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Best Literary Analysis Essay Topics for Students

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Published on: Nov 23, 2019

Last updated on: Jan 20, 2023

Literary Analysis Essay Topics

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Do you know what a literary analysis essay is? Most students are not familiar with the literary essay term, even though it is a common type of essay.It is a type of essay that requires you to analyze a work of literature carefully. It is more than a summary or simple review.

It carefully examines the author’s choice of words, motifs, themes, and literary devices.The first step in writing a persuasive literary analysis essay is to choose a good topic.

Here, we have presented some great literary analysis essay topics and essay writing tips for you.The analysis essay topic could be about a movie, book, social issue, or general problem. Read the blog to know what kind of topics make a strong analysis essay.

How to Choose an Interesting Literary Analysis Essay Topic?

When you start writing a literary essay, the first thing that you need to do is to find an essay topic. Literary essay writing assignments are very common in high school and college. But still, most of the students are not familiar with this type of essay. When they are assigned to write a literary essay, they look for help.

However, it is the simplest type of essay because it allows you to give your opinion about some literary work. An opinion is never right or wrong. Therefore, you are free to write whatever you have analyzed.

But to make a good impact on the reader’s mind, you need to choose a good topic for your essay. Check out the amazing tips given below to learn how to select a topic for a literary essay.

  • Define the purpose of your writing
  • Identify your target audience. Try to think about the argument that you want to make from their perspective.
  • Keep the objective in your mind while looking for the topic.
  • Find something that you are very familiar with and also interested in.
  • Avoid choosing a too broad or too narrow theme.
  • Choose a clear theme.
  • Make sure you can get enough material to work with.
  • Analyze the theme deeply and make sure you understand it completely.

Good Literary Analysis Essay Prompt

Now that you know how to choose a good topic for your essay, check out the list of topics given below. You’ll find some amazing literary analysis topics to choose from this list.

Literary Analysis Essay Topics about Movies

  • Analyze the harmful effects of movies on children’s mind
  • Analyze the psychological effects of horror movies
  • Assess a movie that is based on a movie
  • Analyze the theme of ‘Pursuit of Happiness.’
  • Analyze the love theme of ‘Romeo and Juliet’
  • Compare the movie and book ‘Sense and Sensibility.’
  • How did the story develop in ‘Midway’?
  • How ‘Unbroken’ movie depicted the Second World War?
  • What message did ‘Life of Pi’ provide?
  • Analyze the biographical period-drama ‘ 12 Years of Slave’

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Literary Analysis Essay Topics About Literature

  • How are women portrayed in ‘Othello,’ a tragedy by William Shakespeare?
  • The narrative voice behind the themes of angst and alienation in ‘Catcher in the Rye.’
  • Define the literary devices used in ‘Frankenstein.’
  • Madness in ‘Hamlet’
  • The corrupting influence of ambition in ‘Macbeth.’
  • Discuss the main character of ‘The Crucible.’
  • Analyze the concept of light and dark in ‘Romeo and Juliet’
  • Explore the theme of race and justice in ‘ To Kill a Mockingbird.’
  • Analyze ‘The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn’ by Mark Twain
  • How ‘Fahrenheit 451’ presents a future American society where books are outlawed?

Literary Analysis Essay Topics on School and Education

  • The similarities and differences between short stories and narrative essay
  • Why should psychological help be provided in schools and colleges?
  • Discuss the effects of bullying in school
  • Why should tests and quizzes be banned in school?
  • Discuss the ways of improving education standards
  • Present your views in favor of college fee cancellation
  • Discuss the pro’s and con’s of wearing a school uniform
  • How are gender roles defined in schools and colleges?
  • Should children be taught equality in school?
  • The relationship between higher education and employment opportunities

Literary Analysis Essay Topics about Nature and Animals

  • Drug testing on animals should be banned.
  • How to train an emotional support animal
  • Why do dogs hate cats?
  • The bad effects of air pollution on the ozone layer
  • The different ways of saving water
  • Why should we recycle plastic?
  • Dogs are more loyal than humans.
  • Do plants and trees have consciousness?
  • Discuss why pets are therapeutic for human beings
  • Discuss the harmful effects of certain microbes

Literary Analysis Essay Topics on Health

  • Pros and cons of being a vegetarian
  • Why are the majority of nurses female?
  • How to help kids maintain a healthy body?
  • Discuss different types of eating disorders
  • Discuss the pro’s and con’s of the keto diet
  • What are the consequences of eating meat-free food?
  • Social and health issues of cosmetic surgery
  • What are the different reasons for insomnia?
  • Pros and cons of clinical trials
  • Is doing sport always healthy?

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Literary Analysis Essay Topics on Society

  • How to avoid inequality?
  • How does society treat people with mental issues?
  • Why has society set some beauty standards?
  • The role of women in the development of the country
  • The impact of technology on kids minds
  • The world is moving towards IoT and AI.
  • Discussions based on religion should be avoided.
  • Why do we need to consider depression as a serious problem?
  • The ethical side of euthanasia
  • Why do long-distance relationships don’t work?

Literary Analysis Essay Topics on Crime

  • The increased rate of cybercrime during COVID-19
  • How to control the crime rate?
  • The reasons why youngsters are becoming criminals
  • The effectiveness of harsh penalties against white-collar crime
  • The role of advanced technology in crime development
  • Factors that influence increased crime rate in different areas
  • How do parents’ separation influence child crime?
  • How to tackle gang behavior?
  • What causes criminal behavior?
  • How to prevent cybercrime?

Literary Analysis Essay Topics about Youth and Teens

  • Influence of social media on youth?
  • Effects of mass media on youth
  • What is the influence of video games on teenager’s minds?
  • Teens learn violent behavior from video games.
  • How to deal with a rude teen?
  • Why is our young generation obsessed with social media?
  • Why has smoking become very common among youngsters?
  • Why are teens always busy with their phones?
  • Symptoms, causes, and treatment of teen depression
  • What is the role of youngsters in the development of a country?

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Leanne is one of the most experienced writers on our platform and holds a Ph.D. degree from Cambridge. She has worked as a journalist, an editor, and a content creator for newspapers, magazines, and websites around the world. Leanne’s research and writing skills are unsurpassed making her one of the best-reviewed writers on our platform.

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