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Where Can I Find a Free Essay Writing Service?

You can get a free essay or free essay writing service here at FreeEssayWriter.net. We offer first free orders for new customers and we make sure that everyone gets the desired help and support.

However, this does not mean that our free essays online or academic papers will be cheap and low in quality. This simply means that we genuinely want to help needy students and by offering free essays, we do it.

But, this does not mean that you should trust everyone who offers free essays or papers. Many times, such companies and services are fraud and they are known for robbing the money of unsuspecting and innocent students.

Beware of them and try to find someone like us who can help you write your paper for cheap. We do offer free essays but do not do it on a regular basis. Our free essay writers are professionals and they have honed their writing skills to perfection.

Besides, once you become our regular customer, you will benefit from paying a reasonable amount for your work.

Cost of Buying a Paper or Essay

The price depends on a number of factors but usually, you will pay around $15 per page if you work with someone like us. Here are the main elements and factors that determine the price of your paper.

  • The Deadline

    What is the deadline for your paper? Is it due in 6 hours or 6 days?

    The answer to these questions will determine the price for your paper or essay. The nearer the deadline, the higher the price. But, high-quality essays and papers require work and time.

    Therefore, it is advised that you place the order as soon as you get your assignment. Rush orders are priced more than those that have some days before submission.

  • The Number of Pages and Word Count

    The number of pages and word count also determines the price of the order. The higher the number of pages, the higher the price of the order. Besides, it depends on the type of paper.

    But still, our prices will not be skyrocketing and you will still pay a reasonable price for your paper. Our writers work 24/7 and they write essays that are high in quality and affordable in price.

  • The Academic Level

    A university-level paper will be costlier than a high school essay. Why is it so? Because a higher level paper or work will need a higher level of attention, research, and work.

    This is why university papers and assignments are priced more than high school and college ones. The paper writer has to follow a certain academic writing process and writing style when writing such papers

    When hiring a professional essay writer online, make sure that you are aware of these factors and know what you will be paying for your work. Professional writers know their work and your academic success is based on the kind of work you submit.

Free Essay Writing Services - Determining the Legitimacy

It depends on where you have got them from. If you have got them from a legit writing service like us that offers limited free essays and papers then yes, free essays are legit and legal to get and submit.

But, if you have got them from a free essay writing service that claims to offer free essays then no, such essays are not legal.

Why is it so? It is because such services are scams and all they do is sell your personal information to third parties and submit low-quality and plagiarized work.

‘There are many services that offer papers for less than $7 per page, are those legal?’

No, sorry to disappoint you but they are not legal either. Such services have amateur writers that are irresponsible and do not have English as their first language.

As a result, the work you get is either copied from somewhere or is full of errors. You will not get anything of value from them. Your best bet is to work with someone like us and get high-quality papers and essays on time.

It is legal to hire someone to write your essay for you but is it definitely NOT legal to go for overly cheap writing help.

We offer help for multiple kinds of academic projects including essays, research papers, term papers, etc., and with free revisions, you can get well-written work in no time.

You can contact us via live chat or email us directly. Besides, we have diligent customer support that will guide you with everything.

Other Related Questions

What is the best free essay writer?

FreeEssayWriter.net is the best free essay writer service. This is because we provide premium-quality, plagiarism-free, well-researched paper within your deadline.

Is essay writing service illegal?

No, credible essay writing services like FreeEssayWriter.net are not illegal. This is because the papers written by our writers are 100% authentic and not copied from anywhere. You will also not have any plagiarism complaints from our papers.

Are there any real essay writing services?

Yes, there are a number of real and reliable essay writing services available online. One of these is FreeEssayWriter.net. Our writing service has successfully provided quality academic papers to over 2000 clients. We have a team of 250+ experienced writers that write in 100+ subjects for you.

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