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Good Motivational Speech Topics & Ideas to Choose from

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Published on: Apr 23, 2020

Last updated on: Jan 6, 2023

Motivational Speech Topics

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Some people may think that giving a speech to an audience is a terrifying thing in the world. Just like public speaking, it can be difficult to know what topics and ideas work well for speeches.

However, we have compiled a list of great motivation topics that will get your audience ready to take on the world!

Choosing a great topic when giving a motivational speech is always important because if it's not interesting, people won't pay attention very long.

Therefore, for your help, we gathered a list of motivational speech topics that will help you to impress the audience.

Motivational Speech Topics for Students

Motivational speeches can be a great way to encourage and empower people. Therefore, when you choose the topic, make sure it is inspiring and strong.

Here are some inspiring speech ideas to help you find a great topic for your speech:

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Motivational Speech Topics for College Students

  • The efficiency of the school curriculum
  • Balanced social life importance & recreation for academic achievement
  • There is a whole new world to win for those who dare to dream
  • The planet’s ecosystem is the basis of the human race
  • Importance of having a positive mindset for excellence in class
  • The importance of learning emotional first aid
  • How does positive thinking help?
  • What will you do with your life?
  • Gender roles aren't gender requirements
  • The accomplishment of Mahatma Gandhi

Motivational Speech Topics for High School Students

  • Should school curriculums be rigid or flexible?
  • What motivates you to keep learning?
  • How to save the world?
  • Waiting for someone is the hardest part of life
  • How to work smart in school?
  • Video games contribute to teamwork
  • The revolution in efficiency brought by AI and machine learning
  • Academic achievements boost the self-confidence
  • Why does cockfighting need to be an international sport?
  • We should all grow our vegetables

Motivational Speech Topics for Middle School Students

  • Time is much more worth than money
  • Goal setting to complete the research paper on time
  • How to deal with emotionally sensitive people?
  • The benefits of applying low temperatures during surgery
  • See your dreams come to pass; keep believing in work hard
  • Patience and observation as essential parenting tools
  • How did Mother Teresa’s life inspire the poor?
  • Humour is the best way to resolve conflicts
  • Set at least one career goal a year
  • How Abraham Lincoln overcame his failures?

Motivational Speech Topics for Youth

  • Why is it important to help others?
  • Why are people never satisfied with what they have?
  • Success – Steps to achieve it
  • Self-belief is a key component of achieving success
  • Don't put things for tomorrow, when you can do it today
  • Giving equal importance to daily goals
  • How can youths break bad habits?
  • Exercising helps your mind to get more effective
  • Effective listening is more important than talking
  • Reality shows affect people’s mental health

Motivational Speech Topics for Employees

  • Peer pressure is good for self-development.
  • Tips to provide excellent customer service
  • Teamwork is important in an emerging business
  • Solutions for people who lost their jobs to Covid 19
  • Both men and women employees should be paid equally
  • How to work smarter in the office?
  • How to handle the workload in the office?
  • Learning is a crucial part of becoming successful
  • Climbing the ladder
  • Steps to achieve success

Motivational Speech Topics for Teachers

  • Teachers are the role models of the students
  • Teachers’ self-esteem is good for students
  • Give tribute to a great teacher or nurturing mentor
  • How to be positive towards students?
  • Teachers can change lives
  • Teachers should make jokes in class
  • Teachers should be polite with the students
  • How to become a good teacher?
  • Teachers and students should not connect on social media
  • Teachers should pay attention to every student

Motivational Speech Topics About Life

  • Being realistic about our expectations
  • Powerful communication
  • Doing meditation and exercise daily
  • Best ways to distract yourself from problems
  • Rejection is a stepping stone to success
  • How can you lose yourself trying to be somebody else?
  • How does covid-19 affect real life?
  • How to deal with depression?
  • Coping with isolation during Covid 19
  • Life is a chain of ups and downs

Funny Motivational Speech Topics

  • Why getting lost is the best advice someone could give you
  • How to escape awkward situations
  • Eat chewing gums and get a flat face
  • How cat memes are taking over the internet
  • How to work together for both profit and fun
  • How to cheat at Monopoly
  • Funny holidays in other countries
  • Ways to remember birthdays.
  • How to solve problems during air travel
  • Are there Angels among us?

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Good Motivational Speech Topics

  • Why is a business plan essential for success?
  • Mention the top 10 world's greatest leaders
  • Steroids in sports are dangerous
  • Being honest about your own mistakes
  • How a paperless society can help preserve trees
  • The ethics of unpaid internships in the workplace
  • Why do ‘write my essay’ services make the student’s life easy?
  • Self-development is a key part of our lives
  • How to determine you are addicted to the Internet
  • Why charity is important for children’s education

Persuasive Motivational Speech Topics

  • Is social media damaging to people’s self-esteem?
  • Why do people calculate how many hours of sleep they will get
  • How to achieve targets without getting stressed
  • Why is cheating not included in the course curriculum?
  • Humans should celebrate cultural differences
  • Time management is crucial
  • Key features effective startups have actually in accordance
  • How to train yourself to get a master’s in positive thinking?
  • Should countries borrow loans from others?
  • Wearing seat belts in vehicles should be compulsory

Easy Motivational Speech Topics

  • Do professional writers help in choosing a great motivational topic?
  • Employers should not replace employees with machines
  • What are the benefits of choosing a great persuasive speech topic?
  • What are important public speaking skills?
  • Should all new buildings be energy efficient?
  • Why should you master the art of lying?
  • Success stories of leaders that lead empires
  • Underrated art of patience & silent observation
  • Is plastic surgery good for the skin?
  • Is it okay for boys and girls to study together?

Now, you get a complete list of effective motivational speech topics. However, if you need help in speech writing, consult The experienced essay writer will help you choose the inspirational speech topic and guide you in writing a top-notch speech.

So, contact us now and get professional writing services.

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Betty P. (Life Sciences, Speech)

Betty is a freelance writer and researcher. She has a Masters in literature and enjoys providing writing services to her clients. Betty is an avid reader and loves learning new things. She has provided writing services to clients from all academic levels and related academic fields.

Betty is a freelance writer and researcher. She has a Masters in literature and enjoys providing writing services to her clients. Betty is an avid reader and loves learning new things. She has provided writing services to clients from all academic levels and related academic fields.

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