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Interesting Compare and Contrast Essay Topics for Students

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Published on: Aug 19, 2019

Last updated on: Jan 5, 2023

compare and contrast essay topics

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The compare and contrast essays describe the similarities and differences between the two subjects of the same category.

The first step of essay writing is to choose a good topic that may interest the reader.

Most of the students find it challenging and difficult to look for a compelling topic. Continue reading this blog to get some perfect ideas for your compare and contrast essay topics.

An essential aspect that you should consider when choosing a topic is that it must belong to the same category. That means you cannot select cricket and the 19th-century historical period.

We have made this task easier for you. Following is a list of some interesting topics for your essay ranging from essay topics for 6th grade to college students. You can use any of them as it is or can also modify them according to your preference.

Compare and Contrast Essay Topics for College Students

  • Facebook vs. Twitter
  • Students with or without part-time jobs
  • Introverts or extroverts
  • Oxford or Harvard
  • Real-life or online dating
  • E-Books or textbooks
  • Lincoln’s ideas vs. Washington’ ideas
  • Fiction or non-fiction books
  • Buying things online vs. shopping at malls
  • Skype vs. phone communication
  • Flat vs. private house
  • The difference between a persuasive essay and an argumentative essay
  • Working in a huge corporation vs. working in startups
  • Outdoor or video games
  • Differences between Baroque and Renaissance

Compare and Contrast Essay Topics for High School Students

  • Hitler and Stalin
  • Which one causes more destruction? Volcano Eruption and Earthquakes
  • What are the similarities between Geology and Geography?
  • Civil World War I and II
  • Two famous historical leaders
  • Politics in America now and twenty years ago
  • Sports or diets: What is more effective for weight loss?
  • Audiobooks or paper books
  • Silver and gold
  • Autumn vs. spring
  • Love vs. friendship
  • Cars vs. bikes
  • Public vs. private colleges
  • Being famous or being wealthy
  • The difference between legal info and illegal info.

Compare and Contrast Essay Topics Middle School

  • What is the best time pass? Playing computer games and reading
  • Instagram vs. printed photographs
  • Messaging vs. real communication
  • Sunbathing at the seaside vs. go sightseeing
  • Your lifestyle and your favorite celebrity
  • Cats vs. dogs
  • Playing inside vs. outside
  • Doctor vs. teacher. Which profession has more benefits?
  • Swimming vs. flying
  • Tennis vs. badminton
  • Two plays of Shakespeare
  • Quotes of the well-known personalities
  • Two books of the classical writers
  • Money vs. gift. Which one is more appropriate for a birthday?
  • Two characters from the Harry Potter books

Funny Compare and Contrast Essay Topics

  • Washing your dishes or laundry
  • What would you prefer to be? A dog or a cat?
  • Selfies vs. traditional photos
  • Living in big cities vs. your farm life
  • Comics or novels
  • Guys and girls: Who is learning better?
  • Cry and joy at the exam
  • Email vs. Pigeon Post
  • The traits of lion and elephant behavior?
  • The lifestyle of the senior and younger generation
  • Internet or Library?
  • Orange or grapefruit
  • Courage vs. fear: opposite indications
  • The strength of will or desire
  • Compare and contrast french and English gardens

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Art History Compare and Contrast Essay Topics

  • Buddhist art vs. Chinese art
  • Korean vs. Japanese
  • Screen painting vs. fan painting
  • Plato vs. Marx ideology
  • Classical vs. Neorealism
  • Idealism vs. realism
  • 2D vs. 3D
  • Compare the 18th Century Art
  • World War I vs. World War II
  • Japanese Calligraphy: Styles and materials
  • Political protests in the 19th and 20th century
  • Two paintings of the 20th century
  • Compare Picasso’s Blue and Rose periods
  • Compare different Ancient Greece methodologies
  • Cultural revolution vs. American revolution

Sports Compare and Contrast Essay Topics

  • Watching a basketball game vs. a baseball game
  • Similarities and differences between women's basketball and men's basketball
  • Compare and Contrast the skills of a cricketer and a footballer
  • Major similarities and differences between tennis or swimming
  • Compare two athletes in the same sport
  • The similarity between sandboarding and snowboarding
  • Is ice climbing comparable to traditional climbing?
  • How does beach volleyball differ from water volleyball?
  • Paralympic volleyball vs. wheelchair basketball
  • The distinction between Base jumping and skydiving
  • The English Premier League Compared with The Bundesliga
  • Real Madrid Vs. Barcelona
  • Germany Team Vs. Brazil Team
  • Jamaica Team Vs. United States Team: Main Factors and Differences
  • Formula One Vs. Off-Road Racing

