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Interesting Psychology Research Topics for Your Paper

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Published on: Jan 14, 2020

Last updated on: May 26, 2023

Psychology Research Topics

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Wondering what would be the perfect topic for your research paper? Sometimes coming up with an interesting idea seems more difficult than the actual writing.

Finding a good topic for your research paper is one of the most difficult steps of the research paper writing process.

That‘s why we tried to help you with our list of 200+ original research paper topics and ideas. So don't wait and explore new topics to write a good essay. This guide also contains some general guidelines for choosing the best psychology topic for your research paper.

How to Choose a Topic for Your Research Paper?

Here are some expert tips to help you choose the best topic for your research paper.

  • First, decide the branch of psychology you want to write your research paper on. For example, it can be educational psychology, behavioral psychology, or abnormal psychology. Make sure to choose the field you are interested in and have enough resources to conduct a study.
  • If the topic is too broad, then better narrow it down so you could cover all the aspects of it.
  • Research some topics for your research paper before you decide on one. In this way, you can decide whether the topic has enough material available on the internet or not.

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Psychology Research Topics for Students

The following is a wide range of interesting research paper topics for all academic levels. Feel free to choose any topic and start writing your research paper right away.

Psychology Research Topics for Undergraduate Students

  • What is the relationship between aging and mental illness?
  • The psychological effects of bullying on kids
  • Insecure men more likely to make sexist jokes
  • Health benefits of socializing
  • Hypnosis for quitting smoking
  • Relation between morality and law
  • How does mental health and obesity relate to each other?
  • What is the influence of divorce on children?
  • Types of social interactions
  • Postpartum depression and its effects on children

Psychology Research Topics for High School Students

  • Causes and consequences of teen dating violence
  • How depression affects work productivity?
  • Effects of psychological torture
  • Effects of stress on the body
  • The problems of being attractive
  • Is divorce counseling helpful?
  • Factors affecting motivation
  • Things that affect memory
  • PTSD and quality of life
  • Types of bipolar disorder

Social Psychology Research Topics for College Students

  • Psychological effects of hate crimes
  • Homelessness and mental health
  • Why do attractive people often get unfair advantages at work?
  • The role of the psychologist in military interrogations
  • How to quit a bad habit?
  • The health effects of a bad relationship
  • Effects of abortion on the mental and emotional health of women
  • Psychological effects of miscarriage on couples
  • Importance of sports psychology
  • Gut microbiota and major depression

Psychology Research Proposal Topics

  • Schizophrenia symptoms and coping mechanism
  • Gender role and identity in children
  • Effects of laughter on physical and emotional health
  • How can morality be enforced in society?
  • The role of the family in the socialization process
  • What is the link between obesity and television?
  • How to deal with stress?
  • Analyze the link between working memory and attention
  • What factors contribute to childhood obesity?
  • Is depression different in males and females?

Good Psychology Research Topics About Dreams

  • Are dreams connected to our soul?
  • Do dreams really mean anything?
  • What do dreams reveal about you?
  • Disturbing dreams: why they happen and how to stop them
  • How to turn your dreams into reality?
  • The impact of dreams on our social life
  • What do your dreams actually mean?
  • What happens when we dream?
  • The health benefits of dreams
  • What do violent dreams mean?

Experimental Psychology Research Topics

  • How do colors influence learning?
  • The psychological effects of colors
  • Effects of music on psychological response
  • Does smell affect taste?
  • What does your music taste say about your personality?
  • How do colors affect mood?
  • Do creative people see the world differently?
  • Excessive social media use is comparable to drug addiction
  • How does conformity influence behavior?
  • What does the Stroop effect say about our minds?

Health Psychology Research Topics

  • Best strategies for losing weight
  • How to deal with grief and loss?
  • Programs for the prevention of suicide among students
  • Why is depression more common in women than in men?
  • How to ease seasonal depression symptoms?
  • What causes panic attacks?
  • What to know about meditation for pain relief?
  • How to manage stress in patients with breast cancer?
  • The health benefits of exercise
  • Effective communication techniques with patients

Abnormal Psychology Research Paper Topics

  • What causes suicidal thoughts?
  • Why are we becoming so narcissistic?
  • Effects of phobias on your emotions and personality
  • Difference between PTSD and PTSS?
  • Separation anxiety in adults
  • Stalking and mental illness
  • How does lying affect your mental health?
  • Causes of eating disorders in adults
  • Mood disorders in teen
  • What causes deviant behavior in the workplace?

Developmental Psychology Research Topics

  • The importance of mirroring in connecting to self
  • The influence of media violence on youth
  • Parenting and its effect on children
  • How a midlife crisis is different for men and women
  • Consequences of bullying behavior
  • Psychological effects in aging
  • Factors affecting language learning
  • Does age affect memory?
  • Genetics of developmental disabilities
  • Key factors that contribute to child abuse

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Clinical Psychology Research Topics

  • How to overcome Agoraphobia?
  • The role of psychology in pain management
  • Effects of cognitive-behavioral programs for criminals
  • What causes eating disorders in adolescents?
  • How do abuse relationships and PTSD relate to each other?
  • Symptoms and treatment of chronic insomnia?
  • Treatment of adults with attention deficit disorder
  • Mood swings and mental disorder: what is the difference?
  • How long should you take antidepressants?
  • Different kinds of therapies in treating addiction

