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Left Behind In America Essay

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Left Behind in America

Being the epitome of industry and ingenuity in the 20th century, what are the Dayton Ohio’s primary ethical issues in the 21st century?

Thousands of layoffs at General Motors happened in Dayton , Ohio. The ethical issues of Dayton is the use of drugs ( especially heroin) and local officers of General motors were involved in cracking down on the heroin as a growing problem in Dayton. Ohio belongs to the rust belt , the rust belt : the industrial heart of the United States, today in decline. Trucks, buses, cars that bring Mexican heroin arrive along the highways. These routes travel customers, who drive for two hours, three counties away, to shop in Dayton. The transition from analgesic medications such as OxyContin to heroin illuminates one of the causes of the crisis. For many addicts, the consumption of medications that some doctors prescribed without too many scruples gave way to heroin use.

At the cost of American jobs, should cities in America shift manufacture production offshore to Mexico and China? Why or why not?

With the competition of countries with cheaper labor from the seventies, the robotization of work and the complacency of companies, factories began to lose jobs until closing. Entire neighborhoods were semi-abandoned. The collapse of vital expectations paid the field for frustration. Today, the United States dominates the world while Mexico, an "emerging" country where half of the population has great difficulty in getting out of extreme poverty, is barely able to climb out of the Third World. world. To the faith leader of this one and denying to be part of it, Mexico lives thus cut in two, at the same time close to the United States and in the Third world. The process of labor migration, which is occurring today, is largely associated with the economic component, namely, the differentiation in the level of remuneration of identical work, as well as the existing chronic unemployment in individual states. Existing migration flows in the global economy can be classified into separate groups based on the level of socio-economic development of states. At the same time, American companies setting up shop in Mexico could count on an abundant, cheap workforce, whose social demands were easily silenced. A whole system was then set up on both sides of the border: the creation of twin factories. This system is organized from the American side of the management and supervisory functions and from the Mexican side of the production and assembly centers.

Should for profit companies and government agencies with in American cities pay their workers a living minimum wage of $15 an hour and provide health benefits? Why or why not?

$15 per hour is not enough for any one who is running family because price of everything getting higher and higher. Activists believe that such a salary can provide a living wage. This is two times more than what is now established by federal law. Many of these people are forced to work two jobs and still their income does not exceed the poverty level. Three years ago, some of them began to demand an increase in wages to a living wage - $ 15 per hour. If any worker works 8 hours daily, he will be able to earn $120 and $600 per week. But in Dayton no one pays minimum wage it is usually in between $8.50-$10. Any profit company can add benefits if they are paying minimum wage like some allowance for housing or transportation or some food stamps. The cost of living indicator is social in nature and is used for the following purposes:

assessing the living standards of the population of the Russian Federation in the development and implementation of social policies and social programs;

the provision of necessary state social assistance to poor citizens;

the justification of the federal minimum wage, as well as to determine the amount of scholarships, allowances and other social benefits established at the federal level;

the formation of federal and regional budgets;

other purposes established by federal law.

If the profitable companies or government will not pay minimum wage and health insurance ,obviously poverty increases, and it will lead to other social problems.

Should cities in America be able to prevent large companies from leaving their cities and devasting communities? Why or why not?

In the context of globalization, an important factor in the socio-economic development of an increasing number of countries is the international labor migration of the population, which contributes to the formation of a flexible labor market, introducing developing countries to the achievements of world scientific, technical and social progress, more rational use of human resources, interaction and mutual enrichment of world civilizations. The process of creation and development of labor relocation has gone over a somewhat intricate and long evolutionary track, which is directly linked to the progress of the growth of human society. The presence of the first unified states and the institution of economic, social and cultural relations among these cities led to people’s movement linked with a number of economic, political and social problems in different cities.

How did the economic collapse assist with creating an opioid/ prescription pain killer epidemic?

There is a strong link between opioid or pain killer prescription and economy collapse because these are usually prescribed when any one having pain in some part of body for example in back or legs due to over work, fatigue or assertion. When there will be an economic crises or downfall then people start doing more than one job and obviously it is human body it need some rest. Another factor associated with economy downfall is related to poverty and malnutrition. Malnutrition also effects body and weak body need painkillers.

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The Corporate Culture Impact And Implications

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Title: The Corporate Culture Impact and Implications

Corporate culture can be defined as the set of beliefs and expectations in an organization that guides the behaviors and actions of people of that organization. Corporate culture shapes the organizational members, their decision making patterns, and is represented in many elements of the organization. A healthy corporate culture is characterized by cherishing employees and it is pivotal to enhance organizational performance. Talented candidates are always looking forward to working in an organization that makes one feel that they can truly bring their true self to the workplace. Since the employees are driven by a healthy culture of an organization, the article suggests promoting this healthy culture via video content to attract talent from the job market.

With the increase in popularity and effectiveness of the video content, it is now considered as one of the most celebrated marketing tools for countless purposes. Likewise, video content can also be used to attract talent by marketing the healthy corporate culture of an organization. It is similar to that of advertising jobs with the numerous benefits, allowances, and excellence employee can have at the workplace. The article under discussion has shared six different videos that reflect on the corporate culture of the company. Video is an effective way of providing an outlook to the candidates, how will it feel to be working at this company.

The videos in the article reflect on the values and the corporate culture of the companies. For instance, Zynga, the popular game's producers, demonstrate their learning culture. Employees who want to be empowered to keep growing themselves professionally and personally can be acquainted with the help of this video content. Likewise, Sunrun promotes the culture of diversity, teamwork, value, and support to employees via video content. Carbon Black corporate culture video shows that every employee has a voice and is empowered to share their valuable opinion, without any discrimination (6 Company Culture Videos to Inspire Your Recruiting Strategy).

One great strategy is to use transmedia storytelling - create a microsite that tells a story off the back of the video and interweave social media to engage virality. This is the technique that has been adopted for The Dark Knight Rises or some other Marvel Comics movie before it launched. As an online user, the video viewers are put in the shoes of a detective and the videos spun you a story and to continue to find out what happened you had to either subscribe to the channel or click to experience the story - on a microsite. Intel video shares the stories of employees who have been stick to the company for a longer period. Employees at Intel, are the creators of their own life at the company. Similarly, Smartsheet shared their customer-centered culture and Kalamazoo inspires candidates who want to make a move in medical products development.

Many recruiters are in doubt whether a video is suitable for attracting the right talent and whether it pays to advertise corporate culture via video. It can be absorbed from the article that the video-based content is easier to grasp, and provides entertainment apart from just company information. It takes the candidate to the world, what would life have been if they start working at this corporation. Since, video advertising is a great way of branding. In the same manner, it is a great way to promote the company’s culture to attract the right talent. Money is not the only motivation to become part of a company, the idea of a great workplace differs from a person. Sharing stories about company culture will engage the right people and can be a rewarding recruitment marketing strategy.

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