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How to Write a Speech? Easy Guide with Examples

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Published on: Jan 6, 2023

Last updated on: Jan 6, 2023

How to Write a Speech

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Time has witnessed some of the greatest speeches, which influenced millions of people. It’s true that speeches are just thoughts converted into words. But if you look at the impact of some of the famous speeches, you might change your mind.

Here are some famous short speech examples for your reference.

“Apology” by Socrates, 399 B.C.

“Sermon on the Mount” by Jesus Christ. 30, A.D

“Duties of American Citizenships” by Theodore Roosevelt

“The Gettysburg Address” by Abraham Lincoln. 1863

“Inaugural Speech” by John F. Kennedy. Jan 20th, 1961.

“I have a dream” by Martin Luther King. Aug 28th, 1963.

“Free at Last” by Nelson Mandela. May 2nd, 1994.

If you analyze all these speeches, you will find some common principles. In light of those common principles, we have designed a guide for you to help you learn how to write a good speech.

How to Write a Speech Format?

The first step you should do is to prepare a draft. To write a helpful draft, start brainstorming. Write down anything that comes to your mind.

Here are some steps to compile a draft.

  1. Write your topic. Write down your main ideas and main points that must be covered in the speech.
  2. Now write down anything and everything that comes to your mind from brainstorming.
  3. Now separate your main points and connect the relevant data to it and write your data with it.

Now you can see you have a lot of data, no matter if it is scattered, but it is a great help.

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It's time to structure your data in an organized manner. To organize, you need to write an outline.

An outline is the speech frame that can help you write an effective speech. What a speech outline does is gives you the command to craft your speech.

Your speech outline will look like this:


  • An introduction is your first impression; use strong and engaging words to catch attention.
  • Now, as you have their attention, say something that forms authenticity.


  • Talk about your big idea and explain it well.
  • Use examples and references if needed. It helps you maintain trust.


  • Restate and summarize your main idea.
  • Leave your audience with a purpose.

How to Write a Speech?

First of all, define your main purpose and let all the information flow. This is how you will get your first draft. It's part of the writing process.

When you write your first draft, you refine your speech and put it into shape with additional information. Here is the structure that you need to follow for writing an effective speech.

Refer to the following section for a detailed description to help you start writing your speech.

  1. Introduction

    An introduction is easy to write after you've completed your speech. You can then use strong and engaging sentences that will grab maximum attention from the audience.

    A speaker's tone of voice is either engaging, boring, or distracting. To engage your audience, you should keep their attention by being dynamic and expressive with the words that come out of your mouth.

    If you are unable to catch the attention of the audience at the start, you won't be able to do so in the end also. You can grab their full focus by saying certain phrases in a different way each time. So they don't get bored listening to what sounds like one long lecture from start to finish.

  2. Body

    The speech body is where you explain everything in detail. You do this by first creating a transition from the beginning to your main idea and support for that point of view. Be sure it’s organized and revolves around the topic, so people will stay with you through your whole argument.

    If your argument is engaging, it helps to convince your audience also. It's better to talk about yourself because this engages the audience members. It helps create a connection between speaker & listener.

    Moreover, it also gives them something interesting/memorable to think back on once their conversation is over.

  3. Conclusion

    To conclude your speech, you should leave some sort of impression. Think about the main point that stuck with you from this whole experience and focus on why it matters to everyone listening. Make sure that what comes out is just as important as what went in, so they don't forget anything!

    Before you leave, deliver your summary. Your main idea should be clear and easy to remember so that people will think about it after the show is over.

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Speech Example

If you are still not sure and stressed out about how to write a good speech. Here is a sample speech you can download and read to learn how to craft a perfect speech.

The most common query is about how to write a best man speech. Here is an example for your consideration. All you have to do is practice and practice if you want to craft a better speech.

Topics for Speech

Chances are that your teacher has assigned you a topic. But it’s so pleasant when you hear your teacher saying you can deliver your speech on any topic you want. But sometimes you get confused.

Don’t worry; we have compiled a list of topics and good ideas you can choose from:

  • Climate change, and how it can be controlled?
  • Future of BitCoins
  • History repeats itself, and this is what we should expect to happen.
  • How Artificial Intelligence is altering the World.
  • The future of nuclear energy.
  • How would increased consumption of sugar be stopped?
  • Should the government regulate the consumption of fast food?
  • Was globalization an idea worth bringing?
  • Was Trump in Russia’s best interest?
  • Why should the UN take action against India?

If you are not sure which topic you should choose, here is a detailed list of persuasive speech topics where you can find a topic of your interest.

Tips to Write an Effective Speech

Writing and delivering a speech that is ineffective is of no use. You have to add something to the recipe to make it an effective speech.

To make your speech as effective as it could possibly be, consider these points.

  1. Clear Purpose

    If you want to be like the legends of history, make sure your purpose is clear. Your message will not seem as strong if it doesn't align with what you truly believe in.

  2. Communicate

    When writing a speech, it should be like you are talking to the audience. Write in an engaging tone so that listeers don’t get bored.

    Once finished with your draft, read your speech out loud once more for errors and clarity before performing or delivering the final product.

  3. Well-Structured

    One way to make a speech your audience will remember is by putting it into shape. It depends on how organized you are, but following a pattern makes things easier!

  4. Make it Easy and Short

    People listening to speeches want them short and easy. Make it interesting by knowing your audience well, using shorter sentences, and the right tone of voice!

  5. Ending must be strong

    Summarize your main idea in simple words to create an engaging ending. You can use this for both the beginning and end of a speech. You ask an audience member on stage or give them advice about public speaking skills.

    You can also add a call to action while concluding. It helps in grasping the audiences’ attention.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How to start a speech?

Following are the steps to write an effective speech:

  • Identify the purpose of your speech.
  • Evaluate what type of audience you will be talking to
  • Choose a topic that is relevant and interesting for them
  • Decide if your message should be in the form of an anecdote, timeline, etc.
  • Make sure that your speech flows effectively and has a logical sequence.
  • Create dynamic intros by starting with a question or surprising statement.
  • End it by providing a strong conclusion.

What are the major types of speech?

Following are the major types of speech:

  • Entertaining Speech
  • Informative Speech
  • Demonstrative Speech
  • Persuasive Speech
  • Motivational Speech
  • Impromptu Speech
  • Oratorical Speech
  • Debate Speech.

What are the components of a speech writing process?

Following are the essential components of a speech writing process: 

  • Grabber 
  • Subject 
  • Message 
  • Theme 
  • Structure 
  • Call to action. 
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Betty P. (Speech, Literature)

Betty is a freelance writer and researcher. She has a Masters in literature and enjoys providing writing services to her clients. Betty is an avid reader and loves learning new things. She has provided writing services to clients from all academic levels and related academic fields.

Betty is a freelance writer and researcher. She has a Masters in literature and enjoys providing writing services to her clients. Betty is an avid reader and loves learning new things. She has provided writing services to clients from all academic levels and related academic fields.

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