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150+ Unique Essay Topics And Ideas for Students

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Published on: Sep 4, 2019

Last updated on: Dec 29, 2022

Essay Topics

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An essay is a precise piece of writing that mainly outlines the writer’s perspective. However, writing an essay can be a difficult task for those who do not possess good writing skills.

Similarly, choosing a topic for your essay that is unique and impressive can be tough. Most high school and college students face a hard time selecting the right topic.

To help you get started, our essay writer has listed some good essay topics from different categories.

You can choose them as it is or can also mold them according to your preference.

Argumentative Essay Topics

The argumentative essay requires a writer to investigate a topic by collecting and evaluating strong evidence. Below mentioned is a list of some amazing argumentative essay topics for you. Have a look at these argument topics.

  • It is illegal to produce or sell tobacco
  • Children should not watch action films
  • Adverse effects of steroids
  • How can the world avoid the Third World War?
  • How to overcome the financial crisis?
  • Student’s preferences should be considered while modifying the college curriculum.
  • How can one benefit from higher education?
  • Pros and cons of a business degree
  • Sports is the best way to release depression
  • Positive and negative effects of globalization
  • Impacts of same-sex marriages on society
  • Health care treatment must be free for everyone
  • Parents should check their children’s cell phones regularly
  • Are we too dependent on technology?
  • Alcohol energy drinks are dangerous for the human brain

Descriptive Essay Topics

Descriptive essays help in describing something, i.e., an object, place, person, emotion, etc. It encourages the writer’s ability to create a written account of his personal experience.

Here is a list of some incredible descriptive essay topics for you.

  • A movie character that inspires me the most.
  • My first ever trip to Australia
  • The birthday party I never forgot
  • My favorite book
  • The day I spend with my grandparents
  • A memorable trip to the zoo
  • A life-changing experience
  • The happiest moment of my life
  • My major achievement
  • A visit to an old friend
  • A person who changed your life
  • A trip to the museum
  • Describe your daily routine
  • Describe your best winter vacations
  • Describe a frightening experience

Persuasive Essay Topics

Persuasive essays are intended to persuade the reader with the writer’s perspective on the essay topic. In such essay types, the writer tries to convince the audience about his point of view. As a result, he has to provide robust evidence and logical reasoning.

The following list contains persuasive essay topics for college students and middle school students.

  • High schools should offer degrees in arts or sciences
  • Mobile phones must be forbidden to use while driving
  • Violent video games should be banned
  • Death penalties prove to be an effective way to eliminate crime
  • Gym classes are more important than music classes
  • Sodas should not be served in public school cafeterias
  • Human beings are the main cause of climate change
  • Heavy taxation overburdens the lower- and middle-class families
  • People should be careful while posting their pictures on social media
  • Parents should pay attention to their children’s grooming
  • Teachers should focus on improving the writing style of students
  • Modern youth needs to learn ethics from older generations
  • Marijuana should be used for curing mental disorders
  • Bullies and harassers should be kicked out of schools
  • Emotional support pets should be allowed in schools

Narrative Essay Topics

Narrative essays have a single central argument around which the whole narrative revolves. Thus, a writer must think of it as telling a story.

Below are some useful narrative essay topics for your convenience:

  • The first day of school
  • A dangerous experience
  • My worst quarrel with a classmate
  • Best way to release stress
  • A decision that changed my life
  • My father’s childhood
  • My first international flight
  • An awkward meeting with a stranger
  • Adopting my passion as a career
  • Why I love my city
  • A book that inspires me the most
  • My first day of living in a hostel
  • The day I lost my best friend in a car accident
  • My new job
  • How does music play a significant role in my life?

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Expository Essay Topics

Expository essays require a student to investigate, explain, and evaluate a piece of information concisely.

Here are some good expository essay topics for your essay:

  • Alcohol addiction often leads to suicide among teenagers
  • Negative effects of drugs
  • Why should a person vote in elections?
  • How can we promote racial tolerance?
  • Ways to stay fit and healthy
  • Why is it important to have a pet?
  • How does music affect our mental health?
  • Technology has widened the communication gap
  • How can we treat allergic reactions?
  • How the period of the Great Depression affected the US economy?
  • Why should everyone have a basic knowledge of IT?
  • How to manage your studies with a part-time job?
  • Positive and negative effects of wearing a school uniform
  • What are the long-term effects of global warming?
  • What are the major reasons for environmental pollution?

Compare and Contrast Essay Topics

In a compare and contrast essay, a writer has to analyze two subjects by comparing or contrasting them. The primary purpose is to identify the similarities and differences between them.

Here is a list of some good compare and contrast essay topics for you.