Forensic Psychology Research Topics

  • Misconceptions about sex offenders
  • What are the causes of an increase in homegrown terror groups?
  • Patterns and trends in Juvenile crime
  • Analyze the effectiveness of rehabilitation programs
  • Factors affecting the reliability of eyewitnesses
  • The psychology of copycat crimes
  • Myths about serial killers
  • Gun violence and mental illness
  • Benefits and drawbacks of predictive policing
  • Risk factors for criminal recidivism

Easy Psychology Research Topics Autism

  • Environmental risk factors for autism
  • Can you stim and not be autistic?
  • Autism in the workplace
  • Autism spectrum disorders in developing countries
  • Types of autism spectrum disorders
  • Is mainstream school good for autism?
  • Autism and gender identity
  • Is there a connection between vaccines and autism?
  • Educating family physicians to manage depression
  • The mental health of people with autism

Social Psychology Research Topics

  • How to cope with bereavement
  • Psychological adjustment to illness
  • What is the illusion of self?
  • The importance of a child’s social society
  • Role of identity in interpersonal relationships
  • How does the environment affect the person?
  • Types of learning difficulties and how to help
  • Signs of an effective co-operating relationship
  • How addiction affects the family?
  • Genetic influences on social relationships

Psychology Research Topics on Covid 19

  • How has covid 19 affected our mental health?
  • How WHO responded to covid-19?
  • Why should pregnant women be more careful about coronavirus?
  • Role of social media during the covid-19 pandemic
  • Fake News in the time of coronavirus
  • The impact of covid-19 on sports
  • How has coronavirus affected religious activities?
  • How businesses are adapting to a coronavirus pandemic
  • Will the world ever be the same after covid-19?
  • What is the impact of the covid-19 pandemic on politics?

Cognitive Psychology Research Topics

  • How to improve memory and concentration?
  • Judgment and decision making
  • The concept of attention span in children
  • What do people believe about how money works?
  • The reality of repressed memories
  • Factors affecting the problem-solving ability
  • Color psychology in cognitive development studies
  • Speech and language development in children
  • How to measure critical thinking?
  • Implicit and explicit memory: What is the difference?

Personality Psychology Research Topics

  • Characteristics of heroism
  • The relationship between creativity and temperament
  • How does marriage change your personality?
  • What does your choice of pet say about your personality?
  • Factors influencing personality
  • Are leaders made or born?
  • Is authoritarian leadership effective?
  • Personality differences between athletes and non-athletes
  • The link between personality and prosocial behavior
  • Do opposites really attract?

Political Psychology Research Topics

  • The history of politics
  • Relationship between religion and politics
  • Comparison of electoral systems in the world
  • Importance of political philosophy
  • Politics in wartime
  • Pros and cons of totalitarianism
  • The link between power and morality
  • Globalization vs. nationalism
  • Human rights and counter-terrorism
  • Advantages and disadvantages of democracy

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Cultural Psychology Research Paper Topics

  • Use of social media across cultures
  • Effects of cultures on internet buying behavior
  • Humor across cultures
  • The idea of beauty in the digital age
  • Impact of culture on multinational companies
  • Why is culture important in psychology?
  • Perception of motherhood in different cultures
  • The relationship between education and culture
  • How various cultures deal with death
  • What is it like to live in multicultural communities?

Educational Psychology Research Topics

  • Strategies to keep students motivated
  • The importance of showing affection to children
  • How to deal with students with dyslexia
  • Consequences of bullying in schools
  • Relationship between self-esteem and academic success
  • Does listening to music improve cognitive functioning?
  • Causes of the achievements gaps
  • What is learning in educational psychology?
  • How operant conditioning works?
  • Is adult psychology still in demand?

Controversial Psychology Research Topics

  • Is it ethical to have clients as Facebook friends?
  • Different attitudes towards homosexuality
  • Ethics of the Milgram experiment
  • Domestic violence in intimate relationships
  • Childhood trauma and its effects
  • The use of social sites among teenagers
  • Was the Stanford prison experiment ethical?
  • How do parents affect children’s mental health?
  • Fetishes and their associated behavior
  • Is homosexuality a psychological disorder?

Sports Psychology Research Topics

  • Currents trends of sports psychology
  • Challenges faced by sport coaches
  • Why is team chemistry more important than talent?
  • The evolution of sports psychology
  • How to control your emotions in sports?
  • Why is building good chemistry in a team important?
  • What is the role of a coach in developing confidence?
  • How to deal with stress in sports?
  • Importance of appropriate behavior for athletes
  • What are the attributes of a good football coach?

Child Psychology Research Topics

  • Psychological effects of adoption
  • Risks of obesity for children neglected by their parents
  • What causes childhood depression?
  • Introvert personality traits in children
  • How to prevent child abuse?
  • Common mental health problems in young children
  • Child development stages
  • How does birth order impact your personality?
  • Do video games cause violent behavior?
  • The psychology of parents who torture their children

Hopefully, the above topics and guidelines help you in deciding on a good topic for your research paper.

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Jared P. is a renowned author and writing service provider with over fifteen years of experience in the publishing industry. He has a Ph.D. degree in English Literature and has spent his entire career helping students achieve their academic goals by providing expert writing assistance.

Jared P. is a renowned author and writing service provider with over fifteen years of experience in the publishing industry. He has a Ph.D. degree in English Literature and has spent his entire career helping students achieve their academic goals by providing expert writing assistance.

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