Psychology Compare and Contrast Essay Topics

  • How do the differences between Lust and Love can affect people’s mindsets?
  • Ego Vs. Superego
  • Parent’s advice vs. peer’s advice amongst children and teens.
  • Strict Parenting vs. Relaxed Parenting
  • How does child abuse affect victims in later life?
  • Communism vs. Democracy: What is worse?
  • Compare suicide and homicide
  • Autism vs. Down syndrome
  • Ego vs. Superego
  • Compare methods of normal and abnormal psychology
  • Anxiety Vs. Depression: What is similar between the two?
  • Differences between fantasy and elusive dreams
  • Compare different methods of treating PTSD
  • Psychology: social science or social study?
  • What is a more severe eating order? Bulimia or Purging?

Movie Compare and Contrast Essay Topics

  • Printed ads and TV commercials
  • Comic AND funny: diversity
  • F.R.I.E.N.D.S vs. How I met your mother
  • Hindi and South India Film Industry
  • K-pop: music style and subculture
  • Compare traditional and modern Caribbean music
  • Hollywood vs. Bollywood
  • Action movies vs. comedy movies
  • Which one is more popular; FRIENDS or How I met your mother? And why?
  • Love stories or comic movies. Which one leaves a mark on the audience's mind.
  • How does a producer's role differ from the director’s role?
  • Sense and Sensibility vs. Pride and Prejudice
  • 90’s movies or 20’s films, which era has incredible movies
  • Compare two musical films from different era’s
  • Compare and contrast two movies that generate the same emotion in you

Medical Compare and Contrast Essay Topics

  • Chocolate or candies
  • Apple vs. pear
  • Coffee vs. tea
  • Cinnamon vs. sugar
  • Food and sleep. Which one is more important?
  • Carrot and pumpkin
  • An apple pie or a bun?
  • Rest or training
  • Morning Exercise Vs. Evening Exercise
  • Swimming Vs. Cycling
  • Which one has good effects on health, waking up early in the morning or waking up by afternoon
  • Modern Medicine Vs. Traditional Medicine for Treating Anxiety?
  • Soft Drugs Vs. Hard Drugs. Which is more dangerous?
  • Mental Institutions Vs. Stress Clinic
  • Bipolar Disorder Vs. Epilepsy

Fashion Compare and Contrast Essay Topics

  • American vs. Chinese concepts of beauty
  • Fashion today and in historical times
  • Short vs. long hair
  • Black vs. white: Best color for formal meetings
  • Fashion and Textiles of the African tribes
  • Compare the fashion trends of the 90s and 20s
  • Compare traditional fashion trends with hottest trends
  • Compare and contrast Huda beauty make and Maybelline New York
  • Summer vs. winter fashion trends
  • Similarities between cultural and traditional fashion trends
  • Eastern vs. Western dresses
  • Fashion vs. Clothing
  • Fashion trends in Arab countries vs. fashion trend in the European state
  • Fashion and social identity
  • Compare and contrast your fashion style with someone you know

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Tips For Writing Compare And Contrast Essay

Here are some amazing tips that will help you write a compelling compare and contrast essay.

  • Choose two subjects that belong to the same category.
  • Identify your target audience
  • Do thorough research to collect relevant information about the essay topic
  • Choose a particular structure model to craft the essay
  • Create an outline to organize the information in a proper structure
  • State a strong thesis statement in the introduction paragraph
  • In the body paragraphs, provide evidence that supports your thesis statement
  • Conclude the essay with a strong statement
  • Don't forget to proofread your essay

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Betty P. (Law, Literature)

Betty is a freelance writer and researcher. She has a Masters in literature and enjoys providing writing services to her clients. Betty is an avid reader and loves learning new things. She has provided writing services to clients from all academic levels and related academic fields.

Betty is a freelance writer and researcher. She has a Masters in literature and enjoys providing writing services to her clients. Betty is an avid reader and loves learning new things. She has provided writing services to clients from all academic levels and related academic fields.

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