People believe that writing is a piece of cake if you are able to communicate fluently and efficiently in the same language in which you have to write. Having a command on your linguistic abilities can be a supportive factor for writing, but there are various other things that a person needs to focus in the field of writing. People in their student life face the highest amount of difficulties when it comes to writing. They also ignore minute details which eventually lead towards a bad grade. However, this blog will explain ten essential writing techniques for students which can make their life easy when it comes to writing.

  1. Reading

    The first and foremost step that is considered as a pre-requisite for writing is to have sufficient knowledge. A person cann0t make sense in his or her writing until they are fully aware of the topic or field they are writing in. However, reading is the only way out from this problem; try to involve in different reading activities. It is not necessary to read hardcore literature novels but try to read something appropriate and useful.

  2. Revising Grammar

    The grammatical structure of your writing plays a pivotal role in making your impression positive or negative on the reader. It’s better to keep on revising the grammatical rules in order to understand and analyze the right tense, form of verb, nouns and other sorts of grammatical terms. Words like HAVE, HAS, DO, and DID will always create confusion in your mind when it comes to selecting in which form of tense you are writing. Revising grammatical rules helps in constructing an error-free draft.

  3. Vocabulary

    It’s always beneficial to increase your vocabulary as it gives a chance to make your draft enriched with a variety of words. However, the selection of words also depends on the academic level of a student. Using a highly professional level of vocabulary in high school or undergraduate standards might create an impression that the student is habitual of copy-pasting material from books and the internet. It’s better to ask your tutor or teacher that help me write my essay with a simple yet decent vocabulary.

  4. Avoid Spelling Mistakes

    Being a fluent and professional speaker is not a guarantee that the person is a qualified writer or a student. It is not necessary to remember the spellings when you are speaking but in writing. It's better to memorize the words with the correct spelling as it can ruin the meaning and structure of your writing. Some words sound different and are written in a completely different spelling.

  5. Identify Your Accent

    English is the most common type of language used in academics nowadays. However, some people get confused in identifying the type of accent which results in making different forms of spelling mistakes. Spelling mainly differs in British and American accent, and that confuses the students most. Following examples might give an idea about how the spellings differ;

    Behaviour Behavior
    Harbour Harbor
    Favourite favorite
    Defence Defense
    Apologise Apologize
    Paediatric Pediatric
    Fibre Fiber

    However, if you are still practicing to clear out your confusions between these two accents than its best to seek help from professional writers that provide cheap essay writing service to the students, you can give them an idea or an outline of what's in your mind, and they will do the rest.

  6. Proofreading

    It is an essential part of writing as it gives an opportunity to correct the mistakes. Revising and proofreading multiple times before submitting and finalizing it can help in getting good grades.

  7. Avoid Long Sentences

    Try to keep your sentences short and relevant to your topic. Extra-long sentences bore the reader, and it also makes your writing immature. However, two extremely short and connectable sentences can be written in a single sentence with the help of a comma or connecting words such as and, or, but, etc.

  8. Relevant Information

    Don't bother to insert extra information if you are bounded with specific word count even if it's relevant to your topic. Try to focus only on the main heading first and the information relevant to it. Once you are done with the initial requirements of your assignment, then you are free to add extra information as a supporting piece of information to your topic.

  9. Avoid Spinners

    Students complete their word count by using different tactics that are considered illegal in writing. They use spinners; websites that are used to change the words of paragraphs. This temporarily helps in completing the word count of your assignment but decreases your grade by getting extremely low marks. Students never check what they are copying and pasting in their document. Teachers deduct marks in such assignments because the material becomes invalid and full of blunders.

  10. Check Plagiarism

    When you are done with revising, proofreading and editing your document make sure to get it checked and evaluated before submission. There are different websites that offer a free plagiarism check of the document which is used by teachers as well. It's better to do plagiarism check yourself first so that you can know the ratio of extracted information in your assignment. You can easily reduce plagiarism ratio by using synonyms and by rewriting sentences in your own words.

    Writing is an important part of academic and professional life as well. A person regardless of being a student or a professional employee needs to remember the mentioned techniques. They can actually help in avoiding the embarrassment that most students face in front of their teachers and other fellow students. However, students can hire editors to edit and proofread their work, but this will not help them in getting confidence. Most of the students especially the ones from high-school and undergraduates use Grammarly and other similar websites to correct their mistakes. These websites are working according to what they have been fed with, and many people argued that such websites had ruined their documents. Isn't it better to edit your assignment on your own instead of getting them destroyed?

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