • Renewable energy.
  • Impacts of environmental problems.
  • Environmental sociology.
  • The growing environment of sociology in China.
  • Effect of capitalism on the environment and the subsequent impact on society.

Sociology Research Topics on Gender

  • What are the benefits of maintaining traditional gender roles in a family?
  • Women in the American military.
  • Effective advertisements on gender stereotypes.
  • How to solve the gender inequality problem in workplaces
  • Gender aspects of employment and unemployment.
  • How does social media promote gender bias?
  • Women in non-traditional roles.
  • Gender and family issues.
  • How can we categorize gender roles in a family?
  • Is gender studies important at schools?

Medical Sociology Research Topics

  • The development of modern ways of treatment.
  • The prestige of health and illness among young people.
  • Society’s role in combating health problems.
  • The cost of HIV treatment in society.
  • Healthcare regulations.
  • Healthcare systems.
  • Should all recreational drugs be made legal?
  • Should health conditions be better in Canada?
  • How does society deal with drug addicts?
  • How does mental health improve the country?

Rural Sociology Research Topics

  • Gender and multifunctional farming.
  • Social-economic factors are influencing the adoption of improved rice processing.
  • Social indicators for rural development.
  • Rural gender inequality.
  • Rural labor markets.
  • Rural poverty.
  • Intra-European rural mobility.
  • Agriculture science and technology.
  • Impacts of financialization on agricultural and rural investment.
  • Small farming and the food systems.

Urban Sociology Research Topics

  • Urban policies and institutional effectiveness in times of crisis.
  • Urban poverty and the city.
  • Differences in urban and rural life culture.
  • Socioeconomic status and health and of youth.
  • Urban affairs in South America.
  • Features of urbanization in the USA.
  • Sociological perspectives on urban life.
  • Neighborhood environment and health.
  • Discuss urban and suburban lifestyles.
  • Development of urban planning policy.

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Jared P. is a renowned author and writing service provider with over fifteen years of experience in the publishing industry. He has a Ph.D. degree in English Literature and has spent his entire career helping students achieve their academic goals by providing expert writing assistance.

Jared P. is a renowned author and writing service provider with over fifteen years of experience in the publishing industry. He has a Ph.D. degree in English Literature and has spent his entire career helping students achieve their academic goals by providing expert writing assistance.

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