8 effective things to teach you how to write a good essay

Are you panicking and stressing out that you have been assigned an essay?

It is completely understandable why . . . . .

Essays play a vital role in making up your grades and bright academic future which are a stairway for your bright future and career. Nobody wants to put their future on a stake, right?

You do know that your essay needs to be eye-catching, remarkable and interesting, else you’ll be saying bye bye to the good grade you are dreaming of.

Do you think you cannot write an impressive, engaging, and informative essay that will help you get a big fat grade?


You can write an outstanding essay too!


It’s simple . . . . . Dive in and learn how to write a good essay that will take your professor’s breath away.

  1. Choose your topic carefully

    More often you are assigned topic by your professor or institution, but most of the times you are asked to choose the topic of your choice too.

    You need to make sure that you are picking a topic of your interest, the one on which you can easily research, the one that can be understood by you without any assistance.

  2. Understand your topic

    You need to understand your topic first.

    Before you start writing, clear what it is about, understand what your professor is asking you, and what the requirements are.

  3. Create an outline

    Remember! If you want to write a successful and outstanding essay, then it is essential for you to organize your thoughts first.

    Whatever is in your mind start writing it down and then assemble and connect everything by creating an outline.

    List all of your main ideas and leave space under each one. Now write smaller ideas in the spaces that you left and relate them to each of the main ideas. If you do that, it will help you in making good connectivity and a remarkable flow of your essay.

  4. Write down your thesis statement

    After the well understanding of the topic and creating an outline of the essay, it is now time for you to “write.”

    Start your essay by making its thesis statement. Remember! Your thesis statement should define the purpose and central argument of your essay.

    Keep that in mind; this single statement contains the overall response to the particular problem that you will discuss in your essay.

    Add it at the end of your introductory paragraph.

  5. Write introduction of your topic

    Once you have created your thesis statement, start writing an introductory paragraph.

    Remember! Your introduction needs to be fascinating and eye-catching that successfully grabs the attention of your readers.

    Make sure you begin with some “hook.” For that, you can use some dialogues, shocking revelation, a story, a topic or a quote summary.

    And do not ever forget that there needs to be a crystal clear connection between the hook you have chosen and your thesis statement.

  6. Write body of your essay

    This is the section of your essay where you’ll provide details, argue, explain and discuss your topic.

    Your main ideas will become separate paragraphs. Each paragraph will provide a complete discussion and detail of its main idea.

    Know that every paragraph will begin with an introductory sentence which will house the main idea.

    Moreover, keep that in mind, you cannot blindly write here, you need to support your ideas here with examples and relevant information.

    Don’t get lost in this part and say do my essay, give it to someone else”. Remember! All you need is a clear mind for writing.

  7. Add conclusion

    This part is as much important as the introductory part.

    It is a chance for you to sum up all your ideas and close the topic. It does not need to be long, write only four to five sentences.

    Moreover, do not introduce any new ideas here and avoid arguing on anything. But you can quote your thesis statement again and support it with a proper standpoint.

  8. Don’t forget to give final touches

    Remember! You are not done after writing a conclusion.

    You need to read your essay a few times, check for grammatical and punctuation errors, add what you think is more appropriate and cut unnecessary details.

    Double check that you have followed the instructions of your professor in your essay.

    Make sure that every paragraph of your essay is connected with other.

    Moreover, don’t forget to cite the references from where you have taken information.


Like everything else in writing, essays have a pattern and format to follow too.

It’s not a hectic job to do, once you learn how to keep up with it, you start to enjoy writing it.

Just follow the simple steps mentioned above and write an impressive, outstanding, eye-widening essay.

Plus . . . . If I have missed any information, feel free to comment below and let everyone know.

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