100 compare and contrast essay topics for high school students

Is writing a compare and contrast essay is as boring as writing long and lengthy papers?

Nay! It’s not.

Students find it more interesting to write compare and contrast essays because they get a chance to use their creativity and inventiveness on a broader level.

The only problem they face is choosing a topic for it. Moreover, few of the students face trouble in finding its correct method and format for writing.

Are you one those students too? Is it nerve-wracking you that how will you complete your assigned task? Stop worrying instantly!

Remember that:

“Don’t let mental blocks control you. Set yourself free. Confront your fear and turn the mental blocks into building blocks.”

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This article is just for you. Just read the article below and choose from 100 options of compare and contrast essay topics for high school students and learn its correct and standard format.

What are compare and contrast essays?

First things first. You need to know what you’re into.

Compare and contrast essays are defined as multi-paragraph compositions that discuss ways in which two parallel subjects are different and similar.

In short, “compare” means similarities and “contrast” means differences that you are going to discuss.

Keep that in mind! In compare and contrast essays you draw a parallel two objects or people instead of explaining a single issue.

What are the keys of writing compare and contrast essay?

Do not blindly pick a topic for your essay. You need to be careful in selecting the topic.

There are some topics in which you will get stuck after writing few differences or similarities.

Choose the topic in which you can compare and contrast on a broader level.

Moreover, while you’re selecting the topic, make sure that you are not choosing two entirely different things. For instance, if you choose to compare “cats vs. food” or “hard rock music vs. banana,” it won’t make sense at all.

What are the sources you’ll be needing to use?

In any essay, you back your arguments and discussion with references of scholarly sources. Similarly, in case of compare and contrast essays, in which you need to be objective for the discussion of two parallel things, you are required to support every discussion and argument with evidence of sources.

Make sure your source of information is not older than 5 years old.

In addition, do not forget that you need to add relevant and credible sources only. Which are:

  1. Academic journals
  2. Books
  3. Textbooks
  4. Documentaries
  5. Official reports
  6. Scientific magazines
  7. Newspapers
How to write a compare and contrast essay?

Compare and contrast essay does not have a traditional formatting style like other essay writing styles.

Initiate your essay with the type of its topic. Keep that in mind that topics are divided into four groups.

  • Situations (select to associate two dissimilar episodes or cases from your life)
  • Events (point to the similarities and differences of certain historic episodes or occasions from the book)
  • Places (explain different places)
  • Fiction characters or people (decide the story)

Remember! No matter what kind of topic you choose for compare and contrast essays you need to follow up below-mentioned traditional format.

1. Introduction

Begin with interesting and eye-catching hook to engage your readers.

Create outline of your topic.

Plug to the key argument of your thesis statement.

Add thesis statement at the end of your introductory paragraph.

2. Develop your arguments

You need to do a good research on your chosen topic to select claims.

Add proof for the support of every point that is next to your arguments.

Know that, there needs to be more than three points to support, in each paragraph of body.

3. Reject opponent’s arguments

For this part you need to make research on the facts that challenge your thesis statement. Remember! It is imperative to select at least one instance and create a paragraph that have counter-argument too.

You need to write two opposing views at least that are trailed by some of your refutations.


Avoid arguing on any point in this part of your essay. Sum up your ideas and end your topic by repeating your thesis statement and pressurize why your side of arguing is right once again.

Remember! You can write an engaging and outstanding compare and contrast essay, you don’t need to ask anyone else to write my essay if you are good at it.

Here are the 100 ideas for choosing compare and contrast essays:

Easy compare and contrast essay ideas for students
  1. School Vs. College: Which one is tough and what’s new?
  2. Remote learning or tradition education?
  3. Are argumentative and persuasive essay different or the same thing?
  4. What are the major differences between Britain and American English?
  5. Unemployed student vs. student who works: who is having the best of this life?
  6. What makes education and employment different?
  7. All the students in a classroom have a similar level of intelligence or not?
  8. Bullying Vs. Kindness
  9. What are the differences in levels of education in different geographical locations?
  10. How masters and Ph.D. degrees are different and what’s new?
Historical and political compare and contrast essays
  1. Comparison of Washington’s and Lincolns ideas
  2. Baroque Epoch vs. Renaissance
  3. Nazism and Fascism: same or different?
  4. King Louis XIV vs. Henry VIII
  5. What are the differences in the events of World War I and World War II?
  6. UK government vs. American government
  7. Religious Studies vs. Anthropology
  8. American prime minister vs. UK prime minister: who is stronger?
  9. Soviet government vs. the US. Government
  10. What makes Canada different from other countries
Compare and contrast ideas for Science
  1. Organic chemistry vs. inorganic chemistry
  2. What are the differences between kinetic and potential energy?
  3. Working of microwave vs. oven
  4. How analogical and digital signals are different
  5. Forward reaction vs. Reverse reactions
  6. Polar compounds vs. non-polar compounds
  7. What makes the molecule of suspension different from collides?
  8. Why are ionic compounds stronger than covalent compounds?
  9. How evaporation and boiling are two different phenomena?
  10. What makes a cell of bacteria different from other organisms?
Compare and contrast ideas for Astronomy
  1. What makes mars different from earth?
  2. Why are rings of Saturn unique from other planets?
  3. What makes Pluto different from other planets in our solar system?
  4. Not all the massive bodies in space are considered as stars and planets, why?
  5. What difference does the variation of gravity create?
  6. Why is earth different from all other planets that are known?
  7. What makes the surface of star and planet different?
  8. Is there a timeline difference in other galaxies?
  9. Galaxy vs. Andromeda: Is it a same or different thing?
  10. What are the sources of energy in other planets and how are they different from earth?
Compare and contrast ideas for Literature
  1. Drama vs. Comedy
  2. Roman vs. Greek Mythology
  3. Harry Potter vs. Lord of the Rings: Which book is the best?
  4. Literature of the future against the literature of the past
  5. Shakespeare's Othello contrast to Hamlet
  6. The poetry of past vs. lyrics of today
  7. Short stories of past vs. short stories of today
  8. English of past vs. English of today
  9. Classics vs. fiction
  10. Slangs vs. Idioms
Compare and contrast ideas for philosophy
  1. Physical and mental needs of humans
  2. Objectivity in the eye of different philosophers
  3. Positive vs. negative energies inside humans: which one is stronger?
  4. How are worlds of fantasy and reality different?
  5. What are the differences between Roman and Greek philosophy?
  6. What makes home different from all places in the world?
  7. Why should an organisation be moral? What difference will it create?
  8. Why is cosmology perspective broader than any other perspective?
  9. Animal vs. Human Beings: who is wiser?
  10. Is individuality in America making the lives of people any better?
Compare and contrast ideas for Technology
  1. Man vs. technology
  2. Advancements of today vs. expected advancements in future
  3. How will autonomous robots change our lives in future
  4. What are the differences smart machine are creating in our lives?
  5. Is technology good or bad for human race
  6. Can humans survive without technology?
  7. What would our world be if all the technology in this world disappears one day?
  8. Is home automation creating any difference in society?
  9. Android vs. iPhone: which one is better?
  10. App store vs. Play store: which one is better?
Compare and contrast ideas for Culture
  1. Culture vs. religion
  2. Culture vs. modernism
  3. Does differences in culture matter in modern world?
  4. Modern world vs. traditions
  5. What makes every culture different and unique?
  6. Roman vs. Greek culture
  7. How is culture in Africa different from all of the world?
  8. What makes culture of Malaysia unique?
  9. What are the main differences of the cultures in USA?
  10. How is the culture of Brazil unique from others?
Compare and contrast ideas for Fashion
  1. Winter vs. summer fashion
  2. What’s in and what’s out in spring
  3. Chanel vs. Gucci: which one is better
  4. KKW vs. Kylie cosmetics: which business will go up?
  5. What will it be like to live in a world without fashion?
  6. Ralph Lauren vs. Louis Vuitton
  7. Hottest vs. traditional trends
  8. What’s hot and what’s not
  9. Huda beauty vs. Maybelline
  10. Prada vs. Versace
Compare and contrast ideas for Geology
  1. Earth 200 years before vs. earth today.
  2. Ratio of plants today vs. ratio of plants in the past
  3. Present vs. Future of the planet earth
  4. Earth before and after global warming
  5. Things that will change in future, once the glaciers are melt.
  6. Tsunamis in past vs. tsunamis in present
  7. Climate changes of past vs. present
  8. What’s different in atmosphere of the earth today
  9. Drought vs. floods: which one is worst?
  10. Man vs. environment

That’s all . . . . .

Choose from above-mentioned topics, follow the format and ta-da! Shock your teachers with your creativity and inventiveness.

Have I missed anything about compare and contrast essays?

Feel free to mention it in the comment section below. Your precious feedback matter a lot to us.

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