  • School vs. college life: Which one is better?
  • Traditional education vs. online learning
  • How do graduate and postgraduate degrees are different from each other?
  • Compare American English and British English
  • Living at home vs. living at a hostel
  • Explain the similarities between a Roman and Greek culture
  • Comedy vs. Action: Which one is more interesting?
  • Differences in the personality of Donald Trump and George W. Bush
  • Outdoor games vs. indoor games
  • TV vs. Newspaper: Best source for information
  • Tea or Coke: Which is more dangerous for health?
  • Compare and Contrast the IOS and Android system
  • Describe the characteristics of a public and a private school
  • Winter sports or Summer sports: Which one is more entertaining?
  • World War I vs. World War II: Which one causes more destruction?

Cause And Effect Essay Topics

The cause and effect essay analyzes the cause and effects of a particular problem. Below are some good cause and effect essay topics.

  • What are the causes and effects of bad eating habits
  • What are the causes of the rising temperature of the earth climate system
  • What are the reasons behind immigrating to the other side of the world
  • What affects the parent’s separation leave on their children mind
  • What are the different causes of cancer?
  • Why is the traditional education system deteriorating?
  • Causes of suicidal thought and their effects on mental health
  • What made Romeo and Juliet so famous?
  • What are the reasons for demonetization?
  • The main reasons for the population explosion
  • What changes does global warming bring to the world?
  • How hygiene improves health?
  • How can water save lives?
  • Unity is strength
  • What are the causes of pollution in cities

Informative Essay Topics

Informative essays do not involve the personal opinions and thoughts of a writer. The main purpose of an informative essay is to educate people about a particular topic.

Here is a list of some excellent essay topics for you.

  • Effects of the Civil War
  • Results of climate change
  • Domestic violence: Harmful effects on society
  • Poverty: A curse to society
  • Mental and emotional stress: Ways to overcome it
  • Racism: Ways to avoid it
  • Child Obesity: Potential solutions
  • Role of course books
  • Consequences of the acid rain
  • The aftermath of the Cold war
  • How to save money?
  • Ways to treat an insomnia patient
  • High unemployment rates in Third world countries
  • How to lose weight without a strict diet plan?
  • Ways to deal with bipolar disorders

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Essay Topics For Middle School Students

Here are some good ideas for middle school students to write an essay:

  • Plastic usage should be banned
  • What are the causes of pollution?
  • Education should be free for middle school students
  • In school, there should be an hour break to take a nap
  • Kids should learn to help parents with house chores
  • Every school should offer summer camps
  • Sports period should be mandatory in every school
  • Why should students get limited internet access?
  • Processed foods should not sell in the school’s canteen
  • The weekend should be 5 days long
  • My favorite pet dog
  • I love bread, butter, and jam
  • How I spent my summer vacations
  • My favorite hobby
  • My best friend lives on the other side of the world

Essay Topics For High School Students

  • How to celebrate teachers’ day?
  • Why should we respect our teachers?
  • Discuss the contribution of technology in education
  • Students shouldn’t have access to tobacco
  • My plans for summer vacations
  • Colors of peacock
  • The lion is the king of the forest
  • Badminton - My favorite game
  • How to save trees?
  • How to control air pollution?

Essay Topics For College Students

  • The death sentence should be banned all over the world
  • Failure experiences, I agree, are causing depression in youngsters
  • PUBG should not be banned anywhere in the world
  • TikTok stars are the upcoming stars of the industry
  • Top 10 deadliest diseases around the world
  • Water pollution causing so many deadliest diseases
  • Importance of trees in control the climate change
  • Natural disasters that damage the environment
  • What are the causes of an earthquake?
  • What are the different types of natural disasters?

Now that you have a list of some great essay topics, you can choose one for your essay. A strong essay topic easily makes a persuasive and impressive essay. However, if you are unable to write a good essay, you can rely on a professional essay writing service. is undoubtedly the best of all, as it is one of the top-ranked writing services online. Our team of professional essay writers has years of experience in producing original and plagiarism-free content. You can review our free essays for your writing help.

Therefore, trust us and contact our team to place your order. We guarantee to provide your assignment within a given deadline.

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Barbara P. (Literature, Marketing)

Dr. Barbara is a highly experienced writer and author who holds a Ph.D. degree in public health from an Ivy League school. She has worked in the medical field for many years, conducting extensive research on various health topics. Her writing has been featured in several top-tier publications.

Dr. Barbara is a highly experienced writer and author who holds a Ph.D. degree in public health from an Ivy League school. She has worked in the medical field for many years, conducting extensive research on various health topics. Her writing has been featured in several top-tier publications.

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