How to write an essay in English : A guide for ESL students

Essay writing is the most common form of academic writing in any language literature. For starters writing an essay is a difficult territory to conquer, but once you start writing, slowly it becomes easy. But essay writing is an actual challenge for non-native English speakers. Lack of knowledge regarding essay structure, inadequate vocabulary and expression are the major issues that nonnative speakers face. If you are a student and your search on “How to write an essay in English” has taken you to our page, then it’s time to feel relax as in this article you will get all the basic tips and knowledge that you require to write an essay.

Basic Essay structure

Let’s take a look at basic English essay structure that you need to follow.

Paragraph 1 Introduction
Paragraph 2 Body 1
Paragraph 3 Body 2
Paragraph 4 Conclusion
  • Introduction:

    Purpose of introduction is to inform your reader about the topic that you will discuss in the coming paragraphs. You will write a thesis statement that clearly describes your topic. Starting sentences of the introductory paragraphs are called essay hooks. Hooks are well-written sentences that create impact in your essay. Make sure that you choose the right form of essay hook in your introductory paragraphs. You can start with a story, quotation or any famous one-liner or phrase, to introduce your topic. Introductions are the face of your essay. Ineffective introductions can make the reader lose his interest in the content. Practice writing an introduction, as it is the most important part of the essay. But if you don’t have time, you can always search write my essay online and get your essay written with perfect introduction.

    Use active voice in the introductions, to create an impact. Avoid using passive voice as it destroys the feel of an introduction.

  • Body:

    Paragraphs in the middle of introduction and conclusion are called body paragraphs. These are the linking paragraphs that bridge the gap between conclusion and introduction. You will write all the arguments in favour or against the topic in the body paragraphs.

    Make sure that you maintain the sync in the paragraphs and the ideas that you state. Separate ideas should be stated in the separate paragraphs. Never jumble up the different ideas in one paragraphs. Every paragraphs should have a different topic sentence. The topic sentence is the main introductory line of each paragraph that states the purpose and idea mentioned. For example, if your essay topic is Causes of global warming, then one cause should be stated and elaborated in one paragraph and other cause in the other.

    Use transition words in the start of paragraphs to create relevance in between. Also, make sure that each idea stated should lead to the next idea. This will create rhythm in your lines. Essay writers, that can write your essay with engaging interconnected lines. Best way to learn is through practice. Make sure you make time for it.

  • Conclusion:

    The conclusion is the ending paragraph that summarises your main theme of the essay and its outcomes. You can also write call for action and your final opinion in the light of all arguments that you have given in the body.

    Again make sure that it is appealing and leaves an impact on the mind of a reader.

But you must be thinking that I will follow all essay structure but how?

As you lack vocabulary and command on the English language.

So don’t worry we have all the practical suggestions for you that you can adopt to improve your English writing skills without any hassle.

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