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How Do You Not Plagiarize an Essay?

There are a number of ways of preventing plagiarism in your work. Remember, plagiarism is a serious academic offense and could result in serious consequences. This is why it is advisable that you avoid it at all costs.

How to do it successfully? First, you can try to write the essay or paper yourself. If short on time, it is better to hire an expert and professional writer for it. Such writers are responsible and they know how to write high-quality and custom academic papers for you.

Besides, these writers are mindful of the deadlines also and they do their best to submit your work on time and without compromising on the quality. Knowing about the different types of plagiarism is important when writing research papers also.

Here are some tactics to avoid plagiarism in your work;

  • Insert a Reference Page

  • You can include a reference page in your essay or paper which will have the list of all the sources that you have used in your work.

    In this way, even if you forget to add citations within the text, readers will be able to trace back to where you got information from. This is when they might catch any plagiarized or copied content.

    Citing your sources is important when you are talking about someone else’s ideas. Therefore, make sure that you add all the web pages, journal articles, and other sources that you have used in the list here.

  • Include a Bibliography

  • A bibliography is a list of all the sources that you have referred to in your paper. A bibliographic citation will direct the reader back to the work from which you got information.

    If there are no citations, then it may be hard for readers to track where exactly you got the information from.

  • Avoid Common Themes and Topics

  • It is easy to get ideas for papers when you are reading other works by other writers. However, you should avoid topics that have been discussed too much. This will reduce the chances of plagiarizing or copying someone else's work.

    Writers working with our essay writing service know all about it and they make sure that they steer clear of such topics.

  • Paraphrase Carefully

  • It is better to paraphrase instead of directly copying someone's words. When you rephrase, you are adding your own perspective and wording to the idea that has already been expressed by another writer.

    We all have different ways of expressing our thoughts so rest assured yours will be unique. Paraphrased or summarized content is less likely to be plagiarized. Following the right citation style also helps in avoiding committing plagiarism.

  • Avoid Direct Quotes

  • When there is no need to use someone's words, it is better to avoid them in your paper. You can still convey the message through paraphrased content that you have written.

    Add the quotes where it is absolutely necessary and do not forget to add the quotation marks and in-text citation to credit the original source or writer.

  • Use a Plagiarism Checking tool

  • If in doubt, check your work using a plagiarism checking tool. These programs will help you detect and avoid plagiarized content in your paper.

    They identify and highlight copied words and phrases in your work which you can then remove or replace with original content.

    Teachers also check the papers and essays with these plagiarism checkers. Therefore, to be sure that you are submitting original work, check your assignment for plagiarism. - A Reliable Online Essay Writing Service

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