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Personal Statement

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Personal Statement

Aspiration is something that stems from a source that is quite dear to one’s heart. My aspiration to pursue a degree in Adult Nursing comes from the heartfelt encounters I have faced in life. My grandfather was once rushed to the hospital as he felt a pinching pain in his chest. The care and warmth with which the nursing staff administered treatment on to my grandfather along with hundreds of patients, fueled my motivation to choose adult nursing as a career. Over time, I, on several occasions, visited the hospital to see my relatives suffering from serious illnesses. Those visits allowed me to have further insight into the profession. The empathy of nursing staff witnessed coupled with the smiles they wore to be sympathetic with the relatives of the patients proved an encouragement to opt for, particularly, adult nursing.

Definitely, becoming an adult nurse is no easy job. The profession demands perpetual patience, strong dedication, and extreme adaptation. The passion and determination with which I look after other beings would certainly help me through my career span.

I volunteered my services to a care home. I also shadow nursed at the prestigious UCH. The experience enabled me to gain first-hand nursing experience and insight on the overall working of the institution. The opportunity had helped me develop the necessary skills which I lacked, and further polish those skills that I already possessed.

With positive social indicators, life expectancy is on the surge nationwide. With the majority of the patients of older age, I take great pride to have acquired skills to care for the elderly by providing them with physical support. Innate enthusiasm attributes to providing social support to those in need.

During my studies, I developed a lot of different skills that are essential to have in order to survive in this ever-evolving world. Over the course of the degree, while studying ICT, I acquired multiple organizational skills such as performing assigned tasks within the stipulated time. Furthermore, Information Technology has helped me to think critically of problems and have a sharp eye for details. Moreover, studying economics has helped me personally. I gained knowledgeable insight on the concepts the subject entailed. The flow of money taking place in an organization is something that always fascinated me. Now that I have learned that in ICT and economics, my skillset has widened. These two courses have surely enabled me to fare well in a multidisciplinary environment that underpins community and demands high-level effective engagement to ensure unfettered support to people and assist in problem-solving.

Besides academics, I have been involved in extracurricular activities. I served my school voluntarily as a senior prefect. This role demands perseverance and dedication. To control large groups of people, one must have strong leadership skills and immense patience. As a senior prefect, I easily performed this duty with utmost conscience and honesty. This role took my leadership skills to a newer level.

Moreover, to master the core tenets of teamwork and to comprehend a sense of responsibility, I completed the Duke of Edinburgh and earned a silver award. To cope with difficult situations in life, I have successfully undertaken a basic first aid workshop.

In my opinion, pursuing a career in Adult Nursing will help me as well as the community. Life of the people around me would shape tangibly. I would be able to deliver something back to the community that has given me so much. Adult Nursing demands physical and emotional fitness, which I most certainly have.